Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Chapter 5 Part 6


Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



(Ugh, so tight… It feels so good, I already feel like cumming again…)

The compatibility of their bodies being seemingly perfect, he felt like cumming after moving a few times inside of her. Her insides were rubbing against him from every direction, shaking and urging him to feel even better.

「R, Rou… Aahhh, so rough…」

Sensing that his ejaculation was drawing closer, he sped up his movements, unable to stop his waist any more. Having no time to relax, he was intent on receiving and giving as much pleasure as he possibly could before his climax.

*Thrust*! *Thrust*, *thrust*!! *Thrust*!!!

「Aaahhh, w, what is this…? No, don’t… If you grope my breasts right now, I…! Kyahyyiiiiii!」

Having Rou’s cock going wild inside of her, the Princess was quickly running up the stairs towards her own orgasm as well. At the same time, Diana and Karen both grab her breasts, seeing how they were bouncing around happily.

「Onee-sama’s breast are so big and so soft. I’m so jealous!」

「Won’t you look at that? Somehow, Reaina-sama look oh-so-very cute when Rou holds her in his arms…」

Mirianne and two maids actively caress the Princess’ boobs, kneading them in their hands and stroking them with their tongues.

「Hyuuuh… S, stop fooling around right this instant…!」

Reaina’s cheeks were flushed red as she thrashed her body about, but because the boy was holding both of her legs widely stretched, she could not do anything to escape this situation.

「Please pardon our rudeness, Reaina-sama, Rou-sama. But, please allow us to assist you during your intercourse.」

Said Diana while drawing her slender fingers closer to Reaina’s skin. She then pressed them against her erect clitoris and began to rub it gently.

「Kyahyiii! T, that place…! No, don’t , stop!」

Seeing Reaina being assaulted by pleasure coming from the other women’s touch, Rou’s excitement surged. Not only Reaina, but all of them were now right in front of his eyes, a hot entangled mass of boobs and butts covered to the brim with his cloudy semen.

(Aaah, no good, no good! It’s, it’s going to come out really soon…!)

Unable to clearly think about anything else but sex anymore, Rou kept on swinging his waist and hitting the tip of his dick against Reaina’s cervix with all of his might. Wanting to feel the most of her, he focused all of his attention on his penis.

「Oh my, are you perhaps about to cum, Reaina-sama?」

「Ehehe… Onee-sama’s nipples, they are so hard!」

Mirianne and Diana keep on teasing Reaina’s nipples, causing her to moan uncontrollably.

「S, shut up! … Aaahh, nfuaah, no, don’t, nooo…!」

Reaina’s love juices continued to overflow from her pussy, wetting Diana’s fingers who was still rubbing her clitoris without mercy.

「Fufu… Rou-sama as well, it looks like you are about to reach your limit…?」

Diana whispers that softly into Rou’s ear while rubbing her breasts against his chest. He shuddered from the sudden pleasure, his dick twitching in reaction.

「R, Reaina… I’m cumming, I’m about to cum…!」

When the boy announces that he was almost there, the Princess’ eyes filled with the tears of joy.

「Ahnnh, aaahhh… Good, go right ahead… Let it all out, fill me up with your cum… This time, let us cum together…!」

The Princess began to squeeze him even tighter, slowly approaching her own orgasm thanks to the caresses of her maids and her sister, and started begging Rou to give her all of his semen. At the same time, her face was bright red with shame.

However, she was squeezing him so hard that Rou was unable to stop his hips from swinging anymore.

「Uhh, I can’t anymore! Here it comes, Reaina!!」

「…Aaahnh, hahyii, cum, cum… I’m about to cum as well, uuuuuuhhhhhh…!」

The Head Maid’s fingers pinch on Reina’s clitoris, and at the same time Rou’s penis manages to break inside of Reaina’s womb. A shrill scream echoes throughout the bedroom.

*Push*, *push*, *thrust* ––––––~~~~~~!!

Reaina’s vagina being close to orgasm squirms around Rou’s cock, urging him to ejaculate and making him go over his limit in little to no time. Soon, another portion of semen begins its rush outside of his penis into Reaina’s insides.

*Splurt*! *Splurt*! *Splurt*, *splurt*! *Sssspppplllluuuurrrrtttt~~~~!!*

「Aaaahhhh, it’s coming out…! So much of white, hot stuff is coming inside of me…!」

Being in the middle of his ejaculation, Rou continues to pound the Princess’ insides as he pours his white spunk inside of her. Reaina, on the other hand, was beginning to lose herself in her own pleasure.

「I, I can’t stop –––……」

Even though it was already her third climax, Reaina’s pussy still accepts all of Rou’s seed and the excess amount overflows from her and spills outside, dripping down onto the sheets. All the other girls continue to caress her as they witness their Princess’ grand orgasm.

「Onee-sama, she looks like it feels great…」

「For Reaina-sama to make that kind of indecent expression…」

「Fufu… For her to receive so much love… She must be so glad that she was born a woman right now…」

Seeing how Reaina enjoys her climax and gulps down all of the boy knight’s hot lust, the three women let out hot sighs of admiration.

However, none of those words were reaching Rou right now.


The Princess’ chest moves heavily up and down to the rhythm of her breath. Her mouth was hanging slightly opened, with her tongue sticking out.

「You certainly let out so much of it…」

The two of them embraces one another and kiss, staying just like that for a while.

「It looks like we just don’t stand a chance against Onee-sama after all.」

Says Mirianne after a short while, putting her clothes back on.

「When it comes to Rou, the only thing that he can think of is Reaina-sama…」

「I am going to support your relationship with everything I have.」

It seems that the three women each gave their relationship a blessing after realizing just how much in love they were with one another.

「Don’t you dare lie to me! You say that, but I am sure that you will try to steal Rou away from me when the first opportunity presents itself…!」

Maybe it was because of all the sex she was having up until now, but Reaina’s face was bright red. But somehow, Rou didn’t think it was due to embarrassment at the moment.

「Even if I can’t become his lover, there is always a possibility of me becoming his mistress.」

「If that’s the case, I would like to aim for that position as well.」

「Ehh~, Ann doesn’t want to be just a simple mistress!」

Diana says something like that, and the other girls immediately pick it up. Rou looked at the Head Maid, having a hard time figuring out if she meant it as a joke or was she being serious right now.

「Oh, no you don’t! I won’t allow it! I will never forgive you if you do!」

Reaina hugs the boy while saying that, as if to proclaim that he was hers and hers alone.

「Besides, Rou said that he loves me, as well!」

Yes, he loves her very much. But instead of saying that he responded with a kiss, to which the usually selfish Princess responded with a warm smile forming on her lips.

(I wonder, is that really alright for me to feel so much happiness…?)

Just a few month ago, he would have never anticipated that something like that would happen to him. He was happy to be surrounded to so many beautiful women and was grateful to them for doing so much for him. But most of all, he was happy that he was able to become one with his beloved Princess, both body and soul.

Just a little bit more. He wanted to feel the happiness and warmth of his beloved Princess Reaina in his arms just a little bit longer.



  1. Such is the luxury of the private quarter of the princess in the inner palace, not a peep from other people hearing this much lewdness inside the Princess’ room ?

    • Imagine if the king or the Queen suddenly to decided to visit their daughters.
      Only to go there, open the door, and find them both, on their hands and knees being screwed by the young “Hero”, in addition to the chief maid and another maid.

      • The Queen would be like: Seems fun, can I join in?
        The King would be like: *insert concerned Tom meme*

  2. I’m concerned I really hope it’s not a surprise Muvluv neck splash…

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