Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 3 Part 5


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



It was his dream to finally be able to touch the person he fell in love with at first sight, but he would never expected it to happen under such circumstances. Overcome with tension, he held Reaina in his trembling arms.

(S, so light…)

Reaina usually shone just like a jewel, with her golden hair and lots of jewelry and ornamented dresses. However, even with all of those, Rou was surprised just how light she was in his arms.

Feeling the soft and warm body of his beloved Princess in his arms, Rou’s heart was beating like crazy. And thanks to his recent experiences with the members of the opposite sex, Rou was starting to become overly conscious of her.

(W, what the hell am I thinking…?)

While walking down the corridor with the Princess in his arms, he shook his head as to get rid of any lewd thoughts, and then suddenly the Princess leaked out a silent voice.

「…s, nnh,hmm… Nhh…」

She opened her eyes a little bit, but since she was still sleepy, she didn’t even realize that she was being held in Rou’s arms.

「Uuh… Why, am I…?」

「Umm, Reaina-sama, you happened to fall asleep in the cafeteria… and so I was asked to carry you back to your room… umm…」

Their eyes meet, and the boy tried to explain the whole situation in a hurry, panicking all the while.

「So it’s like that, huh… Thank… you…」


He was ready to be reprimanded like usual, but instead he was thanked for his efforts, and that surprised him greatly. Looking relieved, the Princess rubbed her face against his chest, looking about ready to fall asleep again.

This was probably the first time ever that Reaina thanked him for anything. And even though it might have been because she was drunk, hearing the words of praise coming from his beloved Princess made him feel happy beyond belief.

(Uwah… H, her breasts are touching me…)

Moreover, since she was clinging to him so tightly, he could clearly see her milk-white skin, as it squeezed against his chest more and more. She looked so defenseless in her sleep that if he was younger or lacking any self-control, he could easily reach his hands and grope her breasts with little to no resistance.

「Reaina-sama, we arrived at your bedroom…」

He said that to her while standing in front of the door, but the Princess showed no signs of waking up anytime soon. Because of that, he opened the door and entered the room while still holding the Princess in his arms. He intended to drop her on her bed as fast as possible, but it was in this moment that the Princess decided to wake up.

「Uuuh… Where am I… What is this place…?」

「It’s your bedroom, Reaina-sama. Now, please take it easy and rest……」

He tried to cover the Princess up with the sheets, but then she suddenly grasped his hand in her own.


「…Uuuhn, hhh… hhh, hhh…」

He thought that she was awake, but instead Reaina fell asleep again.

While she held onto him in her sleep, Rou silently stared at the face of his mistress.

Even though she was inexperienced and strong-willed, she was always putting up a tough front in front of everyone, never showing any sign of weakness. Still, she was probably drinking so much because the stress of being a potential assassination target was beginning to slowly get to her.

(Reaina-sama, I swear that I will protect you…)

Although the recent events made him stray off of his original path, in this moment he remembered why did he decided to come here in the first place.

As Rou gently grasped the Princess’ small hand, his determination grew stronger than ever before.


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