Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 3 Part 3


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



「…Is that, really alright…?」

Asked the boy, however his body was already on the move, being drawn to their bodies like magnet. Intertwined with one another and wrapped in white sheets, the bodies of two alluring women managed to blow the rest of his reason away.

「It’s alright, right, Diana?」

「I guess… I guess it cannot really be helped…」

Finally, freed from having her breast kneaded for a moment, the Head Maid shook her head in resignation.

「Hooray! Now, Rou-san, hurry, hurry!」

Driven by his instincts and sexual desires awakened by the scent of female body, Rou’s already hard cock was becoming even harder. He rose on the bed, and the mattress squeaked under his weight.

(I, I wonder if that’s really okay… But, I cannot wait any longer…)

The sound of his own heartbeat deafens all other sounds. Finally, he reached out his hands so that he could touch the bodies of the Head Maid and the little Princess.

「Rou-sama, please put it inside of me first…」

Filled with hopeful expectations, Diana opened her legs even further and invited Rou to put his dick inside of her.

「Eeehh––! Aren’t you going to put it inside of me first!?」

「Fufu… It is really tough to put the penis inside of the anus so suddenly. First we must get

Rou-sama’s penis nice and wet with plenty of my love juices…」

The maid admonish the protesting Princess, and then looks at Rou seductively.

「Come to me. 」

–––––––––––– And then,

Rou swallows up a huge portion of his saliva, wetting his dried throat. Trying to keep his desire in check, he pulls down his pants and whips out his rock-hard erection.

「I’m putting it in, Diana-san…」

Rou positioned himself in between Diana-san’s legs, and began to push the tip of his cock against the moist fabric of her panties.

*Squish*, *Splosh*, *Sliiide* ––!

He struggled to remove the moist material sideways with his fingers, only to uncover that Diana’s nether lips were already gaping and waiting for him to come. The moment the tip of his glans touched her entrance, a trail of love nectar dripped out of them, unleashing the sweet scent that stimulated his brain.

「Nhaah… Rou-sama is, entering me…」

Sensing that Rou was slowly inserting himself inside of her, Diana pushed her hips against his penis, helping it slip inside of her more easily. Her soft and warm walls fit his dick perfectly, making him feel like he was about to melt at any second now.

「Aah, look at that, Diana seems to enjoy it so much…」

Said the Princess in a loud voice, seeing just how overjoyed Diana’s blushing face was from simply having a dick inserted into her hole full of nectar.

「Please be patient, Ann-sama…」

Rou’s cock continued to make its way inside of Diana’s love nectar’s filled hole, while his hands groped the fine flesh around her butt. The slender skin around her bum was as smooth as silk.

「Kyah! It tickels a bit…」

Next he groped Mirianne’s skinny butt, since she was shaking it so seductively right in front of him, all the while making his way inside of Diana. With each inch her genitals made a loud and wet noises, until finally he reached her cervix with his glans, her nether mouth kissing right against the root of his dick.

「…Afuuh, nnh… It’s hitting me all the way to the back…」

Moaned Diana-san pleasantly, her voice filled with melancholy, stripped of all of her usual gentleness and motherly vibe. Her hot breathing only served to stimulate the boy’s lust, throwing him to take action.

(Uuuhhh… She squeezes me so tight…)

Her hot and wet insides were sucking him in so much as if they were intend on emptying his penis dry off his semen, making him lose his mind. The pleasure of rubbing himself against the maid’s soft and hot flesh was so intense that Rou could not hold his voice back and moaned by himself.

「Uh, Diana-san, I’m going… I’m going to start to move…」

Standing still was not enough for him, the fierce desire to move kept on raising inside of him.

「Yes, please, move however you like, Rou-sama…」

「It must feel so nice… Just look at Diana right now…」

As soon as he received an okay, Rou began to swing his waist. He kept on coming in and out of Diana’s pleasure hole, pushing his desire to ejaculate further and further, more now focusing on shallow thrusts to avoid cumming too soon.

「Please wait just a little bit longer, Ann-sama… Kuh, uuh…」

Even though Diana’s insides were filled to the brim with her love honey, her walls still clamped around the boy like crazy, not wanting to let him go. Even though he was moving slowly, his hips just couldn’t bear the pleasant sensation, and right now he wouldn’t be able to stop moving even if he wanted to.

「Ah, aaahh, Rou-sama… If you keep on doing me so much, I’m going to go crazy…」

She originally wanted to only lubricate his dick so that it would be ready to penetrate the little Princess, but right now Diana was beginning to feel intoxicated by the feeling of having a young meat rod pierce her wet insides with full force.

「Amazing… It feels way too good…」

The Head Maid continued to moan sweetly as the sounds of her copulation with the boy echoed throughout the room. Mirianne was unable to hide her curiosity any longer, and was now staring at the maid’s exposed genitals.

(It’s, it’s going to come out at this rate…)

Even though the pleasure was simply unbearable even from the smallest of movements, Diana’s hot flesh folds urged Rou to give her more and grace her with his semen. While he somehow managed to slow down and postpone his climax, he was feeling that it was drawing ever so closer.

「Rou-san, me as well… Please give it to me as well~~~…」

Seeing just how much the maid was enjoying herself made the Princess jealous, so she began to flip her skirt again, tempting Rou with the sight of her cute butt.

