Chapter 35: Dinner Party


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Since everyone gathered, we head to the store suggested by Sinanis.

Entering, it turned out to be somewhat colder than outside.

It seems a magic tool is at work here, circulating cold air through the room.

The customers that came before us were led to their seats, so we had to wait for a bit.

「Cold breeze devices seem to be pretty popular lately. The guild had them as well, right?」

「Yeah. But, it’s not powerful enough to cool down the area used by the adventurers. Ah, but the staff room is cool.」

Kensei said in an upbeat tone.

「How envious.」

「Ah, I’m glad that the Sun finally began to set.」

「Marius-san, you don’t like sunlight?」

「A bit. I hate hot weather. It ruins the skin.」

「Haha, I see.」

Kensei and Marius are having a friendly exchange.

Which reminds me, in the past, Kensei wielded a katana. In a way, it makes sense that these two would get along.

「This place doesn’t have many visitors, but it’s tasty and the servings are huge. I recommend it.」

「Really? Well, I’m looking forward to it.」

「Yup, you better!」

「Welcome. Table for how many?」

The employee that finished guiding the previous customers, bowed to us and smiled.

Straight back, very correct posture, and though they had a smile on their face, it appeared fake.

A homunculus.

As expected, since it’s the city of adventurers, they would use homunculi at stores.

I wonder how Luna will take it.

She just stares at the homunculus intently with her lips tightly pressed together.

「Seven people.」

「Understood. Then, I will lead you to your seats.」

We follow the female-type homunculus.

Reaching the table, we sit facing each other.

Marius keeps looking around restlessly.

「Quite an interesting place. A meal, huh, a meal……」

「Which reminds me, what do you usually do about food?」

I can’t even imagine guardians eating.

「Nothing, I don’t need it. Well, though there is no loss in eating something. I feel the taste and can tell what is delicious and what is not. So I’m looking forward to this.」

He replied in the usual tone.

Then, Sinanis tilted his head.

「Can I take care of ordering?」

「Sure. Go ahead.」

「Kay. I’m going to order a lot! It has been a while since I last ate with senior adventurers.」

Sinanis looked over the menu with a smile.

The menu had pictures of the dishes depicted right next to them, so even without knowing the dish, one could to some degree imagine what it’s supposed to be.

They are quite considerate to the customers.

Hiding my mouth with the menu, I look at Luna.

「Luna, does that bother you?」

I lower the voice so the others won’t hear me.

Or rather, with Luna and Marius, aren’t there too many secrets to keep?

「……So it’s normal for homunculi to work in such a fashion?」


Just like Luna, I look at a certain homunculus.

That homunculus, in skilled movements, cleaned the table, where customers were sitting earlier.

Then, a man approached her.

His face is slightly red. Is he drunk?

……I have a bad premonition.

The moment the homunculus finished cleaning the table and stood up with a cup in her hands, the adventurer bumped into her in a very unnatural fashion.

Luna made a short gasp.

The cup that the homunculus held fell to the ground. The water inside splashed all over the floor.

It also splattered on the adventurer’s feet, to which he made a frown.

「You little! Where are your eyes!」

「I’m sorry.」

「Hey, call the manager! Do you know how much my boots cost?! They are hella expensive! 」

「I’m sorry.」

The homunculus bows her head. But there is no change in her expression.

Some other customers stand up, curious about what is happening. But the moment they notice that the problem is between a homunculus and an adventurer, they immediately sit down.

Sinanis raised his head. And glanced at the adventurer.

「……Sometimes there are such types. Trying to find an issue with a homunculus, they would try to slither their way out of the bill. 」

「……Shall we intervene?」

A man, that appeared like an employee, was desperately bowing before the adventurer.

It’s not like I want to help them out of pity.

It’s just that Luna looks extremely sad.

As I stood up, Marius, Sinanis, and Kensei, followed me.

「Battle? A brawl? I’m fine with either, should be fun.」

「I’ll help if something happens.」


Sinanis smiled as if he hoped that things would go wrong.

