Chapter 24: On Clans


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「Me? A clan?」

「Yes. According to our assessment, we believe that in this town, you might possess the biggest influence. The following will be said from a pragmatic side, so it might be a bit hard to listen. From what we’ve heard, you originally belonged to the hero’s party. Were we in addition to use the saintess name, and for example announced through the newspaper your skills and the great role you played in the previous investigation, it would greatly improve the standing of the clan as well as it will increase the number of people seeking to join it.」


Indeed, that might be true.

I, a clan leader.

I’d like to try…… But the responsibility is too heavy.

What if I fail? Besides, though Manicia got somewhat better, it’s not like she is completely cured.

After thinking for a bit, I shook my head.

「That…… Is not realistic. For me, I…… I have a different objective.」

Shisanti-san first lowered her gaze and then gave a small nod.

「Is that so? Then we will look for a clan fitting for this town. However, we still have something we’d like to ask from Rude-san.」

「From me?」

「Yes. As embarrassing as it may be, but we are not familiar with this town, despite it being a part of our domain. With all the various sorts of clans existing, there are surely some that do and do not fit this place.」

Indeed, a lot varies from clan to clan.

Shisanti-san continued.

「We would like you to go to the city of adventurers, where many clans have their bases, and to judge them by yourself. Of course, we will cover the necessary expenses and will reward you for the efforts.」

「That, I can do.」

The city of adventurers, huh.

I don’t know much about it, but if I ask the adventurers currently staying in Avancier, it should work out somehow.

「Understood. Then, we shall proceed in that direction. Then again, if you decide to make a clan, please inform us. We will make the necessary arrangements.」


The moment Shisanti-san stopped to take a breath, Count Turi interjected, bending forward over the table.

「Rude, you won’t make a clan?」

「……Ehm. I’d like to remain free in my actions. I have a little sister. I dive into labyrinths to save her.」

「What? Is she sick or something?」

「Yes. She was born sickly……」

「……Ah, I see. But you know, Rude. It’s not like you will lose your freedom after creating a clan?」

「……Is that really so?」

「Yeah. For example, make only final decisions as the clan leader, leaving all of the routine and mundane tasks to a sub leader. I’m basically doing the same. Saying that I will take full responsibility while leaving the actual work to others!」

「Thanks to that my workload is just that much larger. And currently, Rude-san is alone.」

「Ugh, ah, ehm,…… Well……」

Shisanti-san glares at Count Turi.

He tried to play it off, humming, then, looked at me.

「A-Anyway. I will look for someone who can support you. After that, I’d like to ask you about making a clan again.」

「Why are you insisting on this?」

「Feel’s dad often spoke about you. So he got me interested. You know, I actually came here a few times to see you? But at such times, you would always disappear somewhere, so we couldn’t meet.」

Count Turi puffed his cheeks. Shisanti-san breathed a sigh, clearly unamused with this behavior unbefitting his age.

「That is half of it. In fact, coming here, I asked around about you. The townsfolk all praised you, saying that you are a very diligent and earnest guy. From now on, this town will have to deal with representatives of all kinds of positions. I saw that you will be able to get along with any of them.」

That is…… Overestimation at its best.

「I’m honestly happy about this evaluation. However…… At the moment I can’t consider it after all. Even if I made a clan, I can’t even say how much I will be able to do. I think it would be for the benefit of the town to ask one of the already existing clans.」

「……I see. That’s true. Okay, got it. I have no intention of forcing you into this. Then, case closed! Next topic! Ah, we are done already. It’s my turn to speak. First, about the question of public order that all of you brought up.」

Count Turi picked up a paper near him, and put more strength into his voice.

「Currently, we are planning to post 5 knights here that are currently available. With this, the number of adventurers rampaging as they please should go down.」

Indeed, with even one knight present, they wouldn’t be able to act as carelessly as before.

But even so, that won’t eliminate that behavior completely.

Now, if only we had a clan there. One with enough power to bring adventurers in line.

「Well, doing nothing will bring no results, so we’d like the guild to issue more warnings, as sternly as possible.」


「And, Rude, this concerns the question you brought up, so listen well. For now, there are lands in my domain with an excess of ore and medicinal plants. We are planning to gather ingredients from such areas. So can you discuss this with the apothecaries and smiths of the town? I will be leaving this to you, Rude.」


「Got it.」

Lilia nodded.

Next, having a satisfied look on his face, Count Turi turned to Feel.

She jerked in surprise and straightening her back, froze. ……Feel has such a stupid look on her face.

「About the funding for the militia…… We also consider increasing it. However, there is a question of how much is required. We shall discuss this matter another day to find the appropriate sum, I will be counting on you.」


「I also get that you don’t have enough people. I will try to recruit people interested in this town, from other settlements. Will this do for now?」


Feel keeps nodding, like a broken doll.

Being done talking, Count Turi stretched his limbs without restraint.

「Then, the difficult talk is over. My, I’m so~ tired.」

Count Turi sprawled over the table. Shisanti, who stood beside him, sighed in disapproval.

……What a free-spirited person.

The papers that Count Turi threw on the table all were written in the basic letters that the kids learn when they just begin the study.

……Did Shisanti-san do it for him?

「Everyone, thank you for today. For now, the discussion is over. We probably will have separate discussions with each of the representatives later. We will be counting on you at that time.」

With Shisanti-san announcing the end of the conference I finally was able to breathe a sigh of relief myself.

Luna, who was sitting beside me, slightly lowered her head.

「Master, you did well.」

「Yeah, thanks, you too.」

「No, I was only listening.」

That alone is enough.

I’m glad that I didn’t come alone.

I probably would’ve been as nervous as Feel.

Thinking so, it’s amazing that Feel managed to get through without passing out.

She looked so exhausted as if she was about to collapse any moment now.

「Then, let’s have fun!」


「Yeah, let’s go and drink together! We already had everything prepared. There is a lot I’d like to talk about. Rude, can you drink?」

「……I’m not that good with alcohol.」

「I see, I see. Well, do as you please! Nin-chan, you are quite a drinker, right?」

「Yeah, I like it.」

Nin’s eyes are shining.

「As expected. What about Lilia-chan?!」

「My sister is waiting for me, so I will be going back.」

「Just bring your sister with you! Let’s have fun together to deepen our friendship!」

「If you bring something sweet I will consider it.」

「Sure thing! My chef is already working outside. Which reminds me, Feel, can you hold your alcohol? I don’t think we ever drank together?」

「Yes, I’m pretty strong.」

Big, fat lie.

As expected, Nin’s expression stiffened, since she now knew the situation with Feel.

Well, it’s not like there is any real harm. No, there is, to me.

Though there are some good sides to it, the eyes of people around hurt too much.

Let’s tell Count Turi about this later, secretly.

And looks like Feel finally got freed of that tension, which does make me happy.

「Then, we are drinking tonight!」

His smile was so bright, that it even made me doubt if this was his real aim all along.

Shisanti-san slapped him on the head a number of times, but it didn’t seem to bother him at all.


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