Chapter 45: I’ll say it once again


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「Okay, I got the general idea. It should be okay.」

Hearing my words Rafan tilted her head in puzzlement.

Her eyes expressed clear nervousness.

No, there is no need to get that tense.

I had Rafan demonstrate her ability.

Rafan’s strength is perfectly adequate for a C rank tank.

Or rather, she is quite strong for a C rank adventurer.

Properly trained she should have no problem with keeping the aggro of one skeleton on herself.

「Rafan, what I want you to learn during this training is flawless aggro management.」

「……Okay. Sounds good. Pulling just one monster is also a duty of a tank.」

Rafan’s expression became more tense.

Could it be that this rang some bells with her?

For example, were a party to discover a pack of goblins, if they have a capable tank, then exterminating them one by one becomes possible.

Taunting just one enemy, luring it away from the group.

If she becomes capable of such a feat, it would allow her party to safely exterminate packs of enemies even without a mage.

Adventurers that have some degree of skill, often say, that they would like their tank to be able to do this.

「And also, I want you to get enough technique as not to take hits when you are dealing with one skeleton.」

「……Does that mean that I should undergo Marius-san’s training?」

「No. We will be training directly on the 48th floor.」

「……Are you in your right mind?」

Rafan’s look changed.

As she looked at me with a somewhat reproachful stare, I gave her a nod.

Then, began explaining that this is by no means reckless or useless.

「First of all, if we can, we all should take our training to the 48th floor.」

「……And why is that?」

「Our aim is to reach 51th floor. We still have 3 floors to go. In that case, it obviously would be better to get a first-hand experience with the monsters of those floors.」


「But it is accompanied by danger, as such Marius chose to emulate abilities of the skeletons himself.」

「Then why are we going there?」

「Us, tanks, have to take on multiple enemies while also combating the environment. We have to keep in mind the way enemies cooperate, the rhythm of their attacks, adjusting to them and the situation.」

The same can be said about attackers as well, but it impacts tanks to a greater degree.

That’s because other than keeping track of multiple enemies, we also have to keep track of our allies.

「That’s why we should be training directly on the 48th floor. Then, there is the reason why we can do it somewhat safely. My skills.」

「……That Sacrificial Shield thing?」

It seems she remembers what I told them during our fight with the fieldzauruses.

「Yes. I can take damage in your stead. So you can focus on handling the enemy. During the last investigation, I understood that as long as I don’t go on the offensive I can hold back the skeletons. As a specific course of action, I will focus on defending you, aggroing extra opponents, in case more than one shows up. And if they grow in number, we will pull back to the first floor, and rest there. That’s the gist of it.」

「What about teleportation inside the labyrinth?」

「I can handle up to two people with my magic. Let’s at least try?」

Rafan put a hand to her chin, and after a bit of deliberation made a nod.

「Indeed, with this plan, it should be fine. And even if something goes wrong, we can immediately go back with your magic.」

「Yeah, that’s right. Let’s try.」

Rafan nodded, after which I notified Marius and left the guild training ground.

We head to the entrance of the labyrinth that we visited yesterday.

Reaching there, we are greeted by two adventurers.

One of them was the person that guided us to the 48th floor, and another one whom I didn’t know.

That adventurer first stared at us for a while, then suppressing what appeared like a sudden fit of laughter, hit another adventurer with his elbow.

「You, aren’t you the one from yesterday! Leader of that party with big mouths!」

As he said that, Rafan, who stood beside me, showed an obviously displeased frown.

She looks just as eager to jump at him as Sinanis.

……What an aggressive girl. She just didn’t stand out until now, because Sinanis kept rampaging on his own.

Holding her back with one hand, I lead her inside the labyrinth.

「So, Big mouth-san. Did you come to update the record?」

「Well, you can say that.」

「With the two of you?! HAHAHA, are you okay in the head?」

Looks like the rumor has spread quite far among the adventurers.

But I don’t think that it is bad. In case we manage to beat the record, that boast will turn into reality.

Which in turn will become proof of my strength.

The blue scales on Rafan’s neck keep flickering.

A similar thing happens with dragons as well, which indicates their anger.

This is bad. And as I hurry to stop her,

「Hey, cut the crap. Sorry about this, you two.」

The adventurer, who guided us yesterday, spoke up.

He didn’t seem to have any faith as well, but at the same time, he also wasn’t looking down on us.

This seems to have calmed down Rafan a bit.

Nodding to him, we walk past the adventurers.

While still hearing a ridiculing laugh behind my back, I climb the stairs leading to the first floor.

Then, Rafan blocked my way.

She intently looked at me with her golden eyes.

「Why are you not angry?」

An accusatory tone.

She might just bite me if I give her the wrong answer.

「It’s not like it doesn’t bother me at all.」

「Then why?」

「We are the ones who are supposed to prove our strength. Yes, we surely can show how strong we are right then and there, proving them wrong, but isn’t that what a small fries would do?」

Rafan furrowed her brows slightly.

It doesn’t seem like that convinced her.

So I decided to continue.

「And also…… This is going to become more and more the case from now on, but there is a heavy responsibility on me. A single action of mine can affect the reputation of the clan. The clan to which all of you belong. I’d like it to become a good one.」


Rafan closed her mouth and lowered her eyes.

It’s not like I want her to agree with this.

But I also want her to be aware that there is this line of thought as well.

Agreeing with it or not is another matter entirely.

「Can I be honest?」

「I listen.」

She touched the scales on the back of her neck a few times.

Then, breathed a short sigh and said.

「Sinanis and Arika were admiring you, but I didn’t see why. Of course, it’s not like you are a bad person, and you also have some amazing qualities as an adventurer, but nothing that would make me want to join your clan. 」

「Well…… I knew that you did it because of Sinanis.」

In that aspect, Arika is way more enthusiastic about joining our clan.

Rafan merely happened to be in the same party as them, and that’s all.

「But, hearing you, I decided, I think I will follow you.」

「……I’m glad to hear that. Honestly. Thank you.」

「But it doesn’t mean that I will stay forever. Just like clans choose people, I’m also planning to choose my clan.」

「……Sure, I understand. I’d like to make it a clan which you wouldn’t want to leave.」

Rafan nodded.

Adventurers joining clans have to report it to the country through the guild.

That report finalizes their admission to the clan, making them officially a part of it.

Since my clan is not established yet, Rafan and the others are nothing more than temporary members.

And there is no guarantee that they won’t give up on me after this raid.

I have to do my best.

「Once again, I will be in your care.」

She said and lowered her head. It’s a bit embarrassing if she is going to be so formal about this.

「Yeah, same here.」

I then shake the hand that she offered.

Then, we teleport to the 48th floor.


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