Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 3 Part 2


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



「Ann-sama… What do you think you’re doing in the middle of the night like that?」

「Buu, and now it’s Diana-san that gets in my way…」

Mirianne looked clearly irritated by this sudden predicament, but the boy was visibly shocked. At the same time, Diana-san was trying to make eye contact with the Princess.

Surely, there was nothing that could be kept hidden in this castle, so maybe something about this whole affair with Karen got around.

「Ah, this is… This is, umm…」

Rou was trying come up with an explanation to this whole situation, which was becoming darker and darker by the second.

「My, oh my, what to do here… For now, let us go inside so that we can talk calmly.」

The Head Maid urged them, and in response the Princess came back to her room while fluttering the hem of her skirt, while to boy followed shortly after. Finally, the beautiful, brown-haired maid entered the room as well, locking the door behind her.

「Now, maybe the two of you could tell me what were you doing?」

「Umm, this is…」

Asked Diana-san, however her tone was gentle instead of being strict. As usual, Rou was trying to explain, but the words wouldn’t come out of his mouth like he intended them to.

「You see, I wanted to be alone together with Rou-san!」

The little Princess puffs her cheeks and then crosses her arms at her breast. Her face was cute when she was acting like that, kind of like and apple, but that was not the case right now.

「If that was the case, then why would you want to do it in the middle of the night?」

「Well, obviously so that no one would get in our way!」

「My, my, and what would possibly someone be interrupting you two with?」

To the Maid’s question, the Princess responded with grace and elegance.

「Having sex with Rou-san!」

「My, oh my…」

Crack ––––––! In an instant the atmosphere in the room froze and you could almost hear the sound of ice cracking.

The beautiful Head Maid stares at the Princess in surprise.

「…What does that supposed to mean, Ann-sama?」

She said those words as if in a trance, almost absent-mindedly. Even Rou could feel that something was wrong, even though he was not directly involved. The atmosphere was so tense that you could even cut it with a knife.

「You see, before Karen got ahead of me and had sex with Rou-san, so today I thought that it was finally going to be my turn!」

(A-Ann-sama, is that really alright to just casually talk about it like that…!?)

The Princess proudly reveals the events that took place a few days ago, disclosing the relationship the boy had with his childhood friend. Rou was about to burst into tears because of that.

「Oh dear, is that true that you had sex with Karen, Rou-san?」

「Umm… No, I mean…」

Diana’s eyes turn towards Rou. Her tone of voice remained unchanged, he felt as though she was criticizing him, and even though he did nothing wrong he started to feel bad about it. Still, seeing that she was not addressing the issue of Mirianne wanting to have sex with him, he managed to avoid the worst of it, at least for now.

「My, oh my, Rou-sama. If you wanted to have sex, I wish you could have told me so.」

「Eeh…! Eh, huh…!」

Apparently the Head Maid got jealous of the fact that one of her subordinates managed to get close to him, and so she came up to him and hugged him tightly. Rou, unable to keep up with this sudden development, became clearly confused.

Not to mention, the maid’s abundant breasts pressed against him through her uniform’s material, wrapping his whole body in pleasant warmth and nice scent. Being enveloped in this godly softness, his heart began to beat faster.

「Ever since that day we first had sex, I was waiting for you to approach me again, Rou-sama…」

(Eeh, D-Diana-san was waiting for me!?)

The maid whispers that into his ear, while gently stroking his head. Combining that with the warmth and softness he was feeling, the reason quickly began to take a leave out of his head.

「Eeehhh ––! Diana-san also had sex with Rou-san!?」

This time around, the one who was surprised was none other than Mirianne. The two of them were coming out with one secret that he wanted to remain hidden after another, and he was right in the middle of it all.

「Hey, Rou-san, you do dislike me that much, do you now…?」

「It’s not like that, but…」

The blonde-haired Princess take the hand of her favorite knight in her own, looking at him with puppy-dog eyes. Seeing her like that made him feel at a loss for words. It was probably the strongest weapon that every woman could deploy against any man out there.

「Ann-sama, you mustn’t do that. Can’t you see that you are troubling Rou-sama?」

「I’m… I’m not troubling him!」

「However, Ann-sama, you are a person who has the right to inherit the kingdom’s throne. Even if you declare you affection for a person like Rou-sama so suddenly, you might end up causing him more strife and suffering than anything.」

Diana-san talks gently to the Princess, just like a mother would to her mischievous child. The maid’s words had a lot of sense, and so the Princess’s previous statements seemed even more immature and childish right now. It’s unthinkable that a Princess who would one day be married to a prince from other country would have her virginity taken by a mere knight like him.
The Head Maid knows that, and Rou knew that as well, that is why even though he was giving in to Ann’s aggressive seduction, he was trying as he might to avoid crossing the line with her.

「If that’s the case, then I’ll just marry Rou-san! Then there won’t be any problems, right?」

「…………………… Hm?」

Rou was speechless. Unable to fully understand the meaning of those words, his body simply froze up.

However, the young Princess misunderstood his reaction as happiness when she looked at the boy, and so the Head Maid had to step in to clear the misunderstanding.

