Chapter 12: C rank monster

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The militia’s building is located in the center of the town.

Their job is the defense of this town.

Major settlements have permanent garrisons of knights, protecting them, but for small rural towns, it’s impossible.

Avancier is a part of the domain of a certain count.

The count’s troops are defending a larger town.

Thus, the control of this town is currently delegated to the town mayor.

And this is also the reason why he is filling the role of the leader of the militia.

The militia headquarters are adjacent to the mayor’s house,

Eventually, it probably will be handed over to Feel, the mayor’s daughter.

Being called with「I want you to help with my work」, I was currently at the conference room of the militia headquarters.

It seems to be a pretty large-scale operation, so adventurers that were staying in the town also were called.

A total of three adventurers were present in the conference room.

As expected, very few. For a town with a labyrinth nearby the number would be at least 10 times that.

Judging by their age, they just started their career.

However, despite being called to such a place, their faces were overflowing with confidence.

I guess they had a lot of success until now.

As I waited, speaking with Luna, a man, who appeared to be their leader, approached us.

「So you are an adventurer as well. I’m Sinanis.」

「Nice to meet you Sinanis. I’m Rude.」

「Your adventurer rank?」


Sinanis eyes went wide.

「F?! Doesn’t that mean that you just registered?! So that’s why you were in such a countryside!」

I wasn’t as mature as to think nothing after getting so obviously looked down on like this.

However, I was the one who gave them a reason for that…… So I can’t retort.

One can raise rank by fulfilling commissions from the guild.

I didn’t do anything outside labyrinth raids. Handling raw materials and other loot was left to the leader.

There wasn’t a single chance for a guild to change my evaluation.

「We became adventurers a year ago. And we already raised our rank to D! Before long we will be called heroes!」

The title of a hero, given to the strongest of adventurers, huh.

Many seem to become adventurers longing for that title.

「I see. I hope you will.」

I hope it doesn’t go well.

Experiencing a few setbacks would allow them to acquire a true strength.

Perhaps set off by my tone, Sinanis glared at me.

At that moment, the door to the room opened, and Feel, her father, and also Nin, entered the room.

The adventurers’ gaze stopped at Nin.

As they stared at her in amazement, Nin showed a tired face for a second, but then donned a smile.

「Nice to meet you, everyone. I’m Nin, a member of the church.」

An outgoing smile, looking at her one can almost hear a soft laugh.

As I tried to endure the urge to laugh, veins on her temple twitched.


I shouldn’t get in the way of her activities as a saintess-sama.

It’s not because I’m worried about her, rather, it’s because I’m worried about what might happen to me after that. To be specific, she likely will put the vegetables I hate into my dinner.

「Saintess-sama…… Why are you in such a place?」

「I just happened to be here during my vacation. The person over there is something like my knight.」

「A knight of Saintess-sama…… This F rank?!」


Didn’t I refuse that earlier?

A saintess can employ one knight for personal security.

A stable job, furthermore, with the benefit of being near a beautiful saintess day and night.

The most wanted job among men.

……Even so, in fact, it’s more like a glorified manservant.

What I want to do is labyrinth raids.

I don’t want to do the jobs where I can’t focus on that, no matter how good the conditions are.

「Now, I have a job I want you to take. Feel, I leave the rest to you.」


After her father said that, Feel immediately stepped forward.

「I am the sub-leader of the militia of this town. Feel. We appreciate all of you coming here so early in the morning.」

Then, after bowing once, Feel continued.

「The reason why we gathered all of you here today is to exterminate a certain monster.」

Saying that she showed a commission form, usually issued by the guild.

On that piece of paper with an image of the monster depicted was written 「Fieldzaurus」.

「Fieldzaurus, that is……… C rank, a pretty dangerous monster. Why would it appear at such a town.」

As expected, Sinanis was surprised.

Fieldzaurus, a dragon-type monster capable of surviving in various environments.

Instead of creating a nest for themselves, they instead roam all over the land.

Most likely it wandered in here from some other area.

「Where it came from is unknown. However, it is known that they are in the vicinity of this town. The orchard already took damage from it. I already fought it with members of the militia once…… Well, driving it away was the most we could do. And there. We want to ask you to subjugate it.」

「……Here we have 4 of D rank, F rank, and his comrade.Even with Saintess-sama, isn’t this too much?」

「We, of course, will assist as well We will challenge them with a total of 50 people.」

This should be enough.

I also learned a proper way to use my skills. We should be able to manage.

