Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 4 Part 4


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



Even though he thought the Princess would be livid with anger, she only blushed, and started to wipe his front with a towel while the tips of her ears were burning. Of course, his lower body would still react to her wiping him, but instead of getting angry with him, the Princess was becoming more and more confused.

「This is, this part that is growing… This is the part that Ann and the other maids are taking care off, isn’t it?」

「Ugh, no… It’s not like that…」

He thought that it was quite ironic for her to think that he had this kind of relationship with the young Princess and the Head Maid, but there were no thorns in Princess’ words. On the other hand, she seemed quite intrigued in Rou’s penis, as she kept on looking at it curiously.

「Does it always… get so big and hard when you do it with Ann?」

「This is… Umm…」

「I figured as much. After all, Ann is very cute indeed. And Diana is so kind and mature… And Karen? This girl is also very attractive, so I can hardly even blame you.」

The boy was surprised to hear so many questions. The Princess really must be thinking that they were lovers. And even though she was normally so high-and-mighty, right now she was clearly feeling inferior to Diana and Karen.

「No way… You are fine the way you are, Reaina-sama! You are so slim and slender, but your chest is also big… Ah!」

「Eh, my breasts…?」

In fact, since she was washing his front right now, he couldn’t help it but to be bothered by her huge breasts pressing against his front. The foam and hot water made the Princess’ robe cling even tighter to her body, so right now it was as though her clothes were almost transparent and showing her milky-white skin.

While washing him, her breasts would bounce and sway heavily, and it was even possible to catch a glimpse of her pink nipples from time to time at the tips of her melon-like boobs.

「I, I see… I wonder if you find me just a little bit attractive?」

Instead of scorning at the boy’s perverted words, the Princess only turns her eyes away.

「Of course I find you attractive, Reaina-sama! I was adoring you for as long as I can remember, so when I heard that I can serve you I was so happy… I thought that I would gladly protect you, even if it costed me my life!」

「…You adore me… Is that true? B, but still, it is also true that you get awfully along with Ann and the rest of the maids…」

「T, this is… It just happened to be this way, I guess…」

Reaina listens to boy’s words for a moment, but it was obvious that she was still confused about this whole matter with Ann, Diana and Karen.

(Reaina-sama, your confused face, it’s so cute…)

Being alone together with his beloved Princess, his heart was soaring to a completely new heights. The time seemed to fly so fast with the Princess like that.

「Right, all finished.」

She splashes a bucket of warm water over his shoulder and the remaining foam is washed away.

「Thank you very much…」

He wanted to stay with the Princess some more if he could, but the fact they were able to stay like that for a while was more than enough for him.

For him, this time alone was the greatest reward for doing his duties that he could possibly ask for. His heart was filled with pleasant warmth.

「Now then, please enjoy the bath at your own leisure…」

「Yes, thank you for your consideration」

Saying that, Reaina gets up and fixes her bathrobe. Although it was slightly disappointing, Rou also got up and bowed down in thanks.

「After that…」


He though the Princess was going to leave the bathroom, but instead, she stopped for a moment and said with her back still turned on him.

「Please come to my room when you’re done here…」

Saying that, her beautiful silhouette disappears behind the veil of hot steam.

*Knock*, *Knock* ––––.

The sound of knocking was loud and carried along the empty corridor.

「Please, come on in.」

Hearing the Princess’ voice, he slowly opened the luxurious door. He could see the Princess’ silhouette, sitting on the bed and lit by the dim flames of candles.

Up until now the strangest delusions were running wild inside of his head, only to become true right now. As he approached the bed in a tense manner, Reaina’s figure becomes clearer and clearer.

(Uoohh… This is…)

Rather than her usual pearl-white dress, the Princess wore the sky-blue nightgown. And because the material was made to be see-through, even though it covered the Princess’ whole body, the whole of her milky-white skin could be seen through it.

Seeing her beloved Princess in such an unusually sensual get-up made Rou stop dead in his tracks.

「What are you doing? Hurry it up and come over here.」

「Yes, right away…」

He could clearly see her white legs and feet. She was usually wearing white thighs, so seeing her like that was something new and fresh for the boy’s eyes. His gaze went upwards, towards the area of her skirt.

Her lower body was slim and slender, but her thighs were plump and full, making them impossible not to look at when they were right in front of your face.

「Not here. Please sit right next to me…」

「Eh… But this place is…」

There was no way that he could sit right next to his lord on her bed so casually. The boy tried to bow down and politely decline, but the Princess just wouldn’t have it.

「I told you that it is okay, so just don’t worry about and do it.」

The Princess grabbed Rou’s arm and eventually forced him to sit on the bed. Then she just stared at the boy, who was trying to avoid ogling her with his eyes.

