Chapter 29: Break 1


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I received an official request from the lord to head to the city of adventurers.

Before that, I have to state the size of the group that is going there and an explanation on the calculation of the fund that I’m going to need during the trip.

I wasn’t that good with reading, but the document, that most likely was prepared by Shisanty, was easy to understand.

Going through it from beginning to end I begin filling in the required fields.

And also added an apology for declining to become a clan leader earlier, as well as a whimsical passage about wanting to create a clan after all.

Since I was writing in the living room, Luna peered in with great interest.

「Master, how do you read this letter?」

「……Yeah, this isーー」

Though from time to time she encountered some characters she couldn’t understand, Luna could read to a certain degree.

As I read the text aloud, Luna smiled, a bit amused.

「Master, when will you head there?」

「Soon. There are still some things that I have to do here.」

I also want to do some work on the labyrinth before departure.

Nodding, Luna went to the kitchen.

It’s about time for breakfast.

Stepping out of her room Manicia glanced at Luna’s back and then sat next to me.

「Nii-san, do you have a moment?」

「What is it?」

「I just overheard a bit of your conversation, are you going to the city of adventurers?」

「Yeah. There is something I’d like to learn about clans.」

Talking with famous clans I’d like to learn about the management of a clan and a proper way for a clan leader to conduct oneself.

「About that, can you take Luna-san with you?」

「Luna……? Well, I think I can. But will you be fine?」

「What are you talking about? While you weren’t here, I lived all by myself until now, didn’t I?」

…Well, that’s indeed true.

I think someone from the town would’ve checked on her every day, but generally, yes, she was alone.

Since she now was better than in the past, there is no reason why she wouldn’t be able to live alone.

And then there is also Nin, though she became somewhat busy lately.

「Luna-san was worried about many things. At times, she would ask me about them. Maybe something will change if she goes to the city of adventurers?」

「……That might be true. The city of adventurers has a lot of common homunculi. ……Maybe she will get some thoughts after looking at them.」

Living in this town she can be spared from that reality.

Put to various uses, those that appear just like her…… I guess, those of a similar kind as her.

Looking at that, she might notice something.

「That might be true…… But including what you just mentioned, don’t you think that she must see the people outside this town at least once?」


A difficult question.

However, I recall how Luna acted moments ago.

……That’s right.

There are a lot of things that she should know, them being good or bad aside.

About adventurers, and about homunculi.

To allow her to learn about those two things it might be a good idea to travel with her to the city of adventurers.


「Master, what is it?」

Still facing the kitchen she turned her head this way.

「Want to go to the city of adventurers together?」

Luna’s eyes went wide when I asked her that.

「……Can I, really?」

「Sure. It might be a good opportunity for you to learn about adventurers.」

「Thank you very much.」

After making a polite bow, she smiled bashfully.

Returning to cooking, she looked happier than usual.

The date was set for the near future.

However, before going there, I have to do something about the guardian’s request.

Improvement of the labyrinth that we discussed with the guardian.

I want him to improve the labyrinth as much as he can while I’m away, so I can witness the result.

For now, what can be tested immediately is magic ore, medical plants, and raw materials from the monsters near the town I guess?

I know their locations.

Having been asked by Regil-san I went to get magic ore a number of times.

Medical plants as well, though it would require a bit of a detour, I still can get them at the same time.

Thus, I head to collect them.

Though we couldn’t spare many people on that, by making arrangements we were able to gather a party.

Luna, Nin, Milena, and I, the four of us.

I also wanted to call Feel, but she is busy now.

After all, it wouldn’t be good for both Feel and me to leave the town at the same time, thus, only the four of us.

Moaning 「Uhmm」Milena stretches widely.

「It’s been a while since I last went outside. Ah, Nin-sama and Luna-chan, I will be in your care for today.」

「Yes, I look forward to working with you, Milena-sama.」

「Yes, same here. And you don’t have to add sama?」

「Eh, really? Then Nin it is! I’ll be in your care!」

Milena waves her hands. On her back, she carried a bow.

That’s her primary weapon.

Just in case she also carries a dagger, but she isn’t that good at close combat.

Having gathered at the gates, we departed, seen off by militia standing on guard there.

In a party, usually, the tank would be the one walking in the vanguard, but it’s not something one should concern oneself with in the surroundings of Avancier.

「Today we are looking for ore, herbs……… And a bit of monster extermination, is this right?」

Milena, who was walking beside me, asked while looking at me.

