Chapter 47: Pairs


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「……I’m sorry for not telling you about my fear of skeletons.」

「Don’t worry. You can just get used to them from now on. If you are planning on making it as an adventurer, you have to get to the level where you can fight an enemy even if you aren’t good with it.」

「Yes…… I will do my best to overcome it.」

Rafan clenched her fists.

…Thank goodness. My drastic measures didn’t scare her.

If she is taking things positively, then it’s probably going to be okay.

Leaving the labyrinth by evening, we head to the town.

Going back to the guild we found the four others still at the training ground.

Marius seems to be in a good mood. Sinanis doesn’t even twitch.

「Oh, Rude and the dragon girl. I see you made it back in one piece. How did it go?」

「Aah, well…」

Rafan pulled my sleeve.

『Please don’t tell them about it』is what her eyes seem to be saying.

……So she was hiding it from her own party as well.

I don’t plan on hurting her pride.

「Well, it might be impossible right now, but I think Rafan should have no problems with her role.」

「I see. Glad to hear that.」

「By the way, what up with Sinanis lying over there?」

「Apparently, he is tired.」

Marius doesn’t seem to be tired at all.

Well, no way Sinanis can keep up with him and his inexhaustible stamina.

……Sinanius probably did his best as well.

「Da-Damn it…… I can’t lift even one finger…… Rude! Please, carry me to the inn!」

「Can I pass on that? You reek of sweat……」

「Don’t say that and help me! Please, Rude!」

He shouted, moving only his facial muscles.

……No, I’m tired as well, you know?

I was pinning skeletons to the ground. Like a villain would push down a cute girl, I was forcibly holding down skeletons.

That’s quite tiresome. In a way, it served as good training, since I had to use the muscles that usually don’t see that much work.

「I can drag you.」

「I’ll get all dirty! Crap…… Someooone……」

Shouldn’t getting dirty be the last of your concerns in such a situation?

I call out to Luna, who is being hugged by Arika.

「Luna, Sinanis wants someone to carry him. Can you do something with your magic?」

「I can. I can make him float by using wind magic. But the control is a bit difficult, so he might spin a bit.」

「No way! I can’t trouble Luna-san with this!」

Sinanis jumped to his feet. As expected, he didn’t like the idea.

Marius smiled slightly.

「Ooh, looks like we still can continue our training.」

「Ah, no…… Damn…… My legs are shaking…… At most, I can walk… Yeah.」

So he was skipping the training because it was too hard.

Well, Marius probably knew it anyway.

Since he kept silent about this, I guess it means that the training is over for today.

「……You seem to be awfully considerate towards Luna-oneesama.」

Arika gave him a stern look.

「I’m considerate towards everyone! Or rather, aren’t you clinging to Luna-san too much?! Come on, get off her!」

「I have permission from Luna-oneesama. Right, Onee-sama?」

「T-That is, well…… Ehm, Master……?」

「Isn’t it fine? And you look good together.」

「Yeah. Two beautiful girls together make for a pretty good picture.」

Don’t drag me into such conversations.

Go to Shugor with that.

I think he likes that sort of stuff.

「Well, I’m not a demon myself, Rascal-kun. I will lend you my shoulder. If you want, you can even follow the girls’ example and call me Onii-sama?」

「No way, how gross!」

「Ha Ha Ha, no need to be shy.」

Marius chased after Sinanis.

……Aren’t you guys energetic?

If anyone is to call me Onii-sama, then I’d prefer it to be Manicia.

No, I’m fine with Onii-chan as well, like in the old days. ……Will she call me like that again?

「They seem to be getting along.」

「Yeah. I’m glad that everyone grew closer.」


「……What are you doing?」

This startled me.

Rafan furrowed her brown hair and scratched her cheek awkwardly.

「N-no…… Everyone is getting along, and only us……weren’t much like that. I don’t want to lose.」

What a weird place to show a competitive spirit.

「In our case, we are of the opposite sex. So we can’t take the same approach as them.」

We can’t go about this as Marius and Luna.

Even so, Rafan didn’t seem convinced.

For dinner, we decided to go to the second floor of the guild.

