Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 2 Part 3


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



“I, I see… To think that you care about her so much, I think I’m starting to feel jealous…”

An expression of genuine shock bloomed on Mirianne’s face, so different from her usual, cheerful smile.

(Ann-sama… She seems so sad, and yet so elegant…)

“But, thanks to that I think I have only become fonder of you, Rou-san!”

“Eeh, Ann-sama!? Uwah, aaahhh…”

The young and small Princess suddenly went in to hug him, but it felt more like a tackle to him. And since it was so sudden, he wasn’t able to hold his balance and the two of them fell right on top of his bed.


Her body was soft and springy, and he could smell a sweet fragrance emanating from her whole body. Ann-sama was incredibly light and thin, so very soft.

“Fufufu, I got you now, Rou-san~. Hoo, you’re chest is so muscular, it goes to show that you are trained well.”

“Well, but still…”

His eyes meet with her innocent gaze. Holding onto a girl who smiled so innocently, it was impossible for anyone to hold back their lust. Just as his reason was about to be blow away……

“… Hey, Rou…? Are you asleep?”

*Knock*, *Knock*––––. The unexpected sound of knocking onto the door caused both of them to separate in a hurry.

Not to mention it was a strange time for anyone to come for a visit this late at night.

“W-What are we going to do!? It’s Karen… Did she got mad because I sneaked out of my room?”

The little Princess got up and began to panic just like a little child whose mischief was found out by its parents.

Rou, too, was nervous, hearing the familiar voice coming from behind the door.

It was simply way too frightening just imagining what kind of a misunderstanding it would cause if he was found out together with the Princess in the dead of night. If he doesn’t play that right, he might even be considered a criminal and get thrown out of the castle.

“No one’s answering… Should I just come in?”

Since there was light leaking out into the corridor, it was pretty much impossible to try to pretend that he wasn’t inside. Making that calm judgement, Rou began to think as to where he could possibly hide the Princess.

“… Ann-sama, right this way!”

“Ehh, what are you going to do…?”

He directed the little girl towards the huge closet in the corner of the room. He knew it was quite rude of him, but since he had no time to think of anything else, he just put her inside of it.

At that exact moment the doorknob began to turn.

“Rou… Ara, no one’s here?”

At last, the maid opened the door and peeked inside. However, no one seemed to be in the room right now, even though she looked around very carefully.

“W, why did you come inside, too, Rou-san?”

To escape from Karen, Rou hid in the closet as well, in the act of desperation. Even though the inside was quite large, with all of the clothes and two people the space here became really small.

“Please keep quiet, otherwise Karen will find us…”

Young knight held the Princess close to his body, so close that they could in fact feel each other’s breaths. Outside, he made shook her trademark red twin-tails.

The worst was not yet over, but their situation improved, even if only by a little bit. The nearer the face of the little girl got, the more his limbs began to shake, as though he was about to collapse. Also, he couldn’t very well say it thanks to the darkness, but the warmth of her chest was transmitting through her dress onto him, making his heart beat like crazy. Blood began to rush to his lower body, and his genitals already began to answer to the stimulus, boosted by the fresh memories.

“Geez, what is this…… Just when I thought I might as well tease him for a little bit…”

(… Eh? T, tease!?)

Something totally unexpected came out of the maid’s mouth. The boy even had to cover his mouth with both of his hands as to not let his voice out.

Since she thought no one was around, Karen dove onto Rou’s bed, where she curled up, enclosing herself with his sheets.

“This Karen, what does she think she’s doing?”

Looking at the behavior of her maid, the Princess also spoke silently. Her warm breath tickles his neck, and an electric-like current runs through his muscles.

“H, how am I supposed to know…?”

He really wanted to know why Karen came to his room, but right now he was also really conscious about Mirianne pressing her small body against him. He tried pull his hips away from her, so that she wouldn’t notice the constantly swelling bulge in his pants, but it was easier said than done.

“Geez, what is this… We were able to meet again like that, but then Ann-sama was clinging all over him… And to think I would even be so bold as to come to his room…”

Karen began to mumble something to herself, but since she was on the bed Rou couldn’t hear here well. He tried to press his ear against the closet’s door.

“Kyah… Rou-san…!?”

Because he did something like that in such a narrow space, he ended up pushing his swollen crotch against Ann-sama’s body, making it even worse than it was before. Because of that, the warmth of her thighs sticking out from under the hem of her dress wrapped him in their soft warmth.

“I’m, I’m so terribly sorry!”

Rubbing himself against the Princess with his raging libido in full display was the ultimate form of disgrace for a knight. But, if he was to try and change his position, Karen might notice them. Mirianne must have arrived at the very same conclusion, for she was not moving at all, letting his hardness and warmth touch her legs.

Being distracted by the Princess, he again heard a voice coming from over his bed.

“… Fuah… Nnh, hm, nhmm……”

It looks like Karen was breathing heavily, which was quite strange considering the current situation. Her breathing was ragged and her voice was full of passion. Rou could somehow see her through the crack in the closet’s door.