「Roger. Are we sallying out right away?」

「Hey, old-timer! Do you even get it?! It’s not an opponent F rank can beat!」

Who is an old-timer? I’m still 20 years old.

「Should we see it as you got scared and ran away? Even without your party, given enough time we should be able to beat them.」

With that personality, I was pretty sure they would give in to provocation.

And also, they pissed me off a bit with that old-timer.

「Ah?! The hell was that?! We aren’t scared!」

「Then, you are coming with us.」

「……tch, if we think that it’s impossible we will immediately retreat, alright?」

He returned in a calm tone.

Shinanisu doesn’t seem like a reckless man.

Aware of their own power, he understands that this mission will be tough.

He is a lot more composed than Kygras.

「……I’m coming as well.」

Nin’s arm healed a lot faster than expected.

So she will accompany us. There is nothing more reassuring than that.

「Got it, don’t be rash though.」

「……That’s what I should be telling you. You will be taking attacks for everyone after all.」

She said in a small voice.

So others won’t hear her, I guess she is being considerate.

It’s fine. No need to worry.

「……Then, let’s move out right away. I will be taking on-site command. If something happens to me, follow Rude’s instructions.」

Sinanis doesn’t seem to like the idea.

However, he made no attempts to voice his complaints.

Our preparations being already done, we immediately group up with the members of the militia.

A total of 50 people.

Having this many should be enough. Though I’m a bit worried, considering how nervous everyone looks.

With Feel in the head of the group, we leave the town.

The outside is quiet. However, unlike the usual, a tense atmosphere was in the air.

Other monsters also were afraid of the fieldzaurus.

Thus, a tense air hangs over the area.

The same could be said for us.

Especially nervous were the members of the militia.

For most of them, it’s probably their first time fighting a C rank monster, so it’s only natural that they would be afraid.

Let’s find the fieldzaurus as fast as possible.

Members of the militia and Sinanis’ comrades activate their skills and search for the monsters.

However, it doesn’t go that well.

And I thought that a monster like a fieldzaurus would be spotted immediately………

Entering the orchard we once again repeat the search from there.

Then, several people stopped in their tracks, all at the same time.

Each of them had some kind of detection skill.

……Did they locate the enemy?

「Something is below us!」

「This reaction, no way, is this the fieldzaurus?!」

The earth shook.

Which reminds me, don’t they……!

「Some of fieldzauruses can travel underground. Everyoneーー」

「Everyone, take distance! We are going to engage the enemy!」

Feel shouted an order.

I immediately bring out my shield and sword.

With dirt fluttering through the air a green giant appeared.

Its yellow eyes look right at me.

Instead of attacking with its thick rear legs, it moves its small front legs.

Those movements gave off a feeling of it being happy about discovering a prey.

A long pointy tail also was happily swaying from side to side.

Everyone moves to avoid it.

However, the fieldzaurus tosses up one person, who then falls to the ground on their back.

A faint feeling of pain spread through my whole body. ……Looks like they failed the landing.

「Prepare for battle!」

Feel pulled out a sword and shouted.

Sinanis, holding a sword with both hands, went to close the distance.

A hint of a smile showed in his expression.

「It’s small! Is it just a child?!」

「Lucky! Even us, with our D rank, can take this one down!」

The moment Sinanis sprung on it, his comrades fired their magic.

But all of it went in a completely different direction, hitting another fieldzaurus, concealed behind trees, that was about to jump out.

「Two, two of them?!」

「No way, a couple……?!」

Surprised voices resounded.

Everyone’s expressions become more and more clouded with fear.

The situation is not too good.

「A couple, how unusual…… Honeymoon?」

「We don’t have time for such jokes!」

It’s not like I’m trying to be funny.

It’s just that everyone is so tense, that I wanted to relieve some of that tension. I lack experience with such stuff after all.

But it doesn’t change the usual pattern, I get their attention and have everyone attack the enemy.

But when it comes to everyone…… They are completely overwhelmed.

From the perspective of the militia, even one is devastating. And with two of them, naturally, they would lose their wits.

Like this, they won’t be able to display their full potential.

「Feel, at such time it would be better to fall back and regroup.」

「You… are right. Everyone, a retreat for now, we have to change our tactic! Rude! Please, buy time for us!」

Feel shouted with a frown.


  1. I’m curious about how this world assigns adventurer ranks. Rude is obviously a much better than average tank, but he’s classified as an F-rank adventurer, which is a very low rank.

    I wonder if this is because of Kyglas deliberately refusing to acknowledge his ability, or some other reason we’ll find out about later>?

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