「Well, peaceful resolution is for the best.」

Sinanis’s party mates ran outside the store.

Looks like Sinanis already gave them some kind of instructions……

Well, it’s about time to stop this.

「Hey. Stop making a ruckus inside the store.」


As I called out to him, the adventurer turned around and glared at me.

Then, even more hostility showed in his look.

「The hell are you?」

「We just happened to see this. You bumped into the homunculus on purpose, didn’t you?」

「Don’t you dare make weird accusations!」

The adventurer shouted, scattering spit everywhere.

Sinanis pointed to a certain area of the store.

「Look over there. It’s written that they accept no claims in regards to homunculi? Are you friggin blind? Ah, you must be actually blind, that explains why you didn’t see a homunculus right in front of you. Sorry about that.」

Don’t provoke him, idiot.

Kensei slightly smiled, hearing Sinanis’ words.


The adventurer reached to us with his hand, so I grabbed him by the wrist.

The man scowled.

He then tried to force his way out of my hold, but in turn, I applied even more strength.

「No complaints about homunculi will be accepted. How about quietly paying up your bill and getting out?」

「You…… Don’t you dare look down me…」

It was at that moment.

With a sound of the bell announcing that someone entered the store, a huge man appeared.

「So this is the place? Where the said troublemaker is supposed to be?」

A deep, hoarse voice resounded through the store.

No idea if it was a seasonal thing or if he was like that all year round, but he had no clothes on the upper part of his body.

Several scars could be seen on his face and body, while the man, as if he was proud of those, donned a confident smile.

Marius turned around and put his hand on the katana on his waist.

Though he was smiling, his eyes had the same resolve as when he fought me.

I was the same. It takes only one glance to realize that this guy is bad news.

As if to further confirm my guess, Sinanis was opening and closing his mouth without a sound. I even began to worry if he is going to foam from his mouth

Even Kensei, usually extremely calm, had his eyes opened wide.

Sinanis glanced at his comrades, to which they energetically shook their heads.

Looks like there is some kind of exchange of information going on.

The man stopped in front of us.

「Are you the ones causing the trouble?」

「N-no…… W-we are……」

Bloodthirst filled the eyes of the man, after which Sinanis and the adventurer that started all this, fell on their behinds.

Both were shaking in their boots.

The man’s and Kensei’s eyes met. Kensei made a bow, then the man immediately looked at us and Marius.

Then, smiled.

「That’s some guts you have. Detaining you is going to be regrettable.」

「I don’t get what is going on, but it seems you came to catch me? I see, interesting, try it if you……」

「Stop running your mouth, idiot. It’s not us. It’s this man, he started a scene by blaming a homunculus. We just stepped in stop him since we happened to witness the scene.」

「Oh? Is that truly so? If you lie……」

「Gosh-san, they are telling the truth.」

「I see, I see. My bad. Lately, there are a lot of idiots, trying to use any excuse they can to start a fight. So, old-man. If you have something to say, I will hear you out, what are you gonna do?」

The man called Gosh-san looked at the adventurer, who was still trembling.

The adventurer repeatedly hit his forehead on the floor.

「P-please forgive me! I will pay the bill fully. Excuse me!」

「Naah, wait a moment. Don’t run away. And do not fret. I won’t do anything. You’ll just have to accompany me to the clan. Guild staffer over there, can you come with me to explain the situation?」

「Understood. Then, everyone, I’ll be off. I will come back if I get over with this fast. Just leave me a desert.」

Winking to us, he then left with the man called Gosh.

With the man leaving, the tense atmosphere returned to normal.

……At any rate, the man had an amazing presence.

I lend a hand to Sinanis, whose legs were still trembling.

「Your acquaintance?」

「A-Acquaintance?…… Don’t tell me that you don’t know him?!」


「Are you for real? You are about to create a clan and you don’t know him?」

「Who was that?」

……Come on, stop hyping him up.

「He is the leader of『Black Dragon Fangs』!!」

My eyes opened wide in astonishment.

……The clan leader that I’m supposed to meet, huh.


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