Chapter 25: To each their own way of life


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

A huge feast was held, involving the entirety of the town.

Count Turi spoke with the citizens of the town with a frankness that didn’t allow to even suspect a noble in him.

Shugor and I observed that from a bit of a distance.

「It’s amazing how he can mingle with people like that.」

The count kept gulping down wine with a satisfied look.

His hair swaying in the wind. Since we were surrounded by the night, the whole thing looked incredibly picturesque.

「Make you envious, right? Such a feat is impossible for me.」

「Really? Aren’t you pretty good at dealing with people as well?」

Shugor is incomparably better than me at socializing.

「……Is that how it looks to you? I’m, you know……actually quite wary of people.」

「Eh, really? ……No, you have to be lying. When we met for the first time you acted in the same way as now.」

「Well, I’m relatively fine with men, but women…… I’m quite bad with them…… The moment it was decided that I will enter Kygras-san’s party I threw up a few times at home. 」

Yeah, Kygras’ party has a lot of female members.

How surprising. I totally expected such a sweet and good looking guy to have a lot of experience with women.

「M’Lord, please do something!」

「Yes. Please!」

It’s those two buddies from the militia, making a ruckus.

Red-faced, they are pestering the lord.

「I know, I know. I’ll do something so militia members can have days off. Just hang in there a bit more.」

Count Turi tries to calm them.

That’s probably his way of getting the actual opinions of the people under him.

As I was looking at him, our eyes met.

Then, Count Turi approached us.

「Hey, Rude, and the church’s knight, right? Are you having fun?」

I enjoyed the food sitting on the ground.

「Yes, thank you very much.」

「As a member of the church I’m grateful to you for extending to us your invitation.」

「Nah, no need to be so formal. Right now I basically just snuck my way into a bar, something like a commoner.」

Even if you say that.

He is still a count. His standing is way different from ours.

He is really nothing like a noble.

Shugor and I smiled wryly after exchanging glances.

Then, Count Turi lowered his head in a bow.

「Thanks for today. And you are a really great help. The townsfolk told me a lot about you.」

「……I hope it’s nothing weird?」

「Of course. It’s obvious that everyone trusts you.」

The count donned a smile and sat next to me.

Shugor, probably realizing something, hurried to escape.

Count Turi made no attempts to stop him.

Looks like he wants to talk with me.

「Sorry about that.」

He lowered his head, but I have no idea what is going on.

「Eh? What do you mean?」

「About that clan thing.」

He shook his glass, making the wine inside spin in circles.

Then, the count’s expression stiffened, as he spun the glass too much, spilling the alcohol.

「Suddenly being asked to do such a thing at your age, you sure would be troubled. I knew that, but went with it anyway, sorry.」

「……No, it’s nothing.」

I actually didn’t mind that at all.

On the contrary, I was happy about the proposal.

……Clan, huh. I’d like to try, but I’m really not sure.

「You know, with my personality, you probably were surprised that I’m not like a noble at all?」

「……Ehm, well, yes.」

As one would expect, I was taken aback a little.

The count dropped his shoulders a bit dejectedly.

「I easily get nervous, you know. So I’m not good unless I act in such a way. To begin with, I had no intentions of inheriting the count title……」

「Is that so?」

「Yeah, just five years ago I was an adventurer, you know?」

「……That’s, no, I didn’t hear about that.」

I heard that we got a new lord.

But I didn’t hear the exact details.

The count smiled.

「There were a lot of circumstances involved. I was born as a fifth son of the count’s house, of course, I had no rights on it. So at first, I became a knight through my parents’ connections…… But such stiff and formal stuff wasn’t for me.」

「……It would appear that way.」

「So giving up on knighthood, I lived as an adventurer. And I even managed to climb to A rank!」

He said pridefully, pumping his fist in the air.

……Indeed, there is no uselessness to his movements.

And he seems to be in good form.