The adventurers that noticed us exchanged sneers. Aren’t we quite famous?

Though it bothers me a bit, I have no intention of going out of my way to start something.

The laughing adventurers also aren’t saying anything.

After dinner, we head to the public bath.

That’s the best place to wash away the exhaustion from the whole day of exercise.

After washing my body I soak into the bath.

The temperature is just right. The feeling of fatigue being washed away from the body.

「Hey, Rude. How was Rafan?」

Sinanis came closer, half swimming through the bath.

It’s fine since there are no other people around, but stop splashing near me.

「Yeah. She is a serious girl. And quite a good tank.」

「Obviously. After all, it was I who invited her to the party. She kept taking solo requests all the time.」


Yeah, she doesn’t look like a person who would proactively seek contact on her own.

「That was a good choice. Making it as a solo adventurer is pretty hard.」

She easily could have retired due to a serious injury before ever meeting us.

「Well, I just wanted a tank. I actually was looking for more comrades. To think that we will enter a clan before finding anyone else.」

「Are you…… Against it?」

「Nope. ……And I also think that sticking with you will make things a lot more fun.」

He submerged half of his head underwater.

Then, as I smiled, he turned the other way. He might be a little embarrassed.

「Even so. You are very muscular. You seem to be well-trained, Rude. 」

「Aren’t you the same, Marius.」

Though he isn’t as muscular, Marius has a well-toned body.

Sinanis looked at his stomach and arms and then gave us an envious look.

「I’d like to get like Rude as well.」

「No, you should strive for Marius’ build. No matter how you look at it, you aren’t the type that relies on brute strength.」

「Well, that might be true, but…」

It might be because I entered the bath before everyone else, but I feel a bit dizzy.

「I’ll get out.」

「Yeah, wait for us outside.」

I know, I know.

After changing, I leave the baths.

Thanks to magic tools this area is comfortably cool.

For someone who just left the bath this is too good.

From time to time, the doors leading to the baths would open and let out a stream of hot air.

……I don’t want to leave outside.

As I kept waiting, Rafan came out of the bath.

Faintly red cheeks. The simple clothes that she is wearing, revealed scales on her neck, gleaming with a captivating glitter.

A group of men nearby noticed her and exchanging a few whispers, approached.

But Rafan gave them a displeased glare with her blue eyes.

Noticing fangs of a dragonborn, they shuddered and went towards other women.

Seeing me, Rafan approached with a soft smile.

「Rude-san, you are fast.」

「You too.」

I had the impression that women take their time in the bath. That was true for both Nin and Manicia.

Luna is the type to stick to the minimum necessities, but she probably got caught by Arika.

「I have the blood of dragonborn, so even merely rinsing is enough.」


Then, she took her time today?

I sat on a nearby sofa.

「Rude-san, about today…… Thank you.」

「What do you mean?」

「I mean skeletons…… You stuck with me for the training.」

「Isn’t it just normal to help precious comrades if they are in trouble? And well, we need you to clear the 48th floor.」

She is a valuable member of our clan.

If a clan member is in trouble, helping him is only natural for a clan leader. At least I think so.

Rafan smiled a bit bashfully.

「……I’m not as strong as other dragonborn. And I also was mocked for being afraid of skeletons.」

「Everyone has a thing or two they are afraid of.」

「Even you, Rude-san?」


My last taste of fear was when a well-endowed lady walked past me and I accidentally followed her with my eyes, which was noticed by Manicia, who came with me for shopping.

That was truly terrifying.

It’s not like I had any interest in her. My eyes just reflexively followed her. No, honestly.

「What are you afraid of?」

「I have a certain friend, who can be as scary as a demon. That’s what I’m afraid of.」

「I see. That must be a pretty amazing person, to be able to scare even Rude-san.」

Usually, she is a cute and kind girl though.

Especially lately, since she comes to get spoiled. That makes me extremely happy.

「One just has to gradually get used to it. I will be at your side, protecting you until then.」

「……Yes, thank you. I will definitely become able to beat skeletons.」

Having said that, she swung her tail.

After I waited with Rafan for a while, everyone else came out of the baths as well.

After which we returned to the inn and went to sleep.


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