Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 3 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



Diana’s pussy was desperate to taste the boy’s sperm again, and so she began to move her waist on her own in an intense manner. Every time he pushed his dick deep inside of her, her whole body trembled with pleasure and her eyes rolled to the back of her head.

「Hiyaah, nhyiii… Aaah… So intense, I’m feeling it so much…!」

Seeing Diana squirming in pleasure, the Princess yet again shook her but in an attempt to tempt the boy.

「Rou-san, me too… Please do me some more…」

「Kuh, uuh… You’ll get your turn, just please wait for now…」

Rou stopped pistoning Diana and switched to Mirianne’s anus again. This time around, he way able to insert himself into her much smoother than before. With that, he began to push himself into her, all the way to the base of his shaft.

「Hyiiguuh, s-so deep… in my butt, so… Ukuuh, ahyiiiiii…!」

He put his hands on her still developing waist to fix his position, and then he began to mercilessly shake his waist back and forth. In response, the Princess’ body trembled violently, her hair dancing in the air all around him.

「Aaahh… It’s about to come out!」

Having penetrated both the maid’s pussy and the Princess’ ass alternatively made his urge to ejaculate become almost unbearable, springing from inside of him and starting to make its way outside.

「Aaahhh… Rou-sama, haah, nnhhh… Please, you can let it out as much as you want inside of me!」

「I, I feel really strange for some reason… My butt feels so full right now…」

He was trying his best not to be too rough with her, but he could no longer stop the wild movement of his waist.

「Next is… Diana-san’s turn!」

Seeing both of those beautiful girls wanting him so much made Rou’s penis harder than it was ever before. Their sight made the boy drunk on lust and feeling of superiority.

「Haahn! Pleases, please do me harder, harder, Rou-sama…!」

Diana’s breasts shook and swayed in response to each and every one of the boy’s thrusts, only amplifying his pleasure.

「Are you feeling good too, Ann-sama!?」

In order not to lose the waves of pleasure he was drowning in right now, Rou pushed his love juice-covered dick into Mirianne’s ass again with no warning. It seems that she was gradually loosening up, for it was much easier for him to thrust his penis into her than in the beginning.

「Haahyii… It, it feels good for me as well…」

Although it might have been her first time, and with anal no less, Mirianne was letting out a sweet voice, soaked in pleasure to the limit, echoing throughout the room.

(Uuuhhh… I can’t take it any longer…!)

The feeling of penetrating the Princess’ rectum was sending waves of pleasure from his dick throughout his body, making the boy’s back shiver and tremble. The pleasure was so strong that he was approaching his limit, but still tried to endure it and make his grinding last for as long as he possibly could.

「I, I’m feeling it so much, I’m going to cum soon…––––––!!」

「Me too, more… Rou-sama’s penis, more… Hyaah!」

The sound of their moaning increased his desire to let it all out. Soon enough, he could feel the hot lump of his lust beginning its travel from his crotch towards freedom. The sweet scent of their sweat and the tightness of the Princess’ butt surely weren’t helping much in holding him back.

「 –––– It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming out!!」

Hearing the boy’s voice, the two women also let out their lovely shrieks, their eyes wet and filled with desire for his sperm.

「Nhii, yes, oh yeeeesssss… M, my butt… Kyuh, please let it out as much as you want in my butt!」

「Me too… I am going to climax as well… Rou-sama’s penis is going to make me cum… Nhaah, nnh, no, I can’t anymore… Aaahhhiiiyyyaaahhh!」

While beads of sweat crop out all over Diana’s twitching body, she thrusts her head back and looks at the ceiling with passionate eyes. Rou tried to slip out of the Princess’ but and give his dick to the maid one last time, but the Princess’ tightness only accelerated his own climax.

「Uuuh! I’m coming, coming! It’s coming out, ugh, uuuhhh––––––!!」

Finally, his dick reached its limit.

Rou’s vision became white and hazy, and he could not longer stop the flow of white and muddy liquid that was now rushing through his urethra. Feeling that, he began to pierce the Princess’ butt even harder and faster. Mirianne’s butt was now thoroughly ravaged by his swollen manhood.

Splurt! Splurt, splurt! ………… Splurt, splurt, splurt!!!

「Kyafuh, uughn! So hot, something hot is pouring right into my butt~~~~~~!!!!!!」

The Princess’ back shook with great force, sending her beautiful blonde hair in the air. However, Mirianne was not the only one who was waiting for Rou’s ejaculation. With the last shreds of control, Rou pulled himself out of her butt and thrusted his meat spear all the way inside of Diana’s quivering pussy.

「Aah, hyiiiiii! So much, so much of Rou-sama’s semen is… Haa, haahn!」

Rou’s cock continued to pound Diana’s pleasure hole while not stopping to ejaculate for even a moment, and his semen was greedily gobbled up by the woman’s genitals. Being cream-pied like that, the maid couldn’t help it but to convulse and shout in ecstasy.

「It feels way too good… It, it won’t stop…!」

Rou’s sperm starts to slowly drip out of Mirianne’s gaping butt, flowing down onto the sheets and staining the maid’s sweaty body.