She may have worn a very adult-like underwear with lace and lots of embroidery, but her thighs were still thin and her lower body was clearly still underdeveloped.

「Haa… Haah… Ann-sama…」

Seeing another woman right in front of him made Rou’s desire surge, approaching its peak dangerously fast.

「Hurry up and put it in my butt…」

Affected by the naughty atmosphere that accompanies men and women having sex, the little Princess becomes even bolder with her words and actions. Although it must have been hard for her, she shifted her panties aside and showed him her most special place, overcome with shame.


It was a completely different kind of virginity than that Diana-san took from him, gaping in excitement as her hairless nether regions were completely drenched with her own love juices. Not to mention that stiff bud-like, sepia-colored thing resting over Mirianne’s entrance.

「Haahn, nnhf… Oh dear, Ann-sama…」

「This is Ann-sama’s… pussy…」

He reflexively swallows heavily. He reached his face towards Mirianne’s but, intending to suck on it.

「Kyah! R-Rou-san…!?」

Thanks to all of the excitement and nervousness, even his hands were stroking her but a little bit too strong. Having her butt groped and licked at the same time made Mirianne’s whole body tremble.

「…Is it really okay? Ann-sama…」

「Of course it is… No need to hold back…」

His first anal sex. Better yet, with a virgin like Mirianne, who was full of curiosity and anticipation. But even so, her smile was more than enough to drive Rou into abandoning reason and wanting to stick his penis inside of her.

「In that case, this time with Ann-sama…」

With that, he pulled out from inside of Diana-san with a loud and wet noise.

「Nhaah… Hyii, aah… Why you’re pulling out, afuh…」

Moans the maid while he pulled out of her, her cheeks burning red and her breath ragged.

「Kuh… Diana-san, you’re tightening so much…」

Even though he pulled out, her insides were still pushed wide open from his insertion, twitching and covered in love nectar, giving it a slimy and glossy look. You could clearly see that she wanted more from the way in which her genitals gaped and contracted.

「Well then, Ann-sama… Here I go…」

「Finally, it’s finally my turn…」

Her voice was just a little bit nervous, but even so the Princess assumed the position to be penetrated.

Rou then pressed his nectar covered penis head against Ann’s cute little asshole and stroked all around it at few times. It was twitching and gaping in rhythm of her breathing, so he tried to gently loosen her up first.

「Hyah! It, it stings… Aah, kyaaahhh…」

*Slip*, *slide*… *Slip*, *streeetch*––––––.

Since the sphincter muscles were completely different from that of a vagina, it resisted his attempts at insertion, squeezing violently at the foreign object.

「Uuh, guh… It’s so tight…」

Ann’s little body shivered and trembled when the thickest part of Rou’s penis was coming through her sphincter, and from there it easily slipped inside of her rectum.

「Aah… Higuh, my, my butt, it’s so full, uuuhhh…」

Suddenly having her butt penetrated by a thick dick made Ann’s whole body quiver, as she screamed in pain and big tears began to fill her eyes. She tried to be brave and endure it, but ultimately ended up in pressing her face against the Head Maid’s breasts.

「Are you alright, Ann-sama…?」

「Please, don’t push yourself if it hurts you so much…」

Both the maid and the boy knight worried when they saw the little girl squirm in pain. But to their concerns she only rose her face and forced a smile on her lips.

「…I’m, I’m alright… B-But, nnnh, please, please continue…」

Even though she was clearly in a lot of pain, this unexpected desire to continue on her side made Rou’s lust surge. Right now, the boy wanted to make her his, to dominate her and claim her.

「In that case, I’m going to start moving…」

「Haah, aguuh… Yes, Rou-san, please, you can move however you like…」

He managed to insert his penis all the way to the base, but he soon found out that the tightness around that area was even worse than that of inserting himself into her.

–––––– *Shlomp*, *squeeze*, … *Squueze*, *squeeze*… *Shlomp*!

Each time her insides clamped around his dick, the Princess’ body was shocked with shivers.

「Hyaah! S, so tight… So tight, aah, aguuh…」

He started to piston her asshole in a gentle manner, loosening her up, but was having a hard time doing that since she was tightening around him, as if it was trying to push him out.

「Rou-sama… Me too… Please put it inside of me as well…」

Diana begs the boy in a lust voice, clearly unable to contain her own passion any longer. She brushes her hair aside, and Rou’s own lust multiplies when he sees her usually gentle face now distorted by lust and animalistic desire.

「Well then, now it’s Diana-san’s turn…」

「Hiyaaaaaahhhhhh…! You’re turning it, you’re turning my butt inside out…!」

「Aaahhh… So hot, nhaah… Afuh, does it feel good, Rou-sama…?」

He pulled out of the Princess’ butt and almost immediately after that he jammed himself deep inside the maid’s honey pot. Diana moved her waist in tempting manner, making it easier for him to insert himself and inviting him all the way into her nectar-drenched cavity.

*Smack*, *smack*… *Thrust*, *Thrust*, *thrust* ––––––!!

As Rou’s dick penetrated her, Diana’s walls gently wrapped themselves around him. As he was wrapped in the soft sensation so different from the Princess’ anus, he tried to fight with the ever so raising urge to ejaculate.

「…M-Me too, it feels good for me, too…!」



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