Chapter 16: Investigators from the guild


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

A week passed and investigators were dispatched by the guild.

He…… Those were the people that I knew very well.

「…Why the hell are you here! And Nin as well! Why are you here too!? You belong to my party!」

The party that has Kygras as the leader.

Currently, there are 2 men and 4 women.

But the two that joined replacing me are not there.

Twins also came. As always, they lived in their own world, not sparing me even one look.

The twins were employees of the guild. They did all kinds of different work, from raiding labyrinths to training rookies.

They would form a party with anyone, were they ordered so by the guild.

「Are you okay? I heard that lately, you are having failure after failure?」

「Shut up! Close your trap and go back to my party!」

Kygras reached out to grab Nin’s hand.

Nin brushed it off, and clicked her tongue.

「I told you, right? The church fully approved of my withdrawal from your party 『It would be a problem if something happened to you in the party of the hero that keeps on failing.』they said.」

Kygras scowled, and strongly ground his teeth.

Even I could hear the screeching sound.

「……Damn it! I’m a hero?!」

「But with you having nothing but failures the people that consider you as such are in the minority by now. Other heroes are doing much better. 」

「Damn you………」

It’s not the time to be fighting.

After breathing a pained sigh, I step in between Nin and Kygras.

「Kygras. As I understand, you came to investigate the labyrinth. Then do that. I also won’t be arguing with you. Got it? Nin, you too should stop at this.」

「Don’t tell me what to do you little shit!」

「……Please leave it at that, Kygras-sama.」

The words came from a man with an emblem of the cross on his uniform, a sign of his affiliation with the church.

The church’s knight, Shugor.

The man with a refreshing appearance, a powerful person who is said to be the closest one to being Nin’s knight.

I had a few conversations with him. Though they happened through Nin.

A friend? In a way, he is a friend, but he is more of a friend of a friend, so it’s a bit awkward.

「Saintess-sama. And Rude-san. It’s been a while.」

「Yeah, it’s been a while.」


「I’m glad to see that you are living happily together.」

As always, he has a very refreshing smile.

「We are not in that kind of relationship.」

「Now, now, I know. Currently, I’m in Kygras-sama’s party on the church’s orders. Good grief, they are worried about Nin-sama’s safety, but mine doesn’t matter to them at all?」

「That’s quite a trouble.」

「Yes, trouble it is.」

「Shugor……! Even you are going to make fun of me?!」

「No way! It’s just a joke.」

Shugor chuckled.

That’s the type of guy he is.

As he further narrowed his eyes, Kygras clicked his tongue.

「Damn! Let’s wrap up this investigation stuff right away! Then, we are going to regain my unjustly fallen reputation. 」

「Yes, unjustly it is!」

「Of course it is! I will show those idiots up there!」

「Yes, let’s do our best, Kygras-sama! Let’s do our best not to fail right away!」

「We won’t! You lot, hurry up and go!」

「Yes, let’s try hard. Well then, Nin-sama, Rude-san. We are heading to investigate the labyrinth, so until next time.」

He smiled a sweet smile.

……Somehow, the way he said it, sounded like there is more to it.

Kygras left in a stride.

But the way he walked was a bit strange.

「……Kygras seems to be pretty furious. Or rather, isn’t his recovery speed too high?」

「With his personality he probably didn’t wait for the wounds to heal naturally. So quite possibly, there is some kind of after-effect. And the reason he is so furious is surely because he keeps failing at raids.」

So he is being impatient.

I already thought him to be a foul-mouthed guy when we still were in the same party, but now it went to another level.

New girls were afraid. Can they cooperate sufficiently in such a state?

「I hope he at least won’t receive a major injury in the labyrinth.」

「Are you worrying about him? Aren’t you mad that he chased you away?」

「As long as I can continue to raid labyrinths, I don’t care which party I am in. Party formation is up to the party leader to decide. If they decide that I’m no longer needed, I will leave. That’s all there to it. It isn’t something to drag on endlessly.」

「……That’s not what I meant. He doesn’t understand just how strong you are. And then he makes it someone else’s fault, this is what pisses me off.」

「……That can’t be helped. Even I only understood my abilities recently. Kygras knew nothing after all. And now he came as an investigator from the guild. If it turned into a fight and he left, the blame would be on us.」

And it also takes time for a new investigator to arrive.

The adventurers that caught on the rumor began gathering in the town.

For the first time in a while, the town was bursting with people.

It’s a perfect chance to enliven the town. I don’t want to waste this opportunity with my own screw-up.

「Right. I just hope they will finish the survey without an issue.」

「They are pretty skilled. There is no way they would just get done in.」

「Well, that’s true. For now, let’s visit the town’s guild?」

For now, it was only a tent, but the town got its first guild.

A new inn is also being steadily built.

I’m a bit excited about how things will turn out in the future.

……It’s a bit sad that a tranquil atmosphere would be no more, but as the things were going before, the town had no future.

What worries me is that the militia is getting busy.

