Chapter 32: Let’s ask about clans


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I walk through the town with Luna.

This time it wasn’t for a patrol. I had business with certain adventurers staying in the town.

Namely Boo and Gary.

They are sub-leaders of the two biggest clans in the country.

I might be able to learn a lot about clans by asking them.

Hearing that they are still in the town, I head to the tents where they are based.

Currently, we are severely lacking in lodgings for adventurers, so a portion of them made a tent camp and are currently living there.

We call it the adventurers district, but it is actually outside of the town.

When construction on enlarging the town is finished, we are planning to make something like an adventurers district.

With such thoughts going through my mind I walk between tents.

Let’s start with Boo.

Thus, I first headed to where his clan『Black Dragon Fangs』, should be, but all I found there was another adventurer.

He is in the middle of changing clothes, so it’s a bit awkward. Luckily, it’s a man.

「……Right now, Boo-san should be with Gary-san.」

「Something happened?」

「One of our clan members seems to have gotten in trouble with a guy from『White Tiger Claws』. So he went to confirm the situation.」

『White Tiger Claws』is a clan to which Gary belongs.

It is said that the reason for their strained relationship might be the fact that both clans were established at almost the same time.

It is a clan’s job to unify and organize adventurers. I think it would be best if everyone just got along, but the reality is a lot more complicated.

Once a year, the city of adventurers holds a festival at which the achievements of clans are being announced.

This surely fuels competition.

If I remember correctly, 『Black Dragon Fangs』got 1st place last year.

The year before that it was 『White Tiger Claws』.

The power of these two clans is pretty large, the third place is lacking behind with quite a huge gap.

Since it would be a problem if it develops into a huge brawl, I next head to 『White Tiger Claws』.

Boo and Gary stood there in front of a huge tent.

Adventurers around them were shouting stuff like 「Do it!」, trying to instigate a fight.

But noticing me adventurers make 「oh crap!」expressions, and tap the shoulders of nearby adventurers.

They act almost like the kids from the school……

Since I stopped many fights among the adventurers present here, they learned my face by now.

Noticing me, Boo and Gary frowned.

「H-hey, isn’t that Rude.」

「I-it’s been a while.」

「You guys. I heard that you are fighting again?」

「T-that’s not true…… Right, Boo?!」


The two awkwardly place hands on each other’s shoulders.

And after a few seconds, the two let out 「Eeww!」scream.

「What a stench! You friggin pig!」

「Disgusting, you stink worse than my grandfather!」

「How the hell can I stink worse than a guy that spawned a pig!」

「Did you forget who you are talking to just because I was acting nice? At least call me a boar, not a pig!」

「Calm down. Today I came because I wanted to talk with the two of you.」

When I said this, the two exchanged glances and then stuck out their faces to me.

「What is it? Clans? Come to our 『White Tiger Claws』! We have a beautiful clan leader, who is waiting for you!」

「No no, join our『Black Dragon Fangs』! That is the perfect place for a man seeking to gain even greater power! Our muscular macho leader is waiting for you!」

Going by those words alone, I would prefer to hear more about 『White Tiger Claws』. If they also announced her bust size, I might have even joined by accident. If『Black Dragon Fangs』did the same I would’ve gone home in disgust though.

After finishing their lines they butt heads with each other.

If they were doing this in the town I might’ve thought about stopping them, but this is not the town.

So I just gave them a disappointed look.

「It is indeed about the clans. I wanted to ask if you two can arrange a meeting with your clan leaders for me.」

「Y-you really want to join us?」

Gary asked with a surprised expression.

Pushing him aside, Boo tackled me.

「Then, first visit our 『Black Dragon Fangs』! That will be enough!」

「Keep dreaming! 『White Tiger Claws』are first!」

「You are mistaken.」

I say, interrupting the two. then, continue.

「I want to create a clan of my own. I concluded that this is the most important thing in protecting this town from now on.」

When I said that, not only the two froze in place, but every adventurer around, who was listening to our conversation, also did the same.

Even Luna looked at me with a look of surprise.

……Which reminds me, I never told anyone aside from the old-timers about this.

It’s a bit embarrassing.

