Chapter 41: Advice


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Looks like Sinanis was on adventurers avenue.

Maybe due to it already being evening by the time we got there the street was extremely crowded.

There were stall-like shops here and there selling food.

Grilled meat of monsters, huh.

It can be eaten as you walk so you just end up buying it.

「Master, they are selling a lot of tasty-looking stuff.」

Luna seems to be interested. She keeps glancing around.

「……I planned to eat after we meet up with Sinanis and others.」

「Meat is what a tired body needs.」

……Well, it might be better to have a bit of something.

We’ve been running around in the labyrinth since the morning. Replenishing our energy is also important.

We purchased three skewers at a nearby stall.

As I bite on the sauce-covered meat, juices overflow in my mouth.

So good. One skewer is not enough.

After I remind myself that we are going to dine soon, we continue searching for Sinanis.

Looks like they are in the direction of the weapon stores.

Adventurers avenue has a few weapon stores lined up.

Some clans focus mainly on crafting, offering their services to the public in this fashion.

Famous places have goods of better quality, but also much higher prices.

So inevitably, the adventurers coming to such places are more skillful folk, with higher income.

We arrived at the store where they were right as they came outside.

「Oh, it’s you guys. How it’s going?」

「There has been a lot of progress on what we discussed in the morning. So I thought I’ll tell you.」

「Heeh, really? Then, today, let’s eat at the guild.」

「Yeah, let’s go.」

Meeting up with Sinanis’ group we head to the guild.

Evening is the time when the guild is the most crowded.

Many adventurers were calculating their earnings after the adventure.

The second floor looked a bit better.

But it will be soon overrun with adventurers as well.

After somehow securing seats for ourselves, we head to order food.

After being done with that, we go back to our seats.

「So, Rude. Are you going back to Avancier?」

Sinanis asked after we sat down.

「No…… We planned to update the record of a labyrinth in this city.」

Being told so their eyes opened wide.

Sinanis forced a strained laugh.

「Hey, hey, that’s just absurd. Two clans challenged it not so long ago, and they couldn’t get through?」

「Today, we surveyed the 48th floor of the northern labyrinth. ……We might be able to do it if your party helps us.」

「…Are you serious?」

「I am. Sinanis…… and everyone. Will you help us breach new floors of Karde’s northern labyrinth?」

No tricks, no clever schemes.

What matters is do they want to do it or not.

If they don’t, then they won’t be able to get through the training.

「……You are actually serious. Do you understand that it’s not like beating a couple of fieldzauruses? You are talking about updating a record, that was set many years ago before we were even born.」

「Yeah, I know. But, we have to do it.」

「To meet the leaders of the biggest clans?」

「No. ……This was a lesson for me. My name bears little to no weight. I have to make it impressive enough for adventurers to be startled when they hear it. To put it simply, I want to get the prestige necessary for a clan leader. ……For that, I want to set a new record in that labyrinth.」

「……Now I see.」

Sinanis leaned back in the chair then glanced at his comrades.

His partymates were exchanging looks.

Sinanis sighed and shook his head.

「Rude… We won’t be of much help to you. As pathetic as it may sound right after we said that we will join your clan.」

「Of course I don’t mean that we are going immediately. First comes some training.」

「Even so……」

「Rude, on this let me do the talking.」

Marius interjected.

He looked serious. Let’s leave it to him.

「Hey, mischievous cool boy. I’m fully aware that we can’t bring you there immediately. That’s why we are going to train.」

「Even if we train for a bit, we are the ones who best understand that this won’t instantly make us stronger.」

「Indeed. This training is going to make you stronger only versus skeletons of the 48th floor. Of course, it’s not like its completely useless for anything else.」

「……What does that mean?」

「We already fought on the 48th floor, and after judging that this can be handled, came with this talk to you. I already grasped the skeletons’ swordsmanship. I will teach you how to fight. If I keep fighting you with the same swordsmanship as the skeletons, then even you will get used to it whether you like it or not, right? And you also seem to have talent.」

Being praised like that, Sinanis relaxed a bit.

……Just as Marius said, all of the skeletons seem to have the same style of swordsmanship.

If Sinanis learns their movements, then he will be able to fight adequately.

And we also have Luna’s Appraisal. Though we didn’t tell them about this yet.

「……I see.」

「As for the magic, there is the girl that yearns to live. If you need a target dummy for practice, then feel free to beat up Rude to your heart content.」


Marius said in a half-joking manner, pointing at me.

Sinanis looked at his comrades.

「I…… Well… I get what you feel, Rude. ……I also would like to do something for the reputation of the clan leader…… So…… Well…… I’ll do my best with the training. But it might not be enough anyway. Rude, are you sure about this?」

「…Yeah. I know. If it looks impossible, then we will stop there, I have no intentions of doing anything rash. And you aren’t the only ones who are going to train.」

We also should become even stronger.

I was well also reminded by the skeletons how lacking I am.

I have to get rid of my slackness and retrain myself.

「All of us have to become stronger. Can you take it as a chance for growth and train with us?」

When asked, everyone nodded in agreement.

As I breathed a sigh of relief, Sinanis smiled.

「Well, as an adventurer, you know. I also have that desire to leave my name in history! Reached the 51st floor, doesn’t that sound nice? I’ll do it!」

Sinanis declared excitedly.

And looks like his shout reached the ears of nearby adventurers.

Drinks gushed out of their mouths as they burst into laughter.

「……Hey, hey, don’t say something this dumb.」

In response, Sinanis stood up from his seat with an angry look.

「Huh? What was that?」

「Reaching the 51th floor? Haha! There is no way you can do that!」

Other adventurers, who heard their words, began whispering to each other.

Looks like they are trying to understand who we are.

「Shut up. We wouldn’t know unless we try, right?」

「We do know! Even『Black Dragon Fangs』and『White Tiger Claws』, the strength of which everyone admits, even they can’t do that. Kuh, AHAHAHAH! You were serious? What a dumbass! AHAHAH!」

「For real! What is your rank?」

Sinanis frowned as his face turned red.

I grab his shoulder to hold him back.

「The highest one is C.」

As I gave them the answer they wanted, they burst into even louder laughter.

「As if such scrubs can beat the record!」

「Come on, don’t be so mean! Let them dream while they are young!」

「Hahaha, they can’t do it anyway! How about I pay for your dinner for making me laugh so hard? You know, as a B ranked adventurer!」

The surrounding adventurers keep laughing non-stop.

In turn, Sinanis furrowed his brows.

I grabbed his hand and shook my head. It’s us who are saying absurd things.

The adventurers left, but from time to time some would still laugh, looking at us.

「……That damn baldie……」

「Sinanis, you should learn to have more control when dealing with others. If we can do it, then it’s all fine, if we can’t then they are completely right. All you have to do is to prove your ability. And no one will be able to say a thing.」

「But…… For them to mock the goal of our leader…… Ah, no, they just pissed me off!」

Sinanis kicked the floor, looking frustrated.

「What, you rascal. Aren’t you pretty fond of our leader?」

「The hell you talking about!」

Marius, you really didn’t have to dig into something that I pretended not to hear.

Marius narrowed his eyes, looking very smug.

In turn, Sinanis turned away, shifting his gaze to me.

「Rude! We absolutely must do it! We must show them!」

「Sure. I’m counting on you, everyone.」

Sinanis’ comrades sat with vexed frowns on their faces.

In the end, it could’ve been for the best, since it gave them additional motivation.


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