「I want to be together with you…」

Her voice was so quiet that he had trouble hearing it.


After eating that porridge he could feel that his energy was slowly coming back to him, so right now he was fairly sure that it wasn’t a dream or his imagination: the distance between him and the Princess has really shrunk.

「You said that you adore me earlier… If it is truly like that…」

Reaina’s face suddenly turned bright red with embarrassment.

「Right here, right now, can you… Can you prove it to, to me…?」

「Eh, EEEHHH!?」

Realizing what Princess Reaina was trying to say, Rou suddenly let out a scream of surprise.
He could see it very well in her eyes that she was not joking. He began to wonder yet again if it was a dream, since he was basically asked to have sex with the Princess he always dreamed of.

「No, but…」

He couldn’t just embrace her like it was not a big deal. Putting the differences in their social statuses, Reaina was rumored to marry the prince from the neighboring country in the future. It would be a serious problem if it was discovered that the Princess was engaged in an affair with another man before being married.

「Why!? You can embrace Ann or other maids with no problem, but when it comes to me you are all reluctant!?」

「I’m telling you, Your Highness, it’s not like that…」

This time, the Princess leans over to the boy, who was having a hard time explaining his past actions.

「I, I… you! Uuh… Forcing a woman to say things like that, just how much embarrassed are you going to make me feel!?」

Reaina’s expression becomes desperate, as she herself looks like she’s about to cry.

Right now, Rou was probably the only one in the entire kingdom to see that kind of expression on the Princess’ face, aside from her normal high and mighty demeanor.

But above all else, he started to feel guilty about making his beloved Princess cry like that.

「R, Reaina-sama…」

Seeing her doing something she was not used to doing, Rou couldn’t hold back his overflowing emotions, and hugged the Princess tightly.


Reaina closes her eyes as her face draws closer.


They kiss lightly, their lips just barely touching each other. But even though it was just that, her chest began to raise and fall heavily, as their lips connected again, seeking one another.

「Hnn… Rou, more… *kiss*, *smooch*…」

(Aagh, damn it…… Reania-sama, you’re just too cute!)

With time, their kisses became more and more passionate, and they eventually ended up falling onto the bed while hugging one another.


Reaina and Rou continue to hold each other tightly as the mattress absorbs all of their impact.

「I love you… I have always loved you, Reaina-sama…」

「I’m so happy… Rou, hold me tight… Nnh, *chuu*, *kiss*, *kiss*, uuh…」

The boy presses his mouth against the Princess’ lips as if his own were being drawn to them. With her ample breasts pressing tightly against his chest, they exchange many kisses as to savor the feeling properly.

「…Puhaa… Haah, haah… S, so intense… It’s the first time… I was kissed like that, but it’s not that bad of a feeling…」

Being released from Rou’s arms after a series of hot an passionate kisses, the Princess was gasping for breath.

「Eh, s-so that was your first kiss, Your Highness…?」

「That’s right, but it seems that you already have some experience in that area, Rou…」
Says Reaina to the boy while her cheeks turn even redder than before. And since they have come clean to one another with their feelings, Rou understood that the Princess was feeling jealous.

「But, the kisses I have with you, Reaina-sama, are the best of them all…」

「…I, in that case, let’s do it some more…」

Apparently she seemed glad that he enjoyed their kisses the most. However, since Rou was not satisfied with just that, and he shoves his tongue inside of Reaina’s mouth while seemingly trying to devour her lips with his own.

「*kiss*, *kiss*… Hamuu, nnh, Rou, mmh… *smooch*, *smooch*, *kiss*, uuh…」

The Princess wanted to say something, but at the same time Rou put his tongue into her mouth again, preventing her from speaking. The inside of her mouth was hot and soft, wet with saliva.

Reaina’s whole body shudders intensely from this sudden deep kiss, but still she accepts it without protesting. And when their tongues intertwine with one another, she felt so good that she thought she was going to melt from too much pleasure.

Holding the Princess in his arms and kissing with her made the thing attached to Rou’s crotch big and hard. And even though it was still inside of his pants, it managed to rub against Reaina’s thighs, which send a wave of pleasure through her waist.

「Reaina-sama, can I touch your breasts…?」

「Afuh, unnh… Breasts? Yes, that’s fine with me… Do as you like with them.」

As soon as he got the Princess’ permission, he immediately started to grope her breasts through the see-through nightgown. Feeling her up with all of his ten fingers, Rou was surprised just how soft, elastic and springy they were.

「Kyaauh… If you grope them so hard… It hurts just a little bit…」

In reaction to having his fingers sink into her breasts, Reaina lets out a lovely scream the likes of which Rou never heard before. Her cute and lovely reactions only served to encourage and invite the boy’s little friend to her.



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