Chapter 42: Respective training.


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Moving from the dining hall to the inn, I have everyone gather in my room.

「What are we going to do, Rude?」

「I trust the three of you, so I’m going to tell you something very important.」

「……What is it?」

Sinanis narrowed his eyes.

I tell them about Luna’s ability, about which I kept silent until now.

「Luna has Appraisal. Though she can use it only while touching the target.」

The moment they heard the word Appraisal all three of them had their eyes opened wide.

After spending a while in this petrified state, Sinanis finally changed his expression to a more tense one.

「Tha-that’s a top-class skill even among SSR skills? And Luna-san has it?」

「Yes. I do.」

「Ca-can you try it on me?」

Luna glanced at me.

「Then, let me hold your hand.」


「What are you blushing for?」


Indeed, a shade of red appeared on Sinanis’ cheeks.

Luna touched his hand, then, closed her eyes.

「Sinanis-sama, you have a skill 『Stubbornness of Swordsman』. 1851 endurance.」

『Stubbornness of Swordsman』, huh. If I remember correctly, it made fighting easier when using a sword.

But, it had a demerit as well, preventing you from skillfully using any other weapons.

It is a pretty good utility skill, SR rank.

「Y-yes…… Correct. ……So you really have it.」

Sinanis looked at me with shock in his eyes.

「And it seems this ability has some secrets to it.」


「It can reveal what kind of skills you can acquire.」

「So, so you mean, we can aim for certain skills and get them?!」

After I signaled to Marius with my eyes, he stood up with a smile.

「Yes. Exactly so. Acquiring a skill is basically engraving experience for it into your magic stone until it finally manifests itself. In short, the development of the magic stone, sometimes, prompted by some kind of anomaly. So if you, rascal, keep faithfully wishing to flip girls skirts, you will be able to attain such a skill.」

「Wh-what did you……」

「Sinanis, is that what you want?」

「No-no, that’s not true!」

In reply to my question, Sinanis shook his head with all he got.

「What? You don’t? Oh, you rascal, don’t tell me that you are into men?」

「Of course I prefer to see girls!」

「Thought so!」

Some dubious looks gathered on the two.

Sinanis puffed his cheeks.

「……Anyway, we will be able to target specific skills that we want to some degree? Ehm…… With Luna-san’s Appraisal, we will be able to tell how much is left to get a specific skill, did I get this right?」

「Yes. So I thought about immediately checking what skills we can get and continue to work on their acquisition. 」

Signs of expectant hope appeared in the expressions of Sinanis’ group.

We might get new skills.

If I were in their place I probably would’ve felt the same.

「Anyway, first, we have to try. Let’s start with Sinanis. Sinanis, how do you want to fight from now on?」

It should be easier to acquire skills for something that the person himself wants to do.

「I want to be an attacker! Strong enough to crush any enemy, that’s the kind of adventurer I want to become!」

「I see. Luna, can you check his skills?」

Luna once again touched Sinanis’ hand.

Then, she furrowed her brows.

「W-what’s wrong? Is my hand sweaty?」

「No, err…… I just saw a massive number of skills, and can’t tell which is whichーー」

「That’s to be expected.」

Marius nodded.

「Didn’t I say that humans can gain every skill? So there should be many skills he can get, even if some of them are still far. Check some of the nearest skills. There is probably only one or two of them that he can get within a week.」

「……Please wait a minute. I’ll memo them.」

Luna began writing letters on a nearby piece of paper.

After writing a skill name she drew a line.

In such a fashion she wrote several names.

「Luna, what does this mean?」

At first, she wrote three skills, then, drew long lines from them.

The skills branched from there akin to a tree.

All of them had effects similar to the initial written skills, gradually becoming stronger.

「After the skills that immediately can be acquired, other skills are stretched in such a way. What could this mean……」

Marius picked up the paper, then, placed a hand to his chin.

「No idea.」

Why did you have to make such a face then?

Well, it can’t be helped. He doesn’t have the Appraisal skill after all.

I stare at the paper written by Luna.

It’s only my guess, but isn’t this a skill tree? Which skill will become available with future growth?

Each of the first three skills has a number of skills following them, but what follows these skills, are always the stronger version of the initial skills.

Just looking at this is giving me a headache. I’m not good with this sort of mental labor.

「This『Taunt』, isn’t this the skill that Rude and other tanks use?… So I can learn it as well……」

「Even if you do, isn’t it useless for you?」

「Even so, why『Taunt』?」

Luna tilted her head in puzzlement.

