Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 5 Part 5


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



The Head Maid cried sweetly, shaking her hips as to make it easier for Rou to penetrate her, enabling him to reach her cervix in one swift stroke. The impact of Rou’s thrust was so strong that Diana’s breasts shook violently. Unlike the two princesses, Diana’s insides were nicely warm and full of soft folds, which gently wrapped arounds the boy knight’s dick.

(Uuh… Diana-san’s insides, they feel way too good…)

He wanted to lose himself in the Head Maid’s warm insides, but it was still way too early for him to ejaculate.

「Finally, it’s finally my turn…? I’m, I’m tired of waiting any more…! Kyuunnnhhh!!」

He pulled out of Diana and grabbed Karen’s youthful butt, piercing her insides in one swift motion. Just like with the rest of the girls, he reached all the way inside of her with that one motion. And even though he recently ejaculated, he already felt like cumming again, with pre-cum dripping in huge quantities out of his tip.

「I can still keep on going…!」

At first, he tried to be conscious of who he was going to do next. But even so, the girls kept on losing themselves in their own desires, begging him to do them next over and over.
But as the time went on, he was having a really hard time to differentiate who he was piercing right now and who to take next. He even lost count just how many times he switched already.

「Aah, good, so good… Somehow, if keeps on feeling better and better…?」

Mirianne was the only exception from that. Since he just took away the precious virginity from her, he unconsciously kept track on how many times he managed to insert himself into her. It was incredibly tight when he did it with Reaina for the first time, but with Mirianne it was even tighter, since her body was naturally smaller.

「Aah, ahnnh… Rou-sama, you’re so wonderful…」

「If you keep on being this rough, I… I will…~~~~~~!!」

In contrast, Diana’s cavity was much more accepting, but after thrusting inside of it for a few times he backed out if it and plunged himself into Karen, who invited him with her insides overflowing with love honey.

After only having sex with Reaina for quite a while, having other partners surely felt refreshing.

「Rou, me too… I beg of you, please stick it in me…!」

Of course, seeing just how much he was enjoying the other girls, Reaina raised her voice and shook her but alluringly.

However, the other girls were not sitting around, doing exactly the same to attract his attention. Satisfying his own and their desires, Rou could feel the waves of excitement raising inside of him.

「Kyuh, kyahyiii… Somehow, my head is getting dizzy…」

It seems that the loli princess finally becomes used to having her whole pierced by the dick, as her voice right now was less filled with pain and more with animalistic pleasure.

「Aaaahhhh… I’m cumming again… Everyone feels just way too good…」

Now, while piercing the pussy of his childhood friend, he inserted his fingers inside of the loli princess and began to stir her up.

「Good, it feels so good… Rou, more… Please, do me more…」

「Me too… Please squirt your semen inside of Ann’s pussy…!」

Realizing that the boy’s climax was getting near, the girls add dirty talk to their actions, raising the level of his excitement beyond all limits.

「Me too, Rou-sama’s semen… I shall gladly accept all of it…」

Seemingly unable to wait any longer, Diana begins to play with her own breasts, while shaking her hips and teasing her clitoris with her other hand. Seeing this gap between her usual behavior, Rou’s eyes spark with lust and excitement.

「Haah, aaahh… I didn’t know that you crave my dick so much…!」

Seeing the side of Diana that she usually never showed, the boy’s reasoning quickly fades as he began to turn into a sex-obsessed beast, his eyes drawn to the body of the Head Maid. As she kept on fingering herself, her normally gentle face was twisted with desire.

*Shliiiiiiiiick*… *Rub*, *slide*, *shlick*!

「Aaah! So hot, please… My pussy, please fill it up…!」

Tempted by the appearance of the older lady, Rou almost immediately shifted himself towards her and jammed his cock inside of Diana’s hungry pussy. Suddenly being filled to the brim, the Head Maid screams with pleasure as her limbs shake.

「Rou, you big dummy, why won’t you give it to me!?」

The two maids and the loli princess received a whole lot of attention from the boy, but Reaina was somewhat left behind, and was now scolding the boy knight and rushing him into giving her attention as well.

「Hey, Rou… Me too, me too… Haahn, I, I want you so much…!」

Karen reached her hands towards her crotch and spread her pussy wide open in an attempt to tempt Rou into sticking himself inside of her. The sight was beyond erotic.

「Well then, now it will be Karen’s turn…」

「W, wait, wait just a moment…! What about me…!?」

He jammed himself right inside of her pussy, which was gaping so widely as if it was hungry to receive him inside of her.

「Kyuuuuuuhhhhhh~~!! S, so big, so incredibly big, it feels me up so much…!」

「Ahhh~, Ann wants it, too~~!」

「Me too, Rou-sama, please fill up Diana’s naughty little pussy…」

He wanted to keep going with screwing the girls some more, but he sensed that he was inevitably approaching his limit. So he pulls himself out of Karen and finally inserts himself into Reaina in one go.

「Hiaaanh, aaahh… Finally, it’s finally my turn…!」

Princess’ breasts shook and swayed from the violent impact of her being pounded. Sucking Rou’s dick inside of her, Reaina’s pussy was secreting so much love nectar that it was unbelievable.

「Oh no, I can’t stand it anymore!」

「Fuah, ahaahhh…. If that’s the case, please finish inside of me, Rou…!」

Reaina’s pussy contracts strongly arounds Rou’s dick, trying to squeeze his semen out of him.