They are getting short-handed. For that, there is no other option but to consult with the lord.

Going to the guild I check the situation there.

……Well, it still has a long way to go.

But anyway.

A guild in this town. What a strange feeling.

「Next we are going to look around the city, right?」


Lately, there are scenes of adventurers fighting each other.

Since the militia can’t deal with that, I’m patrolling the town.

But even so, it’s still on the peaceful side.

A big part of that is the presence of the church’s staff, that stays in this town because of Nin.

The town seems to be peaceful today as well.

「HEY YOU! Where do you think you are going?!」

A deafening shout reached my ears.

Yeah, the weather is pretty good after all. Some might have gotten a bit carried away.



Looking there, two rough-looking men were butting heads with each other. Literally.

At that distance, a little push might lead to a kiss. I wonder if they would calm down if I did that?

「Good grief, I didn’t want hoodlums to come to this town as well.」

「It’s fine if it’s merely an argument.」

「For now, let’s check it out.」

I hope it doesn’t escalate further.

On a street filled with houses, two adventures were glaring at each other.

The kids that were playing nearby were trembling.

……They might grow to detest adventurers. I can’t allow that.

Breathing a small sigh I then approach the two.

The moment I took a step to approach them, an adventurer that stood nearby, grabbed my shoulder.

「Gi-give it up…… The guys arguing over there are from the famous clans. The fat guy on the right is Boo, the thin one on the left is Gary. The two of them are subleaders of clans. Rank A. They seem to be on super bad terms. You might not get away with mere injuries, so don’t get involved.……」

「Children are crying. I’ll just tell them that if they want to fight they should take it elsewhere.」

「I-I don’t care what happens, I warned you.」

The adventurer let go of me.

As I approached the two, their gazes turned to me.

「Who the hell are you?」

「Friggin country bumpkin. Playing a guard?」

「What happened? You are in front of private houses. Can you stop scaring the denizens?」

「It’s his fault! Suddenly ramming into me.」

「As if! You are the one who bumped into me!」

「Shut up you big oaf! A brainless pig that can only hurl itself at others!」

「The hell did you say?! You damn weakling that can only fart some crappy magic!」


They are no good.

They are in no condition to talk.

「Can you calm down? This place has its own rules.」

I said, raising my voice, to which they brought their faces closer to mine.


Yelled Boo.

He then swung his fist.

Dodging it with my torso I grab him by the wrist and twist it.

Gary began casting something, but Nin deployed her spell before him, effectively restraining the mage.

「Ou-ouch, OUCH? Let me go?!」

「You’d ask that after trying to punch me out of nowhere? How about calming down?」

「I, I’m calm! Sorry, it was my bad!」

「This town is a very quiet place. It might be hard to keep it exactly that way, but please don’t start fights for nothing.」

As I let go of him, Boo lowered his head apologetically.

However, the next moment he grabbed both of my hands.

「YOU! Aren’t you quite strong?! How about joining our clan?!」

「Wait, wait! I was about to scout him! How about joining our clan?! Unlike Boo’s clan, our leader is a beauty!」

……There are a lot of happy-go-lucky guys among adventurers.

However, this feels a bit nostalgic. It’s not a bad feeling.

「To hell with your beauty! What matters for a man are muscles! Our clan leader is super muscular! What do you think?! 」

「Muscles?! Coming from a fat blob like you it doesn’t sound persuasive at all!」


「Stop that, what’s with your sync anyway? Are you some kind of buddies or something? I’m not interested in clans. Anyway. No violence in the town. If you, the guys at the top of adventurers currently in the town, are going to act like that, then other adventurers will start acting violently as well.」

For now, they nodded, seemingly convinced.

Such quarrels often happened at the guilds where adventurers gather.

From the point of view of adventurers, it’s not a fight or anything, but for common denizens, it’s a huge uproar.

Normally, I would’ve overlooked this, but not in this town.

「A-amazing…… He so easily shut down Boo-san and Gary-san!」

「Neutralizing Boo-san so easily, that adventurer……Just who is he?」

Spectators gathered before I even noticed.

Well, this can serve as a good warning.

As I surveyed the surroundings, Nin grabbed my hand.

As she took a hold of my hand in a manner in which a lover would, I then felt a sweet smell of her hair.

「Should we go to the next place?」


「Why is she in this town?!」

「I-Isn’t it because the hero is here?」

「But, I’ve heard somewhere that the saintess-sama won’t be in the hero’s party anymore?」

「Then why?!」

Turning to clamoring onlookers, Nin made a V-sign.

「That’s simple. That’s because I’m currently in the party with him.」

She said with a smile, looking at them.

「What did you say?!」

「Party with saintess-sama…… I’m so envious……!」

What are they talking about?

You are here just on a break.

Nin pulled my hand and dragged me away from the still petrified people.

After we put a bit of a distance from them she showed me a V sign.

「And now it’s an established fact.」


I poked her on the forehead.

Isn’t this just new troubles?



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