Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 4 Part 6


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



「Then, well then… I’ll start to move slowly…」

He began to move his hips, and as he did, he could feel his rod rubbing against the Princess’ flesh folds, and the same feeling of incredible tightness assaulted his whole dick. After several motions like that, Reaina started to leak hot moans while her body shivered and trembled.

「Haah… Ahiii, ah, so hot… So hot…」

Her vagina was really narrow, but thanks to all of the lubrication from her love nectar, Rou was able to move in and out rather smoothly as the time went on. Since they were still hugging, only his waist moved, stirring Reaina’s virgin flesh.

「Fuuh, nnh… Ahaah, ufuuuhhh…」

As he continues to move, there was also a slight change in the Princess’ voice. She close her eyes as she accepted Rou’s cock, as her moans became filled with more pleasure and less pain.

「Reaina-sama’s insides… They feel so good… Uuh…」

However, he couldn’t afford to wait for the Princess’ response to his words. Since the gentle pleasure begun to build inside of him, his movements started to become more and more intense, as he wanted to penetrate her as much as he possibly could.

Realizing that he was probably the only man in the world who would see Reaina writhe in both pain and pleasure like that, it filled the boy with a strange sense of superiority, and his excitement began to surge rapidly.

「Hyauh! Ah, haah… W, what is this, it feels as though my stomach is about to burst!」

Drunk on the fact that he was able to pleasure a woman he loved, Rou’s movements increased in speed, while his penis was becoming harder and harder. Their crotches collide with one another, and the wet sounds of their intercourse fill the room.

「R, Rou… Ahaah, hahii… Nnh, haah…!」

The Princess lets out a scream, having her pussy repeatedly pounded and her cervix kissed by the tip of Rou’s dick. She was breathing hard, with her hair scattered all over the bed.

「Reaina-sama, do you feel good?」

While enjoying the warmth of her insides, Rou was still playing with the Princess’ nipples, groping her huge breasts with full force. The feeling of tightness and softness against his chest was extremely comfortable.

「T, this is… Nnh, it’s not like… Not like I feel… Hiyaahiii!」

Hot love juices continue to overflow from the place where the two of them were connected, making their crotches all wet and sticky. As they continue to rub against each other, the Princess’ moan become even sweeter than before.

Still, having enjoyed the Princess’ flesh folds to the max, Rou could feel that he was soon to approach the limit of his endurance. However, that did not stop him to continue with his rough pistoning.

「If it doesn’t feel good for you, maybe you would like us to stop?」

Rou blurts another mean thing, tempted to do so by his raising desires.

「Hyaah… Haah, aaahhhn! … I, I didn’t say… didn’t say no such thing…!」

Reaina’s face flushes red as her voice changes into a sweet moan. She shakes her neck with her eyes pointing towards the ceiling. As he would never expect her to react like that, Rou’s excitement was slowly beginning to reach its peak.

「Ugh, so… It feels good, right?」

「W, w… Haah, nnh… Why do you keep saying that…!」

The Princess looks tormented hearing Rou’s words. However, hearing her say that makes Rou’s eyes sparkle, for he anticipated this exact reaction.

「It, it feels good, right!? Look, this feels good too, right!?」

Reaina was feeling it as well. She knew that she was coming closer and closer to climaxing.

(Aah, this is the best!)

He sped up the movement of his hips, and Reaina’s voice also rose in accordance.

「Aah, ahhn, kyahyiii… Good, it feels so good! I can feel it, Rou’s thing… in my stomach, hyiinh, hauuh!」

Just repeatedly pounding the Princess’ cavity was no longer enough to satisfy him. So, he drew his face closer to hers, and pressed his lips against her half-opened mouth. Then, he stuck his tongue inside of her mouth, and intertwined their tongues while not stopping to move his waist, not even for a moment.

「*kiss*, *smooch*… R, Rou, uuuh, moree, kiss me… Kiss me some more… M, mufuh…… *smooch*, *slurp*…」

Reaina also moves her tongue in response to the boy’s advances. They kiss deeply, and as their saliva combines, Rou remembers just why he was in love with her so much.

「I, I think I’m going to cum soon!」

The boy enters his last spurt, and raised the Princess legs upwards and spreads them apart, affirming a steady position for himself. By doing that, he was able to reach even deeper inside of the Princess, making the sensation even more pleasurable for him.

「No, stop that… I’m, I’m cumming! I’m losing my mind from the pleasure!」

Every time their bodies slam into one another, a dry sound can be heard in the room, and her breasts shake in sway in accordance with the motions of his pistoning. The Princess looked at the boy with longing in her eyes, her whole body beginning to shake violently.

(I knew it, I just can’t hold myself back anymore!)