Then, Marius hit his palm with a fist.

「Remember that amazing taunt that he used during the incident with the homunculus? Isn’t it because he does that on a daily basis?」

「That’s not true!」

「No, you actually do.」

「Yes, you do.」

Sinanis tried to deny, but his comrades refuted him with serious expressions.

That’s true. The first time I met him I also thought that he was an annoying fellow.

Sinanis choked on his words, and then dropped his shoulders and groaned.

What about other skills?

Katana Mastery and Chain Slash.

Katana Mastery…… Should be a skill that improves one’s ability with a katana. He is close to getting it?

Sinanis frowned, seeing the words Katana Mastery.

「Katana Mastery…… It’s probably that?」

「That’s probably because he practiced in secret, admiring Kensei-san.」

「Ah, as I thought……」

His comrades murmured.

Hearing that, Sinanis stood up.

「Shuddup! Hey, Rude! What do you want from me?! Offense?! Support?!」

「I’d like to ask you to be an offensive support. Support to ensure that Marius’ quick draw hits the enemy.」

At the moment we have no idea how effective Sinanis’ attacks are.

In that case, I’d like to make sure that Marius, who we know can reliably take down skeletons, will be able to hit with his attacks.

「Got it. In that case, I will…… Eh, aren’t all of those skills useless for that?」

「……You are right. Luna, are there any other possible skills?」

「Acknowledged. I will look for more distant skills.」

Luna once again touched Sinanis. She then once again began writing.

More branches appeared.

「Well, that’s about it.」

The number of possible skills increased to 10.

Sinanis sunk deep into thought for a while, looking at that paper. Marius peeked at it from the side.

「Rude, can you leave this rascal to me? I’d like to discuss it with just two of us.」

「I’m Sinanis! Remember it already!」

I think it’s a good idea.

The cooperation during the battle would be actually happening not among six of us, but mostly between Marius and Sinanis, two attackers.

In order to boost it, it would be better for them to learn what each of them is capable of.

「Got it. But don’t do anything too absurd.」

「I know, I know. Then, let’s go, Rascal-kun.」

「Ah, damn it! I will force you to learn my name today! Then, I’ll be off with Marius. Make sure you work hard as well!」

Sinanis left the room with Marius. Then, the sound of a door closing nearby. Probably to Marius’ room.

「Then, next is Arika.」

「Yes! I’ll do my best!」

Arika strengthened her back.

She is a mage.

She is wearing a hat with big fields and a black mantle. It seems to be a bit too big, since sometimes it would slip down, cowering her eyes. At such times she would panically put it back.

Luna wrote down skills on a paper in the same fashion as she did earlier.

She looked at me with an expectant gaze.

「What should I do? When I’m with Sinanis I usually was on offense and healing magic.」

「I’d like you to focus on healing this time. I think I already explained my skills to you. In short, I’m taking damage for everyone. So clutch moments, when healing can’t keep up, happen no matter what.」

「Understood. Then, should I practice with Luna-san?」

「……I guess. Luna is pretty good with magic. I think there is a lot one can learn from her.」

「I’m going to teach?…… I will do my best.」

Luna clenched a fist. But she looks a bit nervous.

Generally, homunculi merely follow orders.

So it’s probably her first experience at this. But if she is going to help with clan work, then there will be a lot of such opportunities in the future. It’s best if she gets used to this.

Crossing out a few skills, Arika looked at me once again.

I also take a look at the paper. It seems there are a few skills that can strengthen healing magic.

I also see 『Heal』among the listed skills.

Skills should have better effects than magic.

And there are also means of combining magic with skills to raise the effectiveness of recovery.

……This is a difficult one.

Arika looked at her possible skills and put a hand on her chin.

She can discuss it with Luna later, but before that, there is one person remaining.

Looking her way I’m met with a cool, composed look.

「Next is my turn?」

With brown hair cut at shoulder length and eyes so blue that they feel almost cold.

Her name is Rafan. Perhaps having some dragonborn’s blood in her, but dragon scales could be seen on her neck and wrists.

The part that set her apart from humans the most is her tail, that was now swaying from side to side.

By the way, she is also the one who ordered and ate the largest amount of food the other day.

In Sinanis’ party, she, who is now sleepily rubbing her eyes, has a position similar to that of a tank.

And she is also the one who I’ll have to train.

……I’m pretty nervous about this as well.


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