To Everyone Asking about Pictures

Weslykan here!~

Alright I know…there are a lot of broken picture links.

This was from the great site upheaval and cataclysm of a couple months ago.

All the images got taken down and many chapter links broke when the site needed to be reset to fix some internal problems.

There are quite a few pictures and it’s a bit of a hassle to get them all back. I also don’t have editing permissions on any story but my own.

However, please be assured that the images will be back in all their glory sooner or later. 

It’s more important to us over here to get moving once again.

Please enjoy the stories, rate on NU, and comment plenty so this site can survive the coming apocalypse!


  1. Thanks for your hard work. btw, will Living cheat and King be coming back at some point?

  2. Do yo have database for himekishi illustration?

  3. Do you have any back up for himekishi illustration?

  4. Please do survive. I am really depending on you to pass my days in peace. ?

  5. transfer spirits to you~~~ thanks for translating..

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