「Kuhii, w, why…!? Why did you pull it out…!?」

He was thinking that he could have finished inside of Reaina, but ultimately decided to give his seed to her little sister.

「Haaanh, amazing, so good, Ann, is cumming… I’m cumming…!」

He kept on thrusting himself inside of Mirianne, but soon enough pulled himself out of her and continued to give his love nectar-covered dick to both Diana and Karen in a just manner.

「Rou-sama’s penis, it reaches all the way inside of me…! Aaahh, I can’t, I can’t take this anymore…!」

「I’m I’m cumming… It feels so good! Ahii, hyiiiiiiaaaaaahhhhhh~~~~!!」

The three women begin to scream passionately, while their pussies begin to contract violently and coil around Rou’s cock.

「Wait, I’m still…! Aaah, Rou… More, please do me some more, I beg of you…!」

Reaina tried for the last time to draw Rou’s attention towards herself, shaking both her cute butt and her curly hair.

Even Mirianne’s tight vagina begins to clasp around him violently, and her walls rub against him strongly once he tries to pull himself back. The waves of pleasure slowly began to surge throughout his entire body, and as his lust begins to fill up his crotch he could feel that his consciousness was slowly fading away into warm and soft whiteness.

「Cumming, it’s coming out! Aaahh, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh~~~~~~!!」

In the end, he stuck his love nectar-covered meat pole in the air before the four girls, and let masses of his hot desire flow out of his balls into the world.

*Splurt!*, *Splurt*, *splurt*, *Splurt*!! *Splurt, Spluuuuuurt~~!!!*

The white and sticky threads of sperm rain down onto the girls’ butts and backs, staining them with his color and scent. Reacting to his ejaculation, they shake and spasm violently.

「Kyuuh, so hot… It feels as though my butt is burning up…!」

「Aaahhh… More, please spray in onto me more…!」

「I’m cumming! Rou’s hot sperm is making me cum…!」

「Kyah! W, wait a moment, you’re letting it out way too much…!」

Rou’s dick keeps on spasming, throwing out white and sticky semen out of itself over and over again, completely covering the four women with his essence. He even shoots it all over their hair, turning them into one hot and smelly white mess.

(Aahhh… It feels so good I just can’t stop cumming…)

He would shoot out his spunk until his balls were completely dry, and the four women were accepting all of it, basking in their own individual climaxes.

It was his second time today to blow this huge of a load, and once he finally stops, he could feel a sense of an incredible weakness overwhelming his whole body. His partners were looking at his slowly shrinking cock with absent-minded eyes.

「Hey! Why didn’t you put it inside of me when you were cumming!? B, besides… I wanted us to cum together like that… But you only kept on pushing it inside of Ann… How are you going to make it up to me, huh!?」

As the maids bask in the afterglows of their climaxes, Reaina finally explodes with anger.

She hugged the boy tightly and buried her face in his chest, looking as though she was about to cry.

「I’m, I’m sorry… It’s because it’s been so long since I was able to sleep with others that…」

「…Hafuh, y, you think you can fool me with a cheap excuse like that…!?」

Even though the boy knight properly apologized, the Princess still looked dissatisfied as she only shook her golden hair.

The other three were still enjoying themselves while hugging one another with overjoyed expressions. It felt really good for Rou to finally be able to have sex with them once more, but in the end he still wanted to do it with his beloved Princess Reaina.

「Reaina-sama… Can I put it inside of you…?」

He whispers that into her ear, to which the Princess looks doubtfully towards his crotch. Luckily, Rou’s dick already managed to regain all of its vigor. She looked so cute that he almost immediately pushed her down onto the bed.

「Hyah… Doing something like this so suddenly… Not to mention not asking me for my permission first!」

He rolls up Reaina’s dress, exposing her genitals into full view, now literally drenched with her love nectar. Both the smell of it and the gaping of her impatient nether lips stimulated Rou into action.

「Alright then… R, Reaina-sama, I’m putting it in…」

If she was already this wet, he would have no problems with inserting himself inside of her. And so he enthusiastically pressed himself against Reaina’s vagina.

「My, oh my. Calling yourself only by your names alone. It’s like you are lovers or something like that.」

「Uuuh… They are completely in their own world right now…」

「Onee-sama, she’s all over Rou-san right now!」

While Rou and Reaina connects with each other, the rest of the women approach them.

「It’s only natural. After all, Rou is crazy in love with me.」

Says Reaina while being entranced with Rou, smiling happily and her nether lips sucking Rou’s dick inside of her the very moments his glans touched her down there. She initially tried to keep her voice back, but after a few thrusts she opened her mouth and let out a cute little moan.

「Aaah, so suddenly… Haah, nhaaahhh…」

He wanted to enjoy the Princess’ cute reactions some more, but her body was already squeezing him tight. So, he almost immediately inserted himself all the way inside of her.

「N, noooo, don’t…! Please, don’t be so violent… Kyuuuhhh!」

*Slide*, *push*, *Thruuuuuust*…!!

He pushes himself all the way inside of Reaina, and the tip of his penis soon begins to rub against her cervix.

「Hyah, it’s poking me, it’s entering me…」

Her insides contracting against the foreign object that entered her, they respond to the boy’s thrusting. With each of his stroke Reaina’s body shivers and her boobs jump and shake in an obscene way.



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