Chapter 49: Start of subjugation II


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

After teleporting we started to climb the stairs leading to the 50th floor and were finally able to take a breather.

Until now we already took several breaks, when we had a chance. But due to the spawn rate of the skeletons, we couldn’t take adequate rest.

I take a sip from the flask that Sinanis’ party brought.

「Hey, Rude. Do you think there is a boss on the next floor?」

「……Who knows.」

Considering the layout of this labyrinth, the possibility of a boss waiting on the 50th floor is extremely high.

Or rather, we came this far under that assumption.

「If it seems like we can beat it, we will fight, but for the most part, we are here to recon. If it looks bad we immediately escape and work on new countermeasures.」

「I see. Well, we got this good. What’s left is to push as far as we can.」

Looks like Sinanis found extra confidence along the way.

While appearing bold, he is pretty level-headed. At the same time, it can be even said that he is a bit cowardly.

Perhaps it is because of that cowardice that he keeps making bold statements.

In a way, it feels like he came to a certain line, but is afraid to step over it.

If he keeps challenging stronger opponents, like now or that time with the fieldzauruses, he might grow stronger.

「We did it, somehow…… But to be honest, it wasn’t easy at all.」

Rafan said, wiping sweat from her brow.

Compared to her, Arika, who stood beside her, appeared quite nonchalant.

「Being in the vanguard looks like a lot of trouble…… We, the rear, didn’t fight at all, so for us, it’s like a walk in a park.」

「It’s probably because of the high effectiveness of Rude-san’s taunt. Monsters didn’t even look at those in the rear.」

「Yeah. Since Rude-sama is protecting us, we can calmly focus on using magic.」

Well, that’s my job after all.

And spellcasters are especially influenced by their state of mind. I have to be dependable.

After taking plenty of rest, and making sure that everyone recovered enough, we proceeded up the stairs.

「Then, onwards to the 50th floor.」

Each step I take on the stairs resounds through the air.

Stepping into the unknown has a certain excitement to it.

And after we climbed all the way to the top. We saw scenery not so different from the two previous floors.

The layout of this labyrinth just never changes.

Though it’s a bit anticlimactic, we can’t drop our guard because of this.

With me as the vanguard and Marius as a rearguard, we cautiously press forward.

But not even a single skeleton would show up.

……This is suspicious.

Glancing back, I see the way too delighted Marius.

Must be nice to be you, not thinking about anything at all…… Putting my hand to the forehead I say to Sinanis and the others.

「Not even a single normal monster. Good possibility that there is a boss.」


「Luna, for starters, look and see, keep the spell ready to get us out any moment. If by some chance this will prove too dangerous, run away while I stall for time, leaving without me. After I confirm that everyone managed to escape, I will retreat as well.」

「……Yes, acknowledged.」

That’s why I learned Dungeon Walk. It is because it is a tank who will be asked to act as a rearguard during the retreat.

Now, what will come out?

If it’s a boss monster, I hope it’s not too powerful. Well, no way that would be true.

After we advanced through the 50th floor for a bit, the ground in front of us began swelling up.

……Skeletons? But considering the size, it probably isn’t.

Pitch black bones. The air felt heavy from merely looking at them. Those bones must be very tough.

Eyes shining with blue light and a magic stone where it’s heart should be, resembling the skeletons we faced so far.

The enemy is clad in something like a dirty coat.

Riddled with holes, it looked as if he just came back from a battlefield.

He swung a sword he held in his right hand. The long and thick black sword cut through the air.

If I were to give this one a name, I guess it would be Dark Skeleton.

Marius’ smile grew even wider upon seeing that slash.

「I’d like to put him in my labyrinth. I hope he can be recreated from the magic stone.」

「If we manage to take him down I’m taking the magic stone to the guild.」

「I know, I know. So, Rude. How are we going to defeat him? He seems to be a hell of a master.」

Marius looked at me, clearly eager for a fight.

Letting them fight is the easiest way to gauge the ability of that skeleton.

「Marius. If it looks dangerous I will intervene.」

「Yeah, yeah. Well, sorry if I defeat him on my own.」

You are welcome to do it. If you can.

As Marius stepped forward, we fell back to avoid drawing the attention of the Dark Skeleton to ourselves.

Dark Skeleton’s blue eyes fixed on Marius.

He probably recognized Marius as an enemy.