(Karen, what in the world are you doing…!?)

Right now, the red-headed maid was laying on his bed, burying her face in his pillow and making those weird sounds.

“Oh my, is Karen perhaps masturbating on your bed, Rou-san?”

“Bugah! A, Ann-sama… *cough*, *cough*…”

The boy was tremendously surprised that a filthy word like that came out of the Princess’s mouth, the girl who was supposed to be still pure and innocent and not be tainted with sexual knowledge.

“Geez, what are you doing, Rou-san? Karen will find us out at this rate.”

“S, sorry!”

Although he apologized, it didn’t change the fact that the maid over there was putting her hand in the depths of her short skirt while moaning passionately. She didn’t know she was peeped on, and so she spread her legs wide while laying on her back, fully exposing her healthy-looking thighs and underwear.

“… Haah, Nhh… Even though, I shouldn’t be doing something like this……”

She grasps her ample breast over her clothes with her left hand and begins to knead it strongly. Every time she squeezes this huge bulge, she lets out a hot gasp.

Her cheeks are flushed deep shade of red, and her breath becomes even more ragged. Every time she traces her finger across the thin layer of clothing covering her crotch, it makes a naughty wet sound.

“Kufuh… Fuaah, aahn! I’m starting… to feel good, nnh…”

(T, to think Karen would do something like that…!)

It was almost like a sight taken straight out of an erotic fantasy. A beautiful girl was masturbating in his room. However, seeing her increasing moist crotch made his own bulge swell up even more.


The Princess kept on shifting her gaze in between Rou’s face and crotch respectively. And since she was fully aware of his excitement thanks to him being so close to her body, her cheeks began to burn crimson-red.

“Aaah… It’s Rou’s scent.. Fuuuh, ah, aaahn…”

Beads of sweat cropping all over her forehead, Karen’s voice became more intense. There were also thick traces of nectar flowing out of her crotch down her pure-white thighs.

The fabric of her panties now completely drenched, it sticks to her body, perfectly outlining the shape of her restless genitals.

“For her to be this erotic… Huh, eeh!!! Hey, hey, Ann-sama!?”

Having his crotch become so stiff and erect from watching the masturbating maid, suddenly Rou’s mind was drawn back into reality.

The identity of this sudden stimulus to his erection was a pair of small hands. The little Princess began to stroke his cock while watching his pants closely.

“Rou-san’s place here looks to be in so much pain… Did you perhaps got this excited from watching Karen’s little show?”

Talking hesitantly, the Princess arrived at Rou’s trousers with little to no effort at all. Now she was trying to remove his underwear.

“A, Ann-sama… P, please stop that..”

Rou tried to stop the Princess from moving her hands, but that only caused her to stare at him in confusion, which troubled him greatly. He was surprised by her bold behavior, but the way in which her hands moved felt really good to his groin.

“Eeh, why would I? The maids have told me that when a man’s penis gets big, you should relieve it using their hands or mouths!”

“EEEHHH!? T, this is… That’s not true… at all!!”

(Just what kind of thing those women were teaching you…)

The Princess smiles at the boy while not letting go of him, making him even more troubled than before.

Mirianne, who he presumed to be an innocent girl with little to know knowledge about sexual affairs, did not seemed to be ashamed in the least, even though she was saying such indecent words.

“Eh, that’s not it? But it looks so painful and swollen, wouldn’t it be better for you to just let it out?”

The Princess relentlessly moved her hands inside of this narrow space, finally succeeding in removing the shocked boy’s pants, exposing his raging erection to the world.

“P, please stop it this ins… Ahh!”

His weak voice was stopped before he could even finish that sentence. The Princess’s fingers gently wrapped themselves around his cock, with her eyes shining just like gemstones.

It seems that his mind became overcome with shame from having the Princess look at his private part with so much intensity. His face became hot in an instant, and beads of sweat cropped all over his forehead.

“Aaah… Nkuh, afuuh… Hiii, Aaauuh!”

Even if he tried to calm himself down, he was unable to, hearing that the maid’s voice was growing louder and more passionate, as her movements become more rough and forceful.

“So big, and so stiff…”

What’s more, Mirianne took a firm grasp of Rou’s glans with her small hands, and started to slowly jerk off his massive erection. A sweet sensation began to spread from Rou’s meat rod to his lower body, a completely new sensation to him.

“Please, stop it… Ann, -sama…”

As she kept on sliding her tender fingers across his manhood, a thick and transparent liquid began to ooze from its tip and dripping onto her hands. Seeing the liquid that stuck to her fingers, the Princess cocked her cute little head, but did not stopped her handjob.

“Oh my? Rou-san, are you perhaps close to cumming?”

“…Uuuh, that is… No, I’m not…”

On the contrary, the moisture made it easier for the Princess to slide her hand, and so she could pick up her pace. Being exposed to a young girl made him so excited that a sudden urge to ejaculate slowly started to overcome him.



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