「Ann-sama… No matter how you look at it that’s just impossible…」

「Eeehhh ––! Why not!?」

Rou was relieved that Diana-san stepped in to shut down this outrageous statement in an instant. But the Princess doesn’t seem to understand, as her face frowns in displeasure.

「As unfortunate as it may sound, picking a marriage partner is not that simple of a matter…」

「No way! Diana, you cheapskate!」

Rou was feeling sorry for Mirianne, but right now being told the truth in a straightforward manner like that was probably the only thing Diana-san could do to stop her from trying to woo the boy any more. As for him, for now he was enjoying the feeling of being hugged by an older woman and the soft feeling of her boobs against his face.

「Then, then… How about the butt sex… that should be alright, right?」

Hearing such unusual words coming out of the mouth of someone so young, both Rou and the Head Maid were left dumbstruck for a moment, unable to comprehend what the Princess just said.

「Umm, this is, Ann-sama…」

Rou was trying to raise protest against the Princess’s outrageous demands, but before he could do that, the little girl came closer and blocked his mouth with her own lips. Being suddenly kissed by Mirianne like that while also being hugged by Diana-san and her soft breasts made the boy’s head even more confused.

「Ann-sama! What do you think you’re doing, doing something like that so suddenly!」

Diana-san raised her voice in an angry manner, which was so unusual for her normally calm and gentle demeanor that even Rou raised his head and looked at her in surprise. Moreover, she presses herself against him and hugs him even more, as if trying to separate Rou from the Princess.

「*Kiss*, *smooch*… Aah, I wanted to kiss Rou-san some more…」

The Princess pouted her cheeks, having the kiss with her favorite knight interrupted. Mirianne tried to stand on her toes, not wanting to let go of her feelings for Rou, bringing her face closer in attempt to continue.

「I’m sorry, Ann-sama, but no means no. You would truly trouble Rou-sama with that.」
Saying that, Diana presses her breasts against the boy even more, intend on blocking her aggressive advances. The two girls looked as if they were little children arguing for sweets, but the Head Maid’s breasts were winning Rou so far.

「Muguh… B, both of you, please calm down, please…」

Usually the maid would obediently listen to the Princess, but right now she was adamant on opposing her no matter what.

「Geez, Diana-san, stop being so stubbornly mean!」

But the Princess finally managed to push both the boy and the maid onto the bed.


「U, uwah!?」

Mirianne ended up laying up on top of Diana who was laying on her back. Both of them were even more astonished by the little Princess’s bold action.

「Come now, Rou-san, hurry… I want to have sex with you… If you do me in my butt, I will still remain a virgin…」

The Princess tempted Rou even further by seductively shaking her small butt.

「You can’t do that, Ann-sama…」

The Head Maid opposed the Princess yet again, all the while struggling under the Princess’ small body.

(Well, I mean, it’s not like I don’t want to have sex with Ann-sama…)

「Uwah… Diana, your boobs are so big… and they are so soft…」

The little Princess suddenly groped Diana’s breasts and let out a voice of surprise, while Rou could only stare at the two girls intertwined right in front of him. Mirianne then shifted her gaze from Rou towards Diana’s breasts, groping them with both hands like a child who just found a new toy to play with.

「I was convinced that Karen’s were pretty big, but yours are even bigger, Diana…」

「Ann-sama, if you keep on being that violent… Aaahn…!」

Says Diana-san, but soon a feverish moan slips out of her mouth.

「Amazing, just did you manage to get them so big?」

「A, Ann-sama… Nfuh, right now… Haahn…」

Mirianne gets so caught up in playing with the Head Maid’s breasts that she forgets all about tempting Rou. Diana’s bountiful breasts shook and swayed under the Princess’s kneading, changing shape under the uniform’s fabric.

(Ah, aah… The two of you are just way too erotic…)

He was unable to take his eyes off of the two beautiful girls. Feeling his libido raising inside of his pants, his awaking erection reminded the Princess that he was there as well.

「Hey, it should be alright for Rou-san to take me up the butt, right? Besides, don’t you want to have sex with him too, Diana?」

「Haahn, t, this is… Nnh… That’s right, but…」

Diana-san was doing her best to endure the Princess’s touch, however her legs, both enveloped in knee-high socks that highlighted her healthy-looking thighs, were gradually spreading apart more and more.

「Uh, aah…」

The Head Maid’s legs now spread in the M shape, rolling up her skirt. Finally, her underwear, barely even covering her private parts, becomes visible to the boy’s eyes. Being so close to the two girls, Rou could clearly see that there was a part of maid’s underwear that was clearly darker and wetter than all the rest.

「Rou-san, would you like to see my panties as well…?」

Seeing how the boy’s eyes were drawn to the maid’s underwear, the little Princess rolled up the hem of her skirt, exposing her panties herself. That way, Rou could see her small, supple butt.

Then she smiles innocently, not fully aware just how much she managed to tickle his heart, exposing her pure waist and immature thighs.



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    Amazing, just how did you manage to get them so big?

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