Chapter 36: S rank Adventurer


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Though Sinanis’ words were surprising, they also sounded very reasonable.

You won’t be able to lead such a giant clan without such an impact.

「Y-you guys! Why did you call such a big shot?!」

Sinanis looked at the two of his comrades.

「Y-you told us to find someone from『Black Dragon Fangs』or『White Tiger Claws』, so when we were shouting outside, he happened to pass nearby.」

「……No one aside from him was nearby, and we thought we should hurry.」

Those two clans are upholding public order in this city.

So it wasn’t a mistake. Not a mistake, but……

「I’d like to fight that man. Hey, Rude, wouldn’t beating that man make our clan number one?」

「Would be nice.」

「Let’s try.」

「It won’t, idiots.」

Though I also wanted to fight him a bit.

This is where I agree with Marius.

And with us now back at our seats, the whole incident is over.

As our orders were carried, the manager brought a plate by himself.

Putting the dish on our table, he then bowed to us.

「T-thank you. Thanks to you, it didn’t turn into anything huge!」

「The person of our trade was causing trouble. We might have words of apology, but nothing to be thanked for.」

The trouble stirred by one adventurer influences others as well.

I like my job as an adventurer, and one of the reasons why I interjected, was because I don’t want others to look down on it.

The manager walked away, smiling. Next, a homunculus brought the food.

She, that female-type homunculus, bowed her head.

「Thank you very much.」

Homunculi are expressionless.

But I was very happy to hear these words.

For some time after that, we calmly enjoyed our dinner.

After a while, Kensei came back to his seat.

Then, as if recalling something, Sinanis sighed.

「What is it, Sinanis? Are you that annoyed with me coming back?」

「N-no! It’s not about you…… I just remembered Gosh-san.」

Then, he breathed another sigh.

Those words made me remember him as well.

He had an incredible body. Now I can understand why Boo is so passionate with his invitations.

「What about him?」

Somewhat unsurely, Sinanis nodded to my question.

「It was my first time seeing an S rank adventurer. So that is S rank…… He looked insanely powerful.」

Sinanis dropped his shoulders.

And then, breathed a short sigh.

「It is my dream to become an S rank adventurer. So I have to become like that? I can’t help but understand how long the road ahead is.」

「That might be true, but…… There is a lot to S rank adventurers. The leaders of『Black Dragon Fangs』and『White Tiger Claws』are outstanding even by S rank standards. So you don’t really have toーー」

「No, someday, I will become just as strong!」

He shouted, standing up from his seat. And here I thought that he was depressed.

Girls that sat on his left and right appeared astounded and fed up at the same time.

Yet, they had a hint of smiles on their faces.

……A good party.

While starting on the new dishes that he ordered, Sinanis tilted his head.

「Rude. I’ll tell you how we got to C rank.」

「Sure. I’m all ears.」

He seems to be very eager to talk about it.

When I replied, his smile became wider.

「We were passing through the town called Archiss. A rural town, not as much in the sticks as Avancier though. Since they said that they don’t have many adventurers around, we helped the folk in trouble. As we worked there for a while, that was acknowledged, and we became C rank adventurers. ……If only you could see that deadly showdown with the ice golem. 」

「Ice Golem? C rank monster. You killed it?」

「Yuup. It kinda feels like we got over the wall, after that battle with fieldzauruses…… We certainly became stronger than before.」

He pumped his fist.

He might soon overtake me if I keep taking things so easy.

……I can’t fall behind.

Though I’m practicing, I rarely get any real combat experience lately.

「So, Rude. What happened with you after that?」

Sinanis probably wants to know.

How it came to be that I’m creating a clan.


I explained, omitting unnecessary details.

About investigating the labyrinth.

About adventurers in the town.

I also gave a stern look to Marius, so he won’t say anything extra. Though it seems he was way too obsessed with the women, who were seated at the nearby table, so this wasn’t a problem.

When I finished, Sinanis was pouting.

「Damn it! You beat us to it again! You appear so chill, and yet doing all sorts of stuff here and there! Or actually, finally a D rank after all that? Couldn’t they raise it higher?」

「Skipping even one rank is unusual enough.」

「That’s true, but…… Ah, well. It’s you we are talking about. You will get another promotion soon enough anyway.」

Sinanis sighed and looked at Kensei, who until now remained silent, listening.

「Which reminds me, Rude and Kensei-san, how are you acquainted? Can you tell us about it?」

After making an amused smile, Kensei took a sip of juice.

Then, cutting a bite-sized bit from the cake we ordered, ate it. He always liked sweet stuff.

「We just happened to work together in a few dungeon raids. Hmm, about three years ago?」

「Yeah, roughly so. Well, and while working together, we became friends.」

「That’s how it was…… Kensei-san is pretty amazing, but he was even better in the past, right?!」

「……Well… Yeah.」

Sinanis asked simple-mindedly.

While I was troubled on how to reply, Kensei made a half-smile.

「Don’t worry about it so much. It’s not like it’s your fault, right?」

「That’s true, but…」

Sinanis, as if finally realizing, went「Ah……」looking at Kensei’s right hand.

……He was strong.

When we met, he was A rank, but it was often said that he soon will become S rank.

But then, his party met defeat during the raid of a certain labyrinth.

During that time, he covered for his comrades and had his right hand badly injured. Right now, the grip strength is enough only for everyday life, rendering him unable to use a sword.

With that gloomy atmosphere hanging in the air, Kensei took a huge sip of the juice.

Purposively making as much noise as possible. Then waved with his hand.
「Don’t worry about such stuff! I already decided that as a staffer here, I will cultivate the strongest adventurers! It’s my dream to then get the front page on newspapers, saying『I raised them』. Rude, you are also making a clan, right?! In that case, I have full intentions of getting interviewed about adventuring with you!」

He spoke a bit louder and more passionately than usual.

……He changed.

After he just received that injury, he was pretty obsessed with adventuring.

He kept desperately training, to become able to fight even with one hand.

No matter how hard others tried to stop him, he continued to train every day, until he was all worn out.

……And now, he became a staff member, supporting many other adventurers.

Everyone finds their own ways of life.

I also have to do my best.

With the dinner being over, we leave the restaurant.

……Damn Sinanis and Marius. They ordered a lot.

While I lamented about the state of my wallet, we were already outside.

Patting his full stomach, Marius appeared even somewhat anguished, in no state to move normally.

He keeps trying to lean on my shoulder, so I walk while shaking him off.

「Did you decide where you will stay?」

「No, not yet.」

「Then, want us to introduce you to the place we are using?」

「Hm, yes, please.」

「Well then, I’ll be going home, so we are parting here.」

Kensei said and went in the opposite direction from us.

「I see. Let’s go for a drink later.」

「Which reminds me, Rude. If you don’t have enough staff to manage the clan, I can help you. Well, it will cost you a bit though.」

「I’ll come to you, if things go well.」

「Well, do your best. You should be able to do pretty well if you put your mind to it.」

He said casually and donned a smile.


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