Chapter 38: Challenge


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Morning. Before going to the guild we gather materials for the labyrinth.

We bought all sorts of stuff, magic stones, herbs, monster parts, and so on.

All of that was stored by using Marius’ Space Magic.

Though he apparently can’t store too much, the things we bought today should fit.

Since the time was just right, we headed to the guild with Sinanis and his party, but arriving there, found no Boo or Gary.

Well, sometimes this happens. People can be late.

They are sub leaders of the two biggest clans. They should have a lot of stuff on their hands.

We wait for a while, but still no sign of Boo or Gary.

「Hey, Rude. Maybe they won’t come? How about we take a request or something?」

「Didn’t you say that there are no good requests?」

「I don’t care. Still better than sitting here.」

Let’s wait for a bit more, if they still won’t show up, then this might be fine as well.

And when I thought that, a commotion arose at the entrance to the guild.

When I stood up to check it, I saw Boo and Gary.

They immediately noticed me and approached with somewhat dubious expressions.

「H-hey Rude. D-doing well?」


As Boo asked this, a frown appeared on Gary’s face.

「W-well…… I hate roundabout stuff, so I’ll say it straight.」

What could this be?

Doesn’t sound like good news.

「Sorry! When I said that you want to join, she answered that you can do as you please! Sorry!」

Gary said, putting his hands together in an apologetic gesture. Boo followed suit.

「S-same here! If you want him to join, then he is free to do so, is what he said! Sorry, I thought this is a perfect plan!」

「……I see.」

So this is why they were so late.

In the first place, it is I who was trying to fool them, and it’s not like clan leaders personally check every new recruit.

That’s what subleaders and other subordinates are there for.

Them bowing before me gathers a lot of attention.

After telling them to raise their heads, I shook my head.

「There is no need for you to apologize. ……To begin with, I was the one lying. It could be that the clan leaders simply saw through that.」

「N-no…… It was us, who arrogantly claimed that we will arrange a meeting with the clan leaders.」

「R-right. Sorry. This, after coming to such a place at such a busy time.」

「I was the one who ultimately made that decision. ……Thank you for what you did until now. I think I will go around, visiting various clans here.」

As I said this, they once again lowered their heads.

I replied with a wry smile, then.

「……Y-yeah. Well, if I were to advise you on a way that might possibly allow you to meet our leader. Try to stand out! F-for example, if you clear an urgent request, the leader should take an interest!」

「Pig, what a dumbass you are! Where are they supposed to get such an urgent request?! And even if there were any, it’s usually our clans that would take them!」

「S-shut up! Rude! I will try asking acquainted clan leaders! Maybe some will be willing to talk with you!」

「……Thank you. But there is no need to force yourself, okay?」

「I, I will try as well!」

Having said that, Boo and Gary left the guild.

There is no need to get so nervous about this.

「……For now, I’d like to discuss the future policy of our clan. Sinanis and others…… Well, just do as you please.」

「We also don’t have anything to do. Well, since it came to this, I guess we will raid some labyrinths.」

Sinanis said, putting his hands behind his head.

After parting with them, the three of us went to the bar on the second floor of the guild.

Getting to the seats we ask for a light meal.

Then, we look at each other.

Meeting the two biggest clans was our original goal.

Nothing we can do about this now.

At most, going around the town and observing how the biggest clans are maintaining public order.

Even so, I wanted to meet them.

I’d like to know how I should conduct myself as a clan leader. So I want to use them for reference.

If it’s the leaders of the two biggest clans, then they are obviously doing something right.

Is what I thought, but as expected, things are not so easy.

「Since there is nothing for me to do here now, I’ll go back to Avancier. You don’t mind, right?」

「Sure. I think it’s a good idea.」

I replied while Luna made a small nod. Marius seemed like he was thinking of something.

「What’s wrong? Is there something else?」

「Well, you see. In short, you have to do something flashy enough that the clan leader would want to see you, right? How about street performance then? I can swallow a sword if I try?」


「Yes, I can, let me showー」

「Stop it.」

Marius dropped his shoulders when I stopped him.

「That’s not the attention we want. The only option is to prove our skills as adventurers. The shortest way is rank. If I were a higher rank, I probably could’ve called out to them.」

「In that case, there is an even quicker method.」

「What is it?」

「Raiding the labyrinth of this city?」

Marius’ face turned into a grin.

That’s reckless.

Raiding the labyrinth here.

The last currently conquered floor is 48. If we reach floor 51, no one will be able to deny our ability.