「Well, and after I lived for a while as an adventurer, an envoy came from my family. The eldest son, who was supposed to succeed the house, fell ill……and died. So it turned to who will succeed instead. Other brothers couldn’t immediately take his place due to various circumstances. So, it was proposed that the son of the eldest brother should inherit it instead…… But, his son was only 8 years old at the time. So, as a last resort, I took over.」

「……Is that so? Isn’t that a lot of trouble? Being pushed into a leader position out of the blue.」

「Of course it is. I had no intention of succeeding the house at all. I had no training for that, and after living as a commoner for a long time, I had nothing aristocratic about me.」

Count Turi shrugged and then smiled.

Indeed, he appears more like an adventurer.

「Well, on the other hand. People under me are doing their best. After all, I’m in this only temporarily, until the son of the eldest brother comes of age. So in a way, it is better if I’m not that good at my job. That would make things for his son easier as well. There is no telling when they will chase me out. So I’m making preparations so no trouble will arise even if I were to be thrown out tomorrow.」

「You are too harsh on yourself. I think Count Turi…… Is an amazing person.」

I’m not even trying to flatter him.

The fact that he is so confident in revealing his weakness, tells a lot about how strong he is.

「Re-really? That’s flattering.」

Count Turi laughed, scratching his head.

Then, his expression turned to a somewhat serious one.

「The reason I wanted you to make a clan is that I was sure that you will certainly protect this town and that you also will look out for Verga, the son that I mentioned earlier.」


「Yeah, that’s my own personal request, so to say.」

Looks like he is more worried about the future head than himself.

That alone made me think that he is an admirable person.

He might be the son of his brother, but that is still a stranger. But the count seems to love him as his own child.

Then, having an amiable smile on his face, the count scratched his head.

「And…… I also would like to have a place to go when I’m thrown out of the count’s house…….」

This humorous attitude and smile can probably be called his talent.

「Sorry, I just keep talking about myself.」

「No…… I heard a valuable story. And I’m also happy about your evaluation. …… Ehm, please, let me think about it for a bit more.」

「You can think more than just a bit. Take as much time as you want!」

His eyes sparkled as he held my hands.

Then, Count Turi went to another group of people, drinking with them.

I also stand up, and head to Manicia.

She barely tried alcohol previously, but today she is having some of it.

Being a lightweight, her face is already red. Every time someone says a thing, she shakes with a laugh.

That sight was so adorable that I felt better from just looking at her.

From time to time, Feel sneakily reaches out for the bottle, but Manicia slaps her hand away in a swift motion.

「Nii-san, don’t just watch over there, join us.」

「Yeah, I’ll intrude.」

Everyone’s eyes turned to me.

Milena offered me a glass of wine.

「Here, try it.」

Usually, Milena doesn’t drink that much, but today she drank enough to bring a blush to her cheeks.

The doubts in my heart still weren’t resolved.

But brooding over it won’t do any good.

Taking the wine offered by Milena I gulp it down.

A slightly burning sensation on my throat.

Then, the hotness spread to my chest, and then to the whole body.

「Rude, don’t make such a difficult face.」

Laughing with delight, Milena offers me another drink.

Taking it, I drink it at a slow pace.

As I looked at the town swallowed in wild laughter, Manicia came up next to me.

「Nii-san, I heard about the clan talk.」

「……I see.」

「Nii-san, I’m sure you are worried about me.」

……Well, of course, I am.

「I also would like to see what kind of clan you will make. And also, if it’s office work, I could be of help to you. So I really want to see it.」

「……I see.」

「I can’t remain as your weak and frail sister forever. I will show you that I can work as well.」

Manicia made a fist. Replying to her with a smile, I, as if entrusting myself to the night’s wind, close my eyes.

I have to consider the future.



  1. Verga… does author-san know that’s a Latin Ametican Spanish word for Di*k? ??
    Thanks for the chap, btw.

    • It is also a surname and a name of an island.


      I also wasn’t aware of this. Could’ve went with something else if I knew XD

    • Reminds me of when that 80s show Joanie Loves Chachi went to Korea and was a box office smash….and then every proceeding show was a giant flop. Turns out Chachi means penis in Korean and so they thought it was an American porn 😛

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