Dark Skeleton raised his sword to the level of his head. ……It’s quite long.

The stance is somewhat similar to what the skeletons of the 48th floor had. If he uses the same style then the previous experience will prove useful.

And as the complete silence dominated the space, Dark Skeleton kicked off the ground.

He’s fast! It took him only a split second to close the distance with Marius.

Dark Skeleton swung the sword from the overhead down.

Marius blocked that attack with the katana that he slightly pulled out of the sheath.

But he is pushed back with the clash.

Dark Skeleton took another swing before Marius managed to recover.

Another slash from the overhead position, which was followed by a thrust, probably aimed to corner Marius.


It seems Marius was waiting for that opportunity.

Until now it used the same style as other skeletons.

Which means that the next move will leave him wide open.

Marius immediately pulled his katana and slashed at Dark Skeleton, but Dark Skeleton managed to pull back his sword and block the attack.


Marius pouted. But the smile didn’t leave his face. ……He is enjoying this.

He has adaptability. Dark Skeleton leaped away, and once again pointed a sharp stare at Marius.

He is fast and agile. And there is something like black fog oozing from the body of Dark Skeleton.

Is it supposed to give some sort of status ailment?

There are a lot of such monsters in this labyrinth.

There is a good possibility that he might do something similar as well.

「Marius, we are going to reveal all of his cards. We will attack while observing him.」

「Kuh, just a bit more! Can you let me fight him alone for a bit more?!」

「No, you are a valuable war force, I don’t want to waste your strength on this. It’s only my guess, but it probably will be a long fight. We need your power, please, bear with it.」

「Got it……」

Marius twisted his lips in a frown.

As we switched to action, Dark Skeleton turned his gaze our way.

Before he could decide on a target on his own, I threw a Taunt.

For a moment, the blue eyes of Dark Skeleton shone with red light.

Then, he pointed his sword at me.

The black fog swirling around his arms turned even thicker, and the next moment, he disappeared from our sight.

As if he melted into darkness.

I use the greatshield to block the attack that came from my right.

It’s pretty heavy.

He kept pressing, increasing the strength.

Some might say that going along with this contest of strength is stupid.

For a moment I weakened my strength, and then pushed back with full force.

After receiving a bash from me, Dark Skeleton immediately stepped back and fixed his stance.

「Sinanis, try to attack him from the right.」

Making full use of his speed, Sinanis slashed at Dark Skeleton.

The attack scratched his left hand, sending black splinters into the air.

Upon touching the ground they turned into lesser black dark skeletons.

This again?

The number of new skeletons was two. But the aura they had about them was nothing like that of the skeletons on the previous floors.

This is what I wanted to confirm.

Dark Skeleton charged at me the moment I tried to issue new instructions.

I blocked his sword with the shield. The thrust is quick and precise.

And I have no intention of simply taking it head-on. Turning around, I shift it aside.

But Dark Skeleton didn’t miss that and immediately pulled back. And swung his leg at me.

I receive that kick with the sword.

…Quite an impact.

And he doesn’t have muscles, how does this even work?

「Rafan, pull one lesser dark skeleton.」

「Got it.」

「Marius, Sinanis. Take care of it as you did with normal skeletons.」

If we can do that, it would leave only the question of how are we going to take down Dark Skeleton.

I aggro Dark Skeleton and a lesser skeleton.

Their combination attack can even make one suspect that they share the same mind.

Covering for each other they keep slashing at me, cornering me with each attack.

Lesser skeletons are somewhat inferior to Dark Skeleton in their fighting ability.

I can push through them through brute strength.

But Dark Skeleton is different.

I’m quite sure that taking even one hit would mean opening myself to a chained attack that will take a huge chunk of my outer shell. That’s how impressive his swordsmanship is.

That’s how threatening he is. But this sense of danger, almost burning my skin, is also nice.

Sinanis and the others took down their lesser dark skeleton and came to my support.

They easily took care of another lesser skeleton. This leaves only the main one.

「We can do it! This Dark Skeleton is not that strong for a boss!」

This is obviously not true.

He wields his sword skillfully, and each blow is heavy.

Only I and Marius can take that.

But I said this anyway, to boost morale.

Sometimes, this is what is required from a leader.

In fact, Sinanis and the others are brimming with enthusiasm.

Once again, Dark Skeleton slashed at me with his longsword.


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