Chapter 22: People’s Representative


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Passing my arms through the sleeves of my only good shirt, I fasten the tie.

I received just one suit of such clothes when I was living in the noble’s house.

Around one month passed since we completed the investigation of the labyrinth.

The season turned to summer, more kids were playing in the river now.

The guild remained in the tent but grew increasingly active. The number of adventurers also increased, raising all sorts of problems.

Especially common were fights caused by adventurers with bad attitudes.

Today, to settle such problems and complaints, a conference was to be held in the town.

……There, the lord also would be present.

In that case, I thought, I should go in the best clothes I have and pull out these.

「Come on, Nii-san. Straighten your back. And your necktie is crooked.」

Manicia tightened my necktie.

I’m not too fond of this thing, it’s hard to breathe in it.

「Can’t I loosen it a bit?」

「Nope. You look cooler this way.」

She lightly patted me on the chest.

While I was genuinely happy about the praise, Luna came into the room.

「Would this be fine as my outfit?」

She put on a maid outfit. I bought it a long time ago for Manicia.

As one would expect, I couldn’t prepare formal clothes for Luna as well.

So, it’s been decided that she will participate…… In a position of something like a servant.

I’m going to participate as a representative of the residents of this town.

However, I’m not that bright, and my wits are pretty much average.

To compensate for that, we decided to have Luna participate as well.

The expected participants are the militia, the church, the adventurers guild, and us.

I just finished lunch, so I’m a bit sleepy. After a yawn, Luna and I open the front door.

「Then, Manicia, we will be going. 」

「Yes, take care.」

Immediately after leaving the house, we encounter militia on patrol.

「Rude, what are those clothes? PHAH!」

「They look great on you. Pfft!」

「You guys, stop mocking me. 」

Grabbing the duo I rub my fists into their heads.

Good grief.

As the two kept tapping on my hands, still maintaining smiles on their faces, I released them.

「You are going to the conference, right? Feel is going to participate as our representative.」

「Feel, huh. Not her father.」

「Yeah. It seems he wants her to finally act on her own. And it seems there is also some consideration involved, as she probably won’t be that nervous with the current members.」

「Yeah, after all, we are going to have Nin and Shugor as the church representatives. ……And for the guild, we are going to have Lilia.」

On behalf of the militia Feel already met several times with the guild representatives.

And apparently, she also met with the lord since the time she was only a child. So for her, he is something close to a distant uncle.

「Well, even so, Feel is prone to stage fright. We are counting on you if something happens, Rude.」

「I know. At that time, well, I’ll at least try to say something.」

Even so, constantly helping her also wouldn’t do her any good.

Parting with them, we arrive at the Militia Headquarters, and after taking a few breaths, step inside.

Getting to the conference room, we see Feel and Nin already there.

「It’s been a while, Rude-san.」

「Yes, it’s been a while. Shugor, I heard that lately, you aren’t resting at all, but you look pretty good.」

「It’s just a front. What about you, Rude-san, aren’t you coming here pretty often lately? Are you alright?」

「It’s pretty rough. I’m not used to this after all.」

We both smile wryly.

Shugor and Nin were clad in the church uniform.

White clothes with the cross crest.

Nin was sprawling on the table, twining her chestnut-colored hair around a finger.

As always, it’s hard to even imagine her being a duke’s daughter. Seeing me, she put a hand to her mouth.

「To think you had such attire.」

「Well, yeah. This is my only suit though.」

「It’s suits you surprisingly well.」

Nin said with a smile.

「Don’t tease me.」

I took a seat. Something is shaking to my right.

It’s Feel. She is trembling from nervousness. ……Is she okay?


「I have to report……… The things I have to report……」

「Feel, hey?」

「Hya? A-ah, it’s you, Rude. You were here. I-I’m okay.」

How am I supposed to believe that if you didn’t even notice my arrival?

「You don’t have to to be so nervous, it’s nothing but familiar members.」

「Even if you shay so. I’m not good with such staff. ……I’m about to throw up.」

「……Don’t push yourself too hard.」

That’s all I can say.