The Princess’ expression now completely melts from pleasure, just as the boy was approaching his limits. He felt as though if he was to continue just like that, his mind would truly give up.

As the hot stuff begun to accumulate deep inside of his crotch, his hips began to shake. Just as he approached his peak, he sped up his movements to the maximum.

「Reaina-sama, I’m sorry… You feel just way too good, aaaaaahhhhhh!!」

「No, don’t , eh, stop being so rough! I’m too sensitive right now, hyiii, hyiiiaaahhh!!」

In response, he strengthens his grip on her legs and thrusts his waist into her with even more power than before. Reaina’s limbs shiver, and she screamed in sync with the boy knight’s thrusting.

「Hyaaaaaauuuuuugggggghhhhhh!! I, this feels way too good, eh… Something, something is happening, I’m going, I’m going craaaaaaaaaazy~~~!!」

Reaina shouts, grabbing Rou’s arms and pulling him closer to herself, while her whole body begins to convulse. At the same time, the walls of her vagina begun to contract and clasping around Rou’s thing. While she was approaching her limits herself, she no longer had any strength left to oppose the incoming pleasure.

Her vagina tightens around Rou’s dick, inviting the pleasure.

「Coming, it’s coming out! I’m going to let it all out!!」

The mass of Rou’s hot desire begins its journey outside of his penis all at once. He was desperately trying to fight it, but it was the moment he had to give up.

––––––––– *SPLURT!* *SPLURT!* *SPLURT!* *SPLUUUUUURT~~~!!!*

Rou’s ejaculation get outside of his dick, hitting Reaina’s cervix all at once with a full force.

「Kyahiii! It’s coming out! All of the hot stuff is coming out! It reaches all the way to my womb~!!」

The jelly-like semen quickly fills Reaina’s insides and overflows outside of her vagina.

(Aaah, it feels so good that I just can’t stop!)

Reaina’s vaginal walls contract around Rou’s cock, as if trying to wring it out of semen completely. And every time another portion of semen is being shot inside of her, a wave of pleasure is sent throughout her body.

「Haaah… So hot… Inside of me… Haah, nhaaah…」

Her breathing ragged and hot, her golden locks are scattered all over the bed, all sweaty.

「You, you let out so much of it… Hafuh…」

After his ejaculation is finally over, Rou collapses on top of the Princess, his body completely devoid of strength.

Reaina let out a hot sigh, gently hugging the boy and smiling with a lovely expression on her face.

(I had sex with Reaina-sama…)

Although their bodies were soaked in the mixture of their own sweat and body fluids, right now both of them could not be bothered by such trivial matters. His chest was filled with pleasant warmth and he could listen to the Princess’ heartbeat.

Even though there was a tension between them for the past few days, right now, being embraced by her like that, Rou felt truly secured and at ease. Rou and Reaina hold each other’s hands, and as their breathing synchronized, they could feel happiness feeling them up completely.

「I’m, I’m terribly sorry! Reaina-sama, please forgive me!」

Suddenly coming back to his senses, Rou jumped out of bed and bowed down. Not only did he robbed the Princess of her precious virginity, but he also did it in a rather rough way.

「What are you apologizing for…?」

A trace of blood drips down her thigh, and scoops of semen fall out of her vagina, pink in color from being mixed with her blood.

「But, I was so terribly rude to you, Reaina-sama…」

「I told you to do it, and I repeat it, you don’t have to worry about that!」

While Rou was still apologizing, the Princess grabbed his arm and pulled him back to bed.

「More importantly, you certainly said some really nasty things to me.」

He was forced to lie in bed with the Princess, as she hugged him tightly to her chest. Then she stared him right in the eyes.

「Ah, that’s because you were so cute, Reaina-sama, that I just… I’m terribly sorry for that!」

「I keep telling you, you don’t have to apologize for that! Also, you can just call me Reaina when we are alone together…」

「Eh, why, why do you say something like that so suddenly… There’s no way I can do something so rude…」

The boy was confused with that sudden idea. However, the Princess’ cheeks turned red as she rubbed her thighs together in an awkward fashion.

「You are my knight, so that kind of thing is only natural, don’t you think…?」

「Eh? But, I was your knight from the very beginning, Reaina-sama…」

「That’s not what I mean! Geez, what am I supposed to do with you…?」

Seeing how Rou failed to understand the meaning behind her words, the Princess pouted her cheeks in discontent. Once again, Reaina was amazed just how thick-headed that boy could be.

「Fuh, since you are still injured, you should go back to bed for now…!」

Having said that, Reaina handed Rou a pillow while she turned her back on him and placed her own head on the pillows.

(She went to sleep, that Reaina-sama…)

And just like that, while gazing at the silhouette of the sleeping Princess, Rou also went to sleep.



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