Chapter 18: Trial Party


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The guild readily gave permission.

However, a problem occurred.

And it’s not about the party leader being listed as「Rude」.

Feel’s father, the leader of the militia, was forced to bed after straining his back.

Thus, Feel was now required to lead the militia instead.

In other words, she was now unable to participate in the raid.

I prepared the replacement.

A clear day. Standing in front of the gates, I turn around to look at the assembled party.

「Then, let’s go?」

「I’ll be in your care.」

Luna, who was called as a stand-in for Feel, made a courteous bow.

I know just how high Luna’s combat ability is.

Shugor, Lilia, and I were in the vanguard. The remaining three were delegated to the rear guard.

With this, we’ve got a pretty good balance.

Though we had other candidates as well.

Namely Boo and Gary, who were fighting a while ago.

However, I asked the two to organize adventurers in the town.

They gladly accepted my request.

We walk through the field, heading towards the orchard.

Next to me is Shugor.

「My, it’s nice to have so many girls in the party, right? A feast for one’s eyes……」

He said carefree words as soon as we began walking.

I’m not good with such topics……

「Wasn’t the hero’s party the same?」

「No, no. Back then, we couldn’t be so lax. But now, Rude-san is with us.」

He comes closer and whispers in my ear.

Dude, you are too close. Having a guy breathing into my ear doesn’t make me happy at all. If it were Manicia, I would’ve been jumping in delight.

I waved him away since it was annoying, but he narrowed his eyes, seemingly enjoying himself.

Shugor’s eyes went towards Luna.

She seemed to be curious about many things, so walking while holding Nin’s hand, she immediately would ask her about them. And each time her eyes would spark.

「Such an innocent girl…… Rude-san, is that your type?」

「It’s nothing of the sort.」

Nin spoke at length about edible herbs and monsters with tasty meat.

Luna’s eyes widened, listening with great interest while repeatedly nodding.

And that is a duke’s third daughter?

「How beautiful…… As expected, looking at girls bonding is so thrilling.」

「It isn’t bad, but……」

「As expected, Rude-san, so you understand its charm! Wonderful!」

Shugor is a bit of an odd guy.

I contacted him a number of times, but ultimately I got to know him through Nin.

A friend of a friend. Being alone with him I can’t come up with a conversation topic.

But, it seems I’m the only one who thinks that way.

Being bad at talking with others, I still desperately rack my brain.

「Shugor, how do you fight?」

I threw a question at him.

It’s my first time grouping with him.

There are a ton of things I’d like to clarify.

「I can do anything, speaking in terms of the ancient language『Almighty』. B rank in everything. So matching it to my enemies, I display the ability of about A rank.」

「I see…… It’s nice to have such a person in a party.」

Because the standard party size for labyrinth raids is six people.

It’s very reassuring to have a person capable of freely adapting to any situation.

But it’s rare for a person to be a genius at everything.

I think Shugor’s B rank in everything makes him even more amazing than some S ranks.

We reached the labyrinth.

Everyone turned to me.

This time, I am the leader.

Though I said that someone from the rear would be better than me, who is fighting in the vanguard, but Nin pushed it onto me, saying that occasionally I should try this as well.

I had no idea what should be said at such times, but for now, I made a fist.

「T-Then, let’s go?」

As I stutter a bit, Nin let out a laugh. ……I’m trying over here, you know?

「Yeah, let’s go.」

I’m not used to this.

I breathe a sigh, trying to get rid of a burning sensation on my cheeks.

Labyrinths tend to go up like a tower.

After stepping into the magic circle at the entrance we ended up in front of the stairs.

The wall nearby had an inscription in the ancient language, stating『1st floor』.

I’m not that proficient in the ancient language, but being an adventurer I can read this much.

Climbing the stairs we reach the first floor.

A vast grass-covered plain. I heard about this from Shugor.

When everyone arrives, the entrance to the stairway disappears.

「So this is…… A labyrinth.」

「Yes. Merely being inside the labyrinth exhausts the outer shell. It’s the effect of the peculiar magic power of labyrinths…… Which reminds me, Luna. Do you have outer shell?」

I said the last part almost in a whisper.

「Yes. It’s about 3000……」

「Got it. ……Speaking of which, it’s my first time entering inside a labyrinth since I learned the effects of my skills. 」

I wonder if I can take over the damage dealt by a labyrinth itself as well.

……I observed the things for a while, but it didn’t seem like my outer shell was shedding any faster.

Which means, there is no effect on this.

Is it because labyrinths were made by God? I don’t quite get it.

Luna restlessly looked around, then, quietly approached me.

Her eyes repeatedly went towards the vanished stairs.

「Why…… The stairs disappeared? We won’t be able to return like this.」

……My, what a rare reaction.

I guess for a person that never entered a labyrinth, it’s not strange not to know about this.

「The exit is in a different place. The one through which everyone can pass.」

「………Everyone can? Which means, not everyone can pass through the one we just went through?」

「Exactly. We just passed through the magic circle, right? That magic circle can warp up to 6 people to the stairs leading to the next floor.」

Luna tilted her head.

……I’m not that good with such explanations.

「For example, if Luna and I were to use that magic circle at a different time. I would warp to entrance A, Luna would warp to entrance B. We certainly wouldn’t warp to the same entrance.」

「……So the entrance leading to the stairs in this area also leads to other areas?」


「……So that’s why the party size is limited to six people.」

Since she seemed to have grasped it, I told her another thing.

「For example, there are skills that allow you to teleport inside a labyrinth, like Dungeon Warp and Dungeon Walk…… Such skills can teleport up to 6 people max. Those skills are given by God, so the latest theory is that labyrinths also were created by God.」

「I, see……?」

Yeah, it looks like she didn’t quite get it.

