Chapter 9 – Since I’m an infant, being breast-fed is inevitable

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Chapter 9 – Since I’m an infant, being breast-fed is inevitable

A sweet smell tickled my nostrils.

I reached out my palm into a weighty boob, and could squeeze solidly it with my little hand.

What I discovered next to me was a nubile woman’s body with unexpectedly large breasts.

Still, it was an enjoyable, squishy feeling.

It was in the middle of the day, but Mary had removed her maid outfit and was waiting for me to feed.

She expected that I would latch on as soon as I saw the nipple.

I pretended not to know what to do for an instant, then reached out my hand and drew my face towards her exposed breast.

Sorry to rush this, Mary, but I guess I’ll live up to your expectations.

And so I sucked.

Mary looked at me satisfied and pushed my back toward her, closer.

The taste of Mary’s milk filled my mouth.

It had a faint sweetness and smell, and a soft texture.

I forgot about myself for a while and sucked and swallowed…

…um…hello everyone.

My name is Scarlet Ruby Noel Lingard, and I am currently having a blast in this newborn life.

This isn’t some porn novel, by the way.

I’m just in the middle of breastfeeding.

「Mistress drinks so healthy!」

Mary softly rocked me as she filled me with milk.

At first I was surprised at the fact – she wasn’t a maid, but a wet nurse.

My mother had told her, 「You’re just a simple MAID!」while Bradd had said, 「Heh, you’re just a girl!」to her…so I was totally unexpected she’d also be lactating.

But once my eyes cleared up, I was convinced and also astonished.

First, she was wearing a skin-tight maid outfit, one that opens and closes easily.

She was a wet nurse AND a maid.

And she cleaned the place like a tornado.

But she was also making milk while cleaning? Can boobs DO that?

Seems she mentioned that she can’t settle down unless she’s always working.

It’s all the milk she makes too, too much! I guess she puts patches over her boobs and does the best to complete her housework.

Due to that, not only was she gifted large breasts, but they’re engorged all the time as well.

Maybe that’s why Bradd said he was going to stuff his chest with weapons.

Was he making fun of Mary?

Those big boobs of hers are fine to keep in the mansion, but she has a hard time when she’s outside.

All the guys going past her on the road just watch her huge boobs swing and drool.

Also, Mary is only 16, but has been with child.

She has such a young face, she almost looks like a young teenager.

But the size of her boobs…

It did make sense that Bradd had called her just a girl.

She had her baby quite early!

By the way, I’ve never been pregnant in all of my 108 lives.

And I had small breasts.

It wasn’t that I didn’t want to have a child, but at the age of 28, I was a little busy ruling this kingdom as an evil queen.

Hmph. And I failed at it all 108 times.

That’s why THIS time I’m going to fall in love and I long to start the journey.

I want to have a husband and then just drop out of society.

But I have to grow up quickly and use this knowledge cheat to the best of my ability.

That’s why I’m sucking down this milk as hard as I can now.

At first I was surprised at how light the taste of breast milk is, but once you get used to it, it tastes good.

Probably the perfect meal for this infant’s body.

Also, I think that Mary takes care of her body and has a good diet.

Thank you! I’ll suck down another cup full as a toast to you!

My mother, on the other hand, doesn’t produce milk.

Bradd says it’s due to poor health, mental problems, and the fact that she was poisoned.

He watches over her and also treats her condition.

So I guess that’s why he has that weird maid outfit on all the time.

Yeah, he’s a kid, but you can’t just walk in and out of a woman’s quarters as a boy.

You’d think since he twirls around in that skirt and such he’s just some transvestite kid, but you’d be very wrong. I heard later he uses it because of its range of motion if he has to fight.

He wants to look carefree so he can watch what’s going on around him more carefully.

That kind of unapparent perception is something that Bradd had in his adult life as well.

He was a silent man as an adult, but quite popular with the ladies.

Spent all of his time chasing me around as the villain of the Lawless Crew though.

Seems that all 108 lives I lived involved me destroying the village of the Lawless Crew and him attacking me for it.

From what I can remember, and I don’t remember my emotions at that time, I never changed my mind but always tried to annihilate them…kind of sad how ruthless I was.

A perfect embodiment of an evil queen.

That’s why he’s always angered and risks his life to kill me.


If that never happened, I’m sure he’d find a wife and start a family.

Even if he’s a silent guy, any smart girl could see it…that there was gentleness behind that silence.

My usually cautious mother and Mary as well have come to trust Bradd.

And my mother’s sickness has become much better.

It’s clear that Bradd one day will be chief of the Lawless Crew.

Since her condition became better, and she felt more at peace, she’s been smiling and laughing a lot more lately.

The atmosphere in the mansion improved like an old dusty glass that was wiped until it shone again.

The old servants of the manor also were surprised to see the beautiful woman who married the duke quickly return to her former self.

Mary happily told me all this as she fed me.

Bradd really has a lot of cheats in his possession.

Sometimes he’s just too much…

Anyway, mother heard so much from Bradd, she intends to begin breastfeeding me when she becomes healthy enough to nurse. Mary seemed scared, saying,「Am I going to lose my job?」

Mom, that stuff is normal for the common classes and foreigners.

A “noble” in this country does NOT breastfeed her children…that’s left to wet nurses. I worried that Bradd’s “unconventional ideas” are ridiculous for a coddled noble woman such as yourself.

And PLEASE don’t you dare turn into one of those wild Lawless Crew types.

I’m scared she’ll start jumping from tree to tree like a monkey!

I have GOT to grow up quicker so that I can keep Bradd from turning her into a wild ANIMAL!

I’ll swallow more milk just for that! Just drink!

…as long as I don’t get fat.

「You drink so quickly, mistress, it makes me happy to be able to feed you.」

She always speaks to me so kindly as she feeds me.

I’m sure she’d do the same for her own child.

「My son was the same…just like you, mistress, so happy…」

She suddenly stiffened. I could feel her arms tense up. She was smiling, but I saw her lips flutter.

「But…why…did he…so suddenly…」

Tears filled her wide eyes in a sadness I never saw her show before.


She said nothing else, but just held me close, trying to suppress her sobbing.

Still, she couldn’t hold back and moaned sadly. She clenched her teeth, trying to erase it. Then braced herself to prevent her from shuddering.

She had lost her newborn son.

That’s why my father had made her my wet nurse.

Something like that you can never forget, no matter how cheerful you try to look.

So Mary had protected me when I was about to be killed.

She resisted my mother with all her might and tried to stand between me and my mother.

Such devoted actions.

I reached up my hand to Mary’s cheek.

Okay. Mary…you don’t have to hold back.

Mary looked at my outstretched hand and then suddenly burst into tears and loud sobbing.

Bradd jumped in the room to see what was happening, took one glance, and then left, closing the door.

Thanks, Bradd.

Go ahead, Mary.

If it makes you feel better, think of me as your son, hold me, and cry over me.

You still have a very long time to live.

And I will help you all I can.

Everyone on the earth struggles onwards, even with all the painful things they endure.

…oh and…

Could you please move me away from your boobs?

You’re squirting breast milk all over my face.

I feel like I’m a dish of “former-evil-queen-boiled-in-milk-stew.”

And my eyes are filled with milk! It hurts!

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