The reason is simple. The floor 49 will most likely have all the same monsters as the previous floors.

But the 50th floor is different, there is a good chance that a new monster will appear there. And a boss class at that.

Until now, the labyrinth of Karde had boss monsters on floors 10, 20, 30, 40.

In other words, if we defeat the boss that will appear on the 50th floor, no one will be able to complain.

On the contrary, news of conquering the floor that no one was able to breach for years will spread among adventurers in the blink of an eye, bringing us a lot of attention.

But no one being able to do it until now means that it is just that difficult.

Marius made it sound very easy, but I couldn’t help but interject repeatedly telling him to hold it.

「The 48th floor is that『Black Dragon Fangs』and『White Tiger Claws』just somehow managed to reach. Do you think we can get through on our own?」

「Who knows. We won’t know until we try? I’m not that familiar with this clan thing, but eventually, you will have to clash somewhere? No? Even if it’s not in a direct physical confrontation. In that case, I think it would be better to show how different we are from others even before we officially found a clan. And so, number one and number two are like this for ages? If you want to pass them, then you first have to overcome their leaders. Right, Rude?」

「……Makes sense.」

「And what’s most important, I want to see other labyrinths. I want to fight strong monsters!」

So that’s his real feelings. As he looks at me with shining eyes, I reply with a short sigh.

……Indeed, if we want to overcome those clans, then we first have to show what sets our leader apart.

If I’m to make a clan, I’d like to aim for the top anyway.

Not limiting ourselves to Avancier, but making a clan capable of competing with the two biggest clans.

There is a labyrinth north of Karde.

A few minutes on foot. Some adventurers are constantly at the entrance, preventing the monsters from going outside.

But to begin with, there are too many adventurers raiding the labyrinth, so there is almost no threat of monsters leaving.

「……With the three of us? I think you’d agree that this is unreasonable.」

It’s been a long while since I was on the 48th floor.

Someone already conquered it long before us and we just went there through special skills for labyrinth travel.

Currently, the two biggest clans can safely raid up to the 45th floor.

「Rude, what are you talking about? We have those three youngsters, don’t we?」

Marius laughed.

…Are you kidding me? They are only C rank. To go above the already conquered floors we need at least A rank. And even that, most likely won’t be enough.

……Even my power might be insufficient.

「This is too much for them.」

「That’s not really true, right? Kids their age grow fast if you train them. And they have the potential to go higher.」

「I know that. But that’s unrelated to the matter at hand.」

There is no need to rush their training.

Giving them proper guidance is one of the duties of a clan leader.

After all, they asked to join my clan.

「What are you talking about? There is no point to the power that can’t be used when it is called upon. If we are going to do it, then it’s now. This also will be a good opportunity for them.」

Marius said with a serious expression.

He clearly has some kind of goal in mind.

「Do you have some kind of a plan?」

「It’s not even about a plan, you humans have skills, right? We just have to awaken them through training. I can sense a certain power from them.」

「You can tell?」

「Well, vaguely. I could tell how powerful the humans that I fought are.」

Is that a part of his power as a guardian?

That doesn’t really matter right now.

「Train them to awaken? We, humans, don’t know the method to gain new skills. Of course, there are various theories, like fighting a lot of monsters, or training in a skill that you want to gain, but no one knows if those actually work or not.」

「All humans can acquire all skills. Skills are the power of mind. A sublimation of magic. What humans call skills, are abnormalities in the magic stone, with which the human is born.」

「……What do you mean?」

「To put it simply if you desperately struggle to become what you want to be, your magic stone will respond. Their feelings and emotions will give them countless chances for growth.」

「You sound well informed.」

「I am. Or rather, this is what I can remember. No idea why I have this knowledge.」

「If that is true, then there is indeed a point to trying this.」

Today, let’s leave it at us losing a chance to meet a clan leader due to my insufficient ability.

The influence clan leaders have is immense.

If a D rank adventurer were to lead a clan, it would be a very bad look with adventurers, who know nothing about the situation.

……I want B rank at the very least.

This raid is actually more important for me than for meeting other clan leaders.

……I’d like to at least give it a try.

The 50th floor, still unbeaten by anyone. If we reach it, my power as a leader will strengthen.

「……Luna, Marius. First, we will head to the 48th floor. Then, we will think if we are going to take this challenge or not.」

「As expected you are a man after all. Leave it to me, I will bring you to the 51st floor as your sword.」

「I will do my best too.」

We are going merely to scout.

If things look bad, we will immediately run away.


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