「Yeah. And for that I had Luna bring the rucksack today.」

Luna lifted the rucksack somewhat happily and then snorted a bit triumphantly.

「Is that a magic tool?」

「Yes. I borrowed one from the militia.」

「Ah, come to think of it, they had a contact for one item.」

Magic tools are magic apparatus designed to make people’s everyday life more convenient.

For example, magic cold storage, which can be found at any house these days, is one of those.

And the one that Luna is carrying at the moment is called Magic Bag.

Magic Bag is a magic tool that distorts the space inside of it, allowing the storage of objects beyond originally possible size.

Its manufacturing method is extremely simple.

It can be made by a person possessing Space Manipulation skills by pouring their magic into the bag.

In other words, we, adventurers, can have such magic bags by first having one made by a person with space manipulation magic, and then, maintain them by having that person supply it with magic.

As such, some even say that people that possess space manipulation magic, have the easiest life in this world.

Because that ability alone almost guarantees them a certain income.

However, depending on a skill, there is a difference in capabilities.

The magic bag that I usually have on my waist is about 6 times larger than a normal one.

I don’t put anything aside from potions in there, but I have 50 bottles with me at all times. Originally it could fit only about 8……… or at most 9 bottles. Thus, 6 times larger.

The one that we are using right now, should be able to fit 10 times more.

I also wanted one like that, but as one might expect, I didn’t have enough money to cover the monthly fee.

The one I have right now costs 40,000 per month…… And since I also have to stock it with potions, it’s pretty tough, to be honest.

And that is with the provider being a good acquaintance of mine, so the price is lower than the usual.

But, most of such magic bags are small satchels.

The reason for that is that with the size it also requires more magic, and becomes harder to control.

And above all, there aren’t many people that would want to bring a huge bag into combat, so there is no demand.

Even so, sometimes towns use such bags.

Reaching the area with the herbs that we were looking for we begin collecting them.

Medical herbs have all various sorts of names, but us adventurers, only know them as low, intermediate, and high grade.

To make a strong potion, one has to provide herbs packing that much magical power.

The lands with lots of magic power, naturally have more violent monsters. But places such as this one, have hardly any rare plants.

Quite contrary. Were one to find such a herb here, it would mean that the magic power properties of the land changed, so now, one has to be on their guard.

Herbs are so important that there is even a saying, that if you are going to an unknown area, first, look for herbs there.

Well, though it doesn’t apply to labyrinths.

As I explain all that to Luna, she nods with an impressed look.

「Now, that’s enough for herbs. As for magic ore……」

「Now it’s my turn to shine.」

「I’ll leave it to you.」

Milena has a skill that allows her to discover magic ore.

Magic ore is often buried under the ground, so one has to dig it up to find it.

In places where people often go for mining, it is said to be possible to find something even by digging randomly. But at such places it’s difficult.

Magic ore is just the same medical herbs, the more abundant the magic power in the area, the finer the quality is.

These days, ordinary ore is no longer used in weapon production.

Everything is made of magic ore.

After all, it takes at least this much to create a weapon capable of injuring monsters.

We gather magic ore digging in the places pointed out by Milena.

「Hmm, all of it is F grade magic ore.」

「Well, nothing we can do about this. Besides, this can also serve as fuel.」

And things would greatly change if the labyrinth will become able to mass-produce it.

「True. Ah, looks like there is something better over there. Rude, please.」

I keep on digging, while Nin and Luna are gathering herbs.

All of our findings go into Luna’s bag.

「Luna, are you okay? It isn’t heavy?」

The greatest fault of magic bags is that though they do reduce the weight, it still does slowly pile up.

Though there is a difference in specs, but even with the reduction to 1/10 of the normal weight, it should be getting pretty heavy by now.

I can carry it on the way back, but Luna only adjusted the bag and smiled.

「It’s fine for now. I can use magic power to increase my physical capabilities to a certain degree. 」

I wonder if that is also homunculi’s special trait?

And while I was wondering about that, we discovered monsters.

Goblins…… And a whole pack of them.

They seem to be yet to notice us, so we hid in the shadow of a huge boulder.

「It would be annoying if they attack us on the way back. And I also wanted magic stones from monsters. Let’s fight them?」

「Right. It’s going to be my first fight in a while. How exciting.」

「……I’m counting on you.」

Milena took the bow in her hands and took a stance.

……To be frank, she is pretty clumsy.

It’s a bit worrisome, but I have no other choice but to trust her.


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