Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama

Schedule: 3 chapters a week.

Author: Kanzaki Mizora

Illustrator: BURIKI

Alternate Titles: Tsundere Princess ~My Beloved Princess~

Synopsis: As a reward for preventing the assassination of the current king, Rou Coral is rewarded with becoming and escort of the Royal Princess Reaina who the boy adores so much. Thus begins his new life of servitude under his beloved high-headed Princess full of happenings and happy little accidents. Surrounded with Busty Head Maid, young Loli Princess and a Childhood Friend Maid, for the boy knight today is yet another day of struggle in this womanly paradise!!

Chapter 1 Part 1
Chapter 1 Part 2
Chapter 1 Part 3
Chapter 1 Part 4
Chapter 1 Part 5
Chapter 2 Part 1
Chapter 2 Part 2
Chapter 2 Part 3
Chapter 2 Part 4
Chapter 2 Part 5
Chapter 2 Part 6
Chapter 3 Part 1
Chapter 3 Part 2
Chapter 3 Part 3
Chapter 3 Part 4
Chapter 3 Part 5
Chapter 4 Part 1
Chapter 4 Part 2
Chapter 4 Part 3
Chapter 4 Part 4
Chapter 4 Part 5
Chapter 4 Part 6
Chapter 5 Part 1
Chapter 5 Part 2
Chapter 5 Part 3
Chapter 5 Part 4
Chapter 5 Part 5
Chapter 6 Part 6


  1. Is this web novel?

  2. Wait, wasn’t this a hentai??!!

    • There was, but it only covered 2 chapters of the book, took out most of the story as well as two important girls.
      Still a good watch, though. Hentai Heaven would be proud 😉

  3. Wait, wasn’t this a hentai?!!

    • I just went through all the illustrations for the first time since 2 weeks ago.
      And man, the latest illustrations show that Rou is at the peak of his life.

      But just curious, is the chief maid, Karen, the 2 princess the only girls in the series around the MC.
      Or will there be more girls in the future?

      • Oops, don’t know why I wrote my comment as reply to @raz, but don’t mind it

      • Sadly, there won’t be any more girls, since the book only has one volume. It’s a standalone Ero Novel that was adapted into hentai some years ago, with one episode.
        I wish there was more, though.

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