「I think that creating a clan…… Is not such an easy task. It might be a tall task for me, but I still want to try. After all, I have a perfect opportunity for that. ……So, I wanted to ask your leaders for advice. I thought that they should be quite knowledgeable about this.」

「……And so, you came to us?」

「Oh, man. You want us to introduce to them the man that might possibly become their rival?」

「……Well, yes.」

……Well, indeed.

It’s basically the same as strolling into a famous store and telling them to reveal their secrets since you want to make the same thing.

「Sorry about this. ……Even so, there aren’t many people that can be asked about this. ……Is there something I can use as a reference? It’s fine even if it is unrelated to your clans.」

Boo and Gary exchanged glances and then sighed.

「What I really hate about you, is that I end up agreeing with you in such cases.」

「Yeah, this is the worst.」

The two smiled.

「Rude, don’t tell anyone about this.」

Gary’s smile turned into a grin.

「Yeah, we didn’t hear anything. We will simply introduce you as a new person, seeking to join a clan. What you can steal from there is up to you!」

Boo also grinned.

……You guys.

I can’t help but be incredibly grateful to them.

「……Thank you.」

「Well, and if you happened to like our clan, don’t hesitate to join!」

「Dumbass, if he would like any clan, then it would be obviously ours! And you lot! Listen well! Don’t you dare get in the way of a man undertaking a challenge!」

The two shouted at the surrounding adventurers.

The adventurers around erupted in cheers.

「Hey, Rude! Go for it!」

「I didn’t think an idiot like you, who would think about making a clan at such a young age, exists! I’m rooting for you!」

「Yeah, if I get kicked out of my current clan, please take me in!」

「Who would want such a guy!」

「Ahaha! True that!」
I make a half-smile, looking at the adventurers going crazy.

……Such idiots were one of the reasons why I wanted to make a clan.

Just how great would it be to have fun like that with your comrades.

「……Yeah, thank you. I’ll do my best.」

「Then. We will have to return to the city of adventurers. Are you ready to depart?」

「Yeah, tell me when you are leaving. I’m ready anytime.」

「Got it. We have a lot of duties to relay, so it’s after we are done with that. Let’s leave in three days time in the morning!」

We discussed the details with Boo and Gary for a bit, after which Luna and I returned to the town.

Luna, walking at my pace, looked at me.

「That was a surprise.」

「What exactly?」

「Clans is that thing that was discussed earlier, right? At that time, you refused to become a clan leader.」

That’s right.

Recalling my conversation with Old Man Buckle and other elderly, I say.

「Something happened after that, which made me change my mind.」


「……Yeah, looking at everyone, I thought, that I also have to do something.」

A lot of things.

「Feel is doing her best to inherit the position of her father. Milena also found what she wants to do, and wants to work hard on it. Even Nin is doing her duty as a member of the church, trying to improve relations in the town. People close to me, all are doing something, to further their goals. ……So I thought, I also should try a bit harder.」

「……And by that, you mean, create a clan?」

「It will be for the benefit of the town…… And most of all, if I gather members on my own, negotiate with the guild…… It should open many labyrinths for raiding.」

That of course, if things go well.

If not, then it would cause problems both to the town and to the count. And also to Boo and Gary, who agreed to help.

Since I was afraid of that…… I immediately refused when I was first asked about this.


「Master, is that your dream?」

「I guess, though I don’t know how it will turn out yet.」

「……A dream. I……」

Luna muttered, as if deep in thought, and then made a smile.

「If it’s you, Master, then it surely will go well. ……If it’s fine with you, I’d like to help as well.」

Luna tightly grasped my hand.

I smile in return.

「Of course it’s fine with me. After all…… I’m lacking in many aspects. I’d be happy if you could support me like Shisanti-san supports Count Turi.」

I’m not as cheerful and open as the count.

But there also should be something that only I can do.

For a while, Luna appeared to be in thought, holding a hand at her chin. Then, she tilted her head.

「Does that mean that Master and I will become like a couple?」


As Luna gave me a puzzled look, I realized that my example wasn’t that good.

Ye-eah, right. It’s as if I’m confessing my love to her.

Blood rushed to my head from embarrassment.

I shake my head, trying to play it off.

「N-no, no. Like a leader and a sub-leader, I want your help with a lot of things.」

「I see……Acknowledged, please leave it to me.」

Luna nodded and clenched a fist.

I breathed a sigh of relief, after which we continued our walk home.


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