After some waiting, Lilia appeared.

She was in her usual plain clothes.

She seemed pretty drowsy, rubbing her eyes. A complete opposite to Feel, doing things at her own pace.

She also took a seat. Now we only had to wait for the most important person, the lord.

Feel suddenly opened her eyes wide, as if realizing something, and blurted out.

「His Lordship will come after touring through the town. 」

「I see…」

He probably wants to know the current state of the town.

For a while each of us killed time on their own, then, it became noisy outside.

ーーSo he arrived.

「His Lordship arrived, everyone, please prepare!」

Shouting, a member of the militia entered the room.

Standing up from my seat, I now awaited the lord’s arrival while being conscious of my appearance.

I wonder what kind of person he is.

In my mind, nobles have a pretty stiff image.

Though the noble that picked me up was a pretty cheerful person, when he performed his duties as a lord he appeared quite stern.

……I hope it’s an easygoing person.

And while I thought that, the door opened.

Feel’s father, after making a respectful bow, opened the way.

Then, a person appeared, who looked like he was in his mid-thirties.

With an extremely well-kept look, on his face, he had an innocent-looking, somewhat even childish smile.

After glancing around the conference room, his smile became even stronger.


「Heya! Everyone, I’m counting on you today!」

He made a surprisingly casual greeting.

Beside him stood a woman with a cold expression. If I remember correctly, they said that he will participate with his wife.

The two are almost polar opposites.

While I was taken aback, others bowed, seemingly pretty used to this.

I also hurried to lower my head.

「Feel-chan, long time no see. How are you doing lately?」

「Good. I’m glad that…… Count Turi also seems to be doing well.」

「Ha Ha Ha, no need to be so formal. Just keep it the same as I do.」

With a smile, he proceeds to the farthest seat.

There, his gaze stopped on Nin.

「Oh, Nin-chan…… Ah, no. Isn’t it Ninsama-chan! The last we met was at that ball, right?」

「Yes. It has been a long time since we last met, your lordship.」

「Nin-chan, stop teasing me.」

「……Yes, yes. But even so, today I’m participating as the church representative.」

「Ah, yeah, okay. And, ehm, the guild’s representative…… Ah, Lilia-chan! I’ve been looking forward to this since they were saying that you are a very cute girl. Ough?!」

Suddenly, the lord made a pained cry and crouched.

The woman next to the count Turi stared down at him with an ice-cold stare.

「Would you mind keeping your frolics in moderation?」

「I, I know, I know. Look, everyone was so nervous, so I did it only out of concern.」

Looks like the spouses are in a pretty good relationship.

「Haaah… Anyway, let’s get to the talking right away.」

「Before that, there is another person, ah, no, two of them?」

Having said that, he looked at me with a serious face.

……It feels like I’m being evaluated.

Though I think there is nothing wrong with the way I look.

「So you are Rude?」


「And, that girl over there…… Your wife? Maid uniform, huh. I see you’re a man of culture as well. I also like it.」

「It’s different. She is…… Something like a servant at my place.」

「I see, I see. Rude, I heard a lot about you. The adventurer who is often assisting the militia, they say. And it seems that you also performed the investigation of the labyrinth this time. Thank you, man!」

「No…… I just did what I wanted to do.」

I just wanted to find something for Manicia, everything else is pretty much extra.

I did nothing worthy of gratitude.

「Rude also seems to be quite nervous. Everyone, be at ease. Here, I want to hear your opinions regardless of your status. Just say anything that comes to your mind! ……Ah, but if you go too far, I might get sad. So please don’t be too harsh.」

Count Turi said, shutting his eyes and pressing hands together.

「……Haah. Sorry about that. My husband is this kind of an idiot. Please think of him as a little child and address respectively.」

「Wha, did you have to say that?! Anyway, if there is something you need to make the town better, feel free to tell me! I will cooperate to the best of my abilities!」

……For now, I’m glad that the lord really turned out to be an easygoing person.

Marking the start of the conference, we bowed to each other.

Then, sitting down in our seats, we started the actual meeting.


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