「Hauuh… My head is spinning and it feels so good…」

「You let out so much of it… My stomach feels so full and hot…」

Both women just lay there, basking in the afterglow of their climaxes.


Even the body was feeling somewhat hazy, that is until the pleasure of cumming finally left him, leaving his body with a sense of weakness under the influence of which his legs sort of gave up on him. He sunk onto the sheets like a flat tire.

「A, Ann-sama…!? Is everything alright, Ann-sama!?」

Rou turned around awkwardly and looked at the Princess’ face. Although she was the one who invited him to do so, he still drilled her ass rather mercilessly. He knew that this was definitely not okay, but Mirianne only showed them a soft smile through her teary eyes.

「…Yes, everything’s fine… But, I still feel as if Rou-san’s thing was inside of me…」

Having experienced the intercourse with the boy of her dreams, the Princess smiles in delight. However, her butt was still gaping from having his dick shoved inside of it, it would take a while for it to return to normal.

「Fufu… I’m so glad for you, Ann-sama…」

Experiencing the ultimate ecstasy, Diana hugged Mirianne tightly while her facial expression returned to her normal gentle self.

「At first it hurt just a little bit, but then it started to feel really good…」

「I, on the other hand, would like to be held by Rou-sama some more…」

Seeing how glad the two women were for sleeping with him and looking at their delighted faces made Rou feel pleased and happy with himself.

「Rou-san… If you don’t mind, would you like to have sex with me some other time as well?」

「Oh my, I also would like to welcome Rou-sama in my arms some more in the future…」

Being stared at by pupils filled with so much expectations, there was only one possible answer that he could have given them.

「Haah… I wonder if it is really alright for me to keep on doing this…」

Rou let out a sigh while standing at the entrance to the cafeteria, to where Reaina went in order to grab something to eat. It’s been already a few weeks since he began his work as a guard at the castle. He was finally getting a hang of doing his job properly, and he was fairly sure that the distance between himself and the Princess has finally shrunk.

But even though the boy have sworn his loyalty to the Princess, he was still having sexual relations with both her little sister and her personal maid.

「I’m sorry, Rou-sama…」

「Ah, y-yes…?」

The boy was surprised when the door suddenly opened, and he spoke up reflexively. It was Diana who called out to the boy, and for some reason she had a rather troubled look on her face. And since Reaina was eating a luxurious meal at the far end of the table, she was not able to hear them from there.

「Diana, where have you been? Hurry up and bring me a refill!」

The Princess raises an empty wine glass and orders the maid in cold voice.

「Reaina-sama… Maybe it would be better for you if you stopped drinking for now…」

「I’m telling you, I’m fine. Now, do it!」

Even though the maid gently hinted the Princess to have some self-control, she was not going to lend those pleas any ear.

「Umm, why is Her Highness drinking so much wine…?」

It seems that Reaina was already quite drunk, and so the boy knight turned toward the Head Maid and asked her in a hushed voice.

「No, she only drunk a few glasses of weak fruit wine… since normal alcohol tends to raise her blood pressure quite a bit…」

The maid leaned toward the boy as well, briefly explaining the situation. That surprised the boy quite a lot, and so he turned her eyes towards the Princess.

「Oh my… Perfect timing. You there! Come over here and sit down!」

「Huh, m-me…?」

Seeing the boy, Reaina suddenly pointed at him with her glass, and, seemingly in a good mood, ordered him to come closer.

「Who else is here? No need to be shy, just come over here, the lot of you!」

He did as he was told, sitting right next to the Princess, although he still kept some manner of a distance.

「Umm, Reaina-sama… About your drink, you see…」

「What is it? This much is nothing for me, I’ll let you know~!」

The drunk Princess leaned closer and entangled her arm with the boy’s, holding her glass with another hand. Her body was pressing against his quite a bit. Seeing her eyes and rosy lips so close to him, Rou heart began to beat faster.

「Huh, why is your face so red? Are you perhaps thinking about something indecent?」

「T, that’s not really the case here…」

She gently blew into his ear, and he could smell alcohol tickling his nose. Moreover, she seemed to not notice this, but her breasts were squeezing against his body for quite a while now.

「Fufu… Bullseye. Good grief, you are always so… so…」

「I’m telling you, that’s not… H, huh?」

He was surprised to hear that the Princess started to make some strange noises, and as it turned out, she fell asleep right where she was, her arm locked with his. Rou looked toward Diana, looking for help, but for a quick moment Diana just stood there, looking surprised.

「She fell asleep… That is quite the problem, indeed… However, it is the first time that I see Reaina-sama looking so happy…」

Rou had his doubts whether or not this could be called a happy face, but it was true that Reaina-sama would never behave like that under normal circumstances.

「I am terribly sorry for having to ask you this, but could you carry Reaina-sama back to her bedroom, Rou-sama?」

「Eh… Me…? Carry the Princess…?」

He said that in a slightly too loud of a voice, to which the Head Maid only placed her index finger on top of her lips.

「Yes, please. I know it might be inconvenient, but if any other person were to do it, Reaina-sama might wake up.」

「I, I understand…」



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