……Although, I also speak a lot but don’t understand the details quite well either.

Explaining this any further is impossible. She should ask Nin.

「How about I give you a problem?」

「A problem? Leave it to me.」

「What do you think should be done to take on a labyrinth with seven people or more?」

「……Grouping up after entering?」

「Yeah. But in the end, you will be able to conquer only that floor. Do you understand the reason for that?」

「If the rules remain the same…… The moment you enter the magic circle leading to the next floor, the group will be split once again. So they will have to regroup once again.」

「Oh, you are fast to understand. Labyrinths are vast. Walking through such an area while searching for each other would waste a lot of time. That’s why the standard party size is 6 people.」

「Got it. Thank you, Master.」

I wonder if I actually did something master-like.

After a nod, Luna looked over the grasslands.

There should be a magic circle somewhere, leading to the next floor.

A number of such magic circles appear on each floor, but after being used by a party, they move to a different place.

Quite a nuisance.

「For now, shall we use Dungeon Walk to go to the last conquered floor, the 5th? I have the skill.」

Dungeon Walk, irreplaceable for raids.

There is no point in even considering raiding higher floors without it.

Beating every floor from zero, and on foot, is something I absolutely don’t want to do.

「There was nothing but fieldzauruses on the floors from one to four, right?」

That’s how it was supposed to be according to the information provided by Shugor.

「Correct. Want to proceed after beating them?」

「Yeah, I want us to accustom ourselves. It is the first time we are fighting as a party.」

「That is a good idea. Then, I will use a detection magic.」

「I also can use detection magic, let’s do it together.」

Magic is an imitation of skills.

Casting it by yourself would bring only limited results, but by cooperating with someone else it can manifest effects rivaling or even surpassing those of the skills bestowed by gods.

But it’s hard to do without good affinity. The twins are good at this. That’s because the wavelengths of their magic power are similar.

「Joint spell with Rude-san…… I guess in the future, after Rude-san becomes famous, I will brag about this to kids.」

「I don’t think I will get that famous.」

「No, no. No need to be modest. Whos magic will serve as the core?」

「I think yours, Shugor is better at this. You are the main, I will follow up.」


We begin preparations for using the magic.

Activation of detection magic is akin to sending waves around oneself.

Shugor readied the magic.

Magic power’s wavelengths differ, depending on a person. One has to get as close as possible.

Since my preparations were done, I signaled to him with my eyes.

Shugor activated the detection skill, to which I match my magic.

The detection magic locates monsters.

But that is our limit.

Apparently, with a skill one could learn the type of monsters and their strength.

But this is enough.

As expected of Shugor, with his balanced B rank.

That is some high-quality detection magic.

「As expected of Shugor. Being able to get precise locations with magic, that’s great.」

「Is it? Hehe, I’m glad to receive praise from Rude-san.」

Shugor smiled.

Lilia and Lily kept intently looking our way. ……Hey, why are you always non-responsive, yet keep looking at such moments?

After giving us thumbs ups, they went back to their own world. ……I don’t get it.

While tilting my head in puzzlement, I proceed onwards.

What we found was a fieldzaurus.

The enemy is alone. But it’s huge.

No one among the current members would be afraid of a fieldzaurus.

I convey the general flow of the battle in advance.

「Don’t think too much about coordination or cooperation. Just try not to hit your allies. 」

「Rude-san, are you really fine with that?」

「Well, for that you don’t have to worry.」

Luna, Nin, and Lily began preparing their spells.

Since the fieldzaurus noticed us, I stepped forward.

Covering behind the shield I taunt the fieldzaurus.

I successfully gained its attention.

Shugor and Lilia took its flanks and now were waiting for their chance to attack.

The fieldzaurus let out a roar. Stomping on the ground, it began running.

Coming right at me, it bit at me with its jaws.

A strong shockwave hit the shield.

The fieldzauruses that we fought outside aren’t even a comparison.

The fangs are only some inches away.

I bash the heavily breathing opponent that is trying to attack me with my shield.

I make a huge swing with the shield.


The fieldzaurus’ head turned upwards.

I won through strength.

Using that chance, Shugor and Lilia swung their swords.

Shugor is using a longsword. Each attack is quite heavy.

Lilia is using a very dynamic style with two swords. Making a lot of attacks in something similar to a dance.

The fieldzaurus is staggered.

「Nin-sama! Luna-sama! It’s weak to ice attribute!」

「……So you can do even such a thing.」

While taking on the attacks upfront I say.
Each monster is weak to a different attribute. To deal damage more efficiently it’s best to expose such weaknesses.

「Yeah, well, but imposing a few restrictions I can manage to activate it.」

Shugor replied in an energetic tone. But his breath was heavy.

Adding more taunts to the fieldzaurus, I hit it with the shield and the sword.

I look at the casters.

They gave me small nods. Their preparations were over.

「Cast it.」

As expected, taking an attack from the mages, the fieldzauruses’ attention would switch there.

So I release magic power from the magic stone.

Adding my own magic power to the sword shining in blue I swing it with my all.

The fieldzaurus is stunned. Now!

The magic power towards the staggered fieldzaurus.

Ice projectiles fell under its legs.

That ice turned into pillars, that bloomed into spears of ice.

Clean, almost transparent spears of ice impaled the fieldzaurus.

It looks like the three worked together on this spell.

The spear of ice that pierced the monster still continues growing.

Light disappeared from the eyes of the fieldzaurus.

And as soon as the ice disappeared, the monster vanished as well.

Monsters killed inside a labyrinth disappear like a fog.

If one wants to get their meat, then there is no other option but to lure them outside.

It left only a bit of raw materials and a magic stone as a drop.

……Yeah, killing them doesn’t pose any problem.



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