Chapter 43: Let’s build a plan


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Luna breathed a small sigh and then looked at me.

「Then, next are Rafan-sama’s skills.」

「……Yes, please.」

Luna put her hand on Rafan’s hand and began reading her skills.

As one would expect of a tank, she has 『Taunt』.

And it seems she also has a skill called 『Shield Bash』.

Infuse the shield with the power of god and attack enemies with it.

If you are lucky, you might be able to instantly KO the opponent. A great skill.

……I wonder if little moments of envy can lead to acquiring the said skill.

But I shouldn’t envy others. One shouldn’t compare oneself to others. I lived with that creed for a long time, so it might be impossible for me for now.

These are all the skills she currently has.

The skills that she can acquire are generally related to tanking.

Which one should she take? That is the question.

「Leader-san, what should I do?」

「For now, I think I will take the role of the tank. I’d like you to act as a sub-tank and take care of one opponent in the meantime.」

「Leave it to me. That is an easy task.」

She fights with a buckler in one hand and a longsword in another.

If she can handle basic combat using these two, it’s enough.

According to my plan, I will take care of multiple opponents, while Rafan will take care of one.

Meanwhile, Marius and Sinanis will cooperate and take them down one by one.

「Then, I will discuss the skills with Arika-sama.」

「Rafan, good luck.」

「Yeah, same to you.」

Arika and Rafan parted by waving hands to each other.

I’m a bit worried if Luna will be able to properly teach Arika, but I don’t have time to worry about them.

That’s because I hardly have any idea how to train Rafan myself.

I never taught anyone.

Teaching the sword to kids that have no experience at all is the most that I did.

The parties to which I belonged until now were mainly focused on labyrinth raids.

Those were people that to some degree already mastered their fighting style. Though we exchanged opinions, one-sided coaching never happened.

I already spent the entirety of the past night, thinking about this without much success. Though in part it’s Luna’s fault since she was using me as a hugging pillow.

「Do you have a skill that you want?」

「Nothing in particular.」

「What would you like to do in combat?」

「Hmm… Never thought about it. I will leave it to you, Leader-san.」

……Easy for you to say.

There is no guarantee that their development here won’t impact them in the future at all.

I can’t take responsibility for her future.

I’d like to take into account her desires as much as possible.

Let’s start with some questions.

「Rafan, why you became an adventurer?」

「I wanted to get stronger. ……A long time ago, I took a trial of Dragonification, but failed.」

Her race has the power called Dragonification. Temporary release of dragon power for a boost in strength, something like a racial skill.

「I see. And how is it after becoming an adventurer?」

「It’s fun, I guess. I’m getting along with Sinanis, and get to eat a lot of tasty stuff every day. And it seems that there is plenty of fun ahead.」

Looks like she is optimistic about the idea of a clan.

That’s a relief.

I take a good look at several skills.

「My personal opinion, I would like you to acquire more defensive skills.」

「Okay, got it. For example?」

「A skill that boosts defense. Protection Shield.」

「……What kind of skill is it?」

「It’s a skill that creates something akin to a barrier. Depending on the amount of magic power put into it, it will protect you from enemy attacks for a short time.」

She said that she is enjoying her current role in the party.

In that case, we should just work in that direction.

This skill will be useful to her even after she returns to Sinanis’ party.

Even I want it.

「Now we have to train for it?」

「……Right. It’s not like we won’t be going for other skills at all, but I think the priority should be on Protection Shield.」

「Got it.」

Rafan made a small nod.

Then, she picked up the paper with the list of skills.

And carefully looked at it.

Are there other skills that she wants?

「Is there a skill that caught your interest?」

「No, not really. Is this all?」

「Yes. ……I guess.」

Since we were only meant to decide on skills, it’s not weird to finish this fast.

Even so, it does feel a bit too fast.

Is it that? Am I too bad at communication?

Should I talk about something else?

……No, Rafan doesn’t seem to be the type that’s fond of idle talk.

There is probably no need to prolong this conversation with just the two of us.

「F-for now, let’s check on the others?」


Yes, this is too much for me. So I decided to seek help from the other two pairs.

Leaving the room together with Rafan, we head to Marius’ room.

Originally, Luna was supposed to use this room alone.

The talk of the two could be heard even outside the door.

「Their discussion sounds pretty passionate.」


I slowly open the door a bit.

Sinanis sat on a chair placed right in the center of the room.

Marius looked at him from the bed.

「Wow, won’t I be the strongest if I master all these skills?」

「Well, certainly stronger than you are now. But, even if you master all of them, even better skills still exist. You should keep that in mind.」

「I know…… Hey, Marius. Can I…… Learn katana as well?」

Marius raised his brows.

Does Marius want to teach a katana to someone?

I’m certainly looking forward to teaching a fellow tank, but…

Marius tilted his head.

「Hmm. You already tried it, right? It requires high concentration for attacks. In a way, it’s close to the way one would fight with magic. Can you do that?」

「Magic…… I’m not good at it. Using my head so much is not for me.」

「Then give it up. Didn’t that swordmaster tell you the same?」

「……You mean Kensei-san? He did. As he said, a katana is not suited for everyone. But even so, I want to become able to use it.」

「Well, I think that a straight sword suits you better though. From what I saw, you are pretty good with it.」

After saying that, Marius stood up.

Coming our way he swung the door open.

「Right, Rude? Isn’t this Rascal pretty good with the sword?」

「Well, yeah.」

「Rude and Rafan? Are you already finished?」

Sinanis turned around to face us.

Rafan replied with a small nod.

「Yeah. What about you?」

「Well, for the most part. Then, only Arika and Luna-san are left, huh. I can’t even imagine them talking. I hope Arika isn’t causing Luna-san any trouble.」

「I don’t think you should worry about that.」

I nod to Marius’ words.

Rejoining with the two we go to the next room.

Apparently, Arika and Rafan are staying there.

As expected, we, the guys, can’t open that door.

Rafan softly opened the door.

「Hey, are you finished?」

Rafan asked.

Then, it sounded like the two ran up to the door.

Coming closer, we saw Arika hugging Luna.

……What happened here?

「Luna-oneesama, I will follow Luna-oneesama forever!」

「……Err, umm. I will follow Master until the end……」

「Then I will follow him with you!」

「Erhm…… Master?」

Luna looked at me, seeking help. I also can’t treat this as someone else’s problem.

Because without my knowing it somehow turned into both of them following me for the rest of their lives.

「What happened…… Arika?」

Asking Luna did nothing since she was just as confused and bewildered.

Arika raised her head, and then looked at Luna with sparkling eyes.

「Luna-oneesama instantly solved all of the worries that I felt when I constructed my spells. All of those jumbled feelings that I carried for a long time, just disappeared…… This must be love!」

「All this from her solving a worry……?」

Personally, I’m glad that the two who I was the most worried about are getting along, but……

I also wanted Luna to have more human contact.

No, this turn of events does seem a little bit strange, but it still can be considered a part of her learning.

Learning about humans.

Arika energetically pulled Luna’s hand.

Luna, twisting her lips, looked at me, pleading for help with her eyes.

That’s an interesting sight.


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