Chapter 52: Newspaper reporter


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

「Then, Rude-san. I’m looking forward to working with you today.」

「Y-yea. Same here.」

Headquarters of Avancier’s militia.

I came there for a meeting.

Wearing the same outfit I usually wear for official meetings, I get to the seat.

On the opposite side of the table is a beastkin female…… A reporter from the capital’s newspaper.

After glancing at my face, she began writing something.

Looking at the paper in front of her I saw that she was drawing my face.

Though she keeps it simple, she is pretty good.

I heard that there are skills that allow drawing portraits that look exactly like the person.

And also that owners of such skills often become newspaper reporters.

The reason why she came here today is simple.

……She heard that the long-standing record was finally broken.

I returned to Avancier after finishing the subjugation and talking with the clan leaders for a bit.

The reporter smiled at me with a friendly, innocent smile.

「Please, don’t be so nervous. It’s not like your words will be put into the article exactly as you say them. I will edit it nicely.」

As she said jokingly, her tail swayed left and right.

Her words relieve my nervousness a bit.

After all, it’s my first time doing anything like this. Rather, wouldn’t it be weird if I wasn’t nervous?

It is the newspaper from the capital.

Though it takes time for it to reach every corner of the country, nonetheless, it’s still a newspaper read by every person living here.

And it will contain an article about me. With a portrait on top of that. ……I won’t be able to do anything funny anymore.

As I took a deep breath, Nin, who sat beside me, narrowed her eyes.

It wouldn’t be too much to say that she was glaring.

「Don’t be fooled. Anything goes for their folk as long as they can grab attention. They can greatly exaggerate or even distort they story if it suits them.」

「Oh no, Saintess, how can you say such a thing.」

……Apparently, Nin had a few such interviews.

She was interviewed both as a saintess and as the third daughter of a duke.

So she showed no signs of nervousness at all.

Looking at how she usually behaves it’s not hard to forget that she is a duke’s daughter, but after all, she is a noble.

「Anyway, I’m counting on you today, Rude-san.」

I nodded, as the reporter beamed with a smile.

「Then, let’s start from the relationship between the two of you!」

「What about the labyrinth?」

「Love stories are a lot more popular than that stuff that no one beside adventurers would read! The third daughter of a duke and a saintess, every man in this world dreams of her!」

「Okay, the headline should be like this. Announcement of the engagement.」

「OOOh, really?!」

「No, it’s not. ……We were in the same party. That’s all.」

I interject, so they won’t get carried away and make up a weird article.

That aside, it seems my words caught the attention of the reporter, as she narrowed her eyes, looking at me.

「The same party…… You were previously in the hero’s party? As far as I’m aware the saintess never entered any other party.」

「……Yes, Kygras’ party.」

「Ah, that ex-hero. These days we don’t hear about him at all. Well, it works for me as well, so it’s fine, Stripped of his title as a hero, he disappeared, never seen by anyone since that day, would make for a fine article, don’t you think?」

「I see……」

So they heard nothing, huh.

But that’s him we are talking about. He is surely continuing as an adventurer somewhere.

「Rude-san, what were you doing in the hero’s party? Were you an attacker? Tank? Or maybe healer?」

「I’m a tank.」

When I replied, the reporter opened her eyes slightly wider and then proceeded to write in her notes.

「Oh, that’s unusual. People like to complain that tanks are plain and don’t stand out, so there aren’t many of them lately.」

She said bluntly.

Don’t say such a thing in front of a tank. Some might get seriously pissed by that.

「That… Might be so. Yet, it is a necessary and rewarding role. Having one or not can decide the life or death of the party.」

「Huh, I see… Were you fighting as a tank during the last raid as well?」

「Yes. With the help of my friendsー Clan members, Sinanis and Marius, and adventurers named Arika, Rafan, and Luna, we were able to succeed in this raid.」

I mentioned Luna the very last on purpose. That’s because I didn’t want to bring additional attention to her since she is a homunculus.

I smile a bit, recalling the moment we reached the 51st floor.

Then, the reporter tilted her head

「Clan, you say?」

「Yes. I’m going to create a clan, based in this town.」

「Could it be that the saintess is going to join it as well?」

「Yes, of course.」

「That’s quite interesting! What is the name of the clan?」

……That’s what I still haven’t decided yet.

I’d like something cool, on par with『Black Dragon Fangs』and『White Tiger Claws』.

「We are yet to decide. This is something we are going to consider in the future.」

But no good name comes to mind.

Let’s ask the others later.

Maybe they can give me some ideas.

「Is that so? It would be better if I could mention it in the article, so please decide on it while I’m still around.」

「……I see. For how long are you going to stay?」

「3 days, I guess? I suddenly got an urge to investigate the town itself as well!」

……That could become a great advertisement.

Well, it’s not like I want to get a bunch of people, but even so, I’d like to find members that can become the core of the clan.

For that, it would be better if we get noticed by as many people as possible.

「Could it be, that you went to the city of adventurers to get under the banner of『Black Dragon Fangs』or『White Tiger Claws』?」

Similarly to noble houses, clans can have main clans and branch clans.

That’s probably what her question means.

There is a plus of being able to use the name of the main clan, but there is also a minus of having to consult with them on every important decision concerning the clan.

「No. I had no such intentions. ……I went there to hear thoughts of the two leaders on clans and the proper disposition of a leader.」

「Oooh… Is that so? That’s unusual, so you aren’t going to ally with either of them?」

「Well, probably. ……I also told the two clan leaders about my plans on making the clan that will surpass them.」

When I said that, the eyes of both Nin and the reporter went wide.

……Well, can’t blame them if they think that was impulsive and reckless.

「You…… Did you say that to the faces of the leaders of the two biggest clans? Wow, nice.」

Nin smiled, amused.

Well, she is quite warlike after all.

「……And here I thought of exaggerating the story a bit and writing that you said something like this. Did you tell this to them directly?」

「Yes. ……You can say it was my way of hardening my resolve. If you don’t have at least this much determination, you can hardly be a good clan leader.」

The eyes of the reporter narrowed.

「Is that to protect this town?」


「I see… Becoming a clan leader in such a town will surely bring you the adoration of its citizens.」

「Prestige or adoration are not what I’m looking for. ……I just want to protect this town, that’s all.」

The reporter wrote something once again.

I wonder what she’s writing, I can’t see it from here.

「So you’re saying that you don’t need anything else?」

「……I guess you can say that. I simply wanted to create a clan. Getting an opportunity from the Count…… I decided to give it a try.」

「Ooh…… I see, I understand now.」

Well, if there is something that I desire…… Then I guess it would be for Manicia to say 『Onii-chan, you are so cool.』.

The reporter nodded with a satisfied smile.

After that, we talked about what happened in the labyrinth.

……But she wasn’t as interested as when we were talking about the clan.

「Yes, that is the last of my questions. Thank you very much.」

「Yeah. Same here.」

I shook the hand she offered me.

I wonder what kind of article she will write.

While a bit nervous, I’m also looking forward to it.


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