Chapter 53: Feel’s naming sense


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Clan’s name, huh.

Lying on the bed in my room, I think about the clan name, the topic that was also brought up by the reporter.

There has to be something.

「What’s wrong, Nii-san?」

Manicia entered the room and sat beside me.

「Well, you see. I was thinking about the clan’s name.」

「Which reminds me, you wanted to make one. If there is anything I can help you with, I will assist.」

She looks extremely happy.

It might be because I said that『I found what I want to do.』.

「Then, I’d like to ask for your advice. I can’t think of any good clan name.」

「Is that so…… Are there any rules or traditions for the names?」

「I’d say no.」

From what I’ve heard, there is even a clan called『Chummy Busters』.

Many clans borrow letters from the ancient language. It makes the name appear a bit cooler.

「Manicia, do you have any ideas?」


Manicia looked around in thought.

Damn it, Manicia seems to be troubled. I’m such a bad brother.

This deserves capital punishment.

「How about words that will represent you, the clan leader?」


「Yes. Maybe something alluding to a shield? And the clan is also meant to protect this town, right?」

「Are you a genius?」

「That’s not true.」

No, she is a genius.

Taking Manicia’s advice into account, I begin thinking anew.

Shield, shield……

I can’t think of anything cool that would’ve involved shields.

After I spent some time on this, Luna came into the room, carrying the laundry.

She was wearing a maid outfit.

Luna is often wearing it when she is working at home. Looks like she likes it.

I also had other worries besides the clan.

That was the fact that Manicia refused to even try maid clothes.

I wonder if saying that she will then have matching clothes with Luna will prove effective?

I actually bought another outfit in the city of adventurers.

I tried to suggest it to her, but she refused, saying that it’s embarrassing.

「What’s wrong, Master?」

「A clan needs a name, right? So I’ve been thinking about it.」

「But aren’t you pretty good at giving names? Like you did with me?」

She happily clasped a fist in front of her chest.

……Well, that’s because I merely took a part from an already existing name.

So it’s not like I thought it up myself.

But well, there is no need to get this worked up just because it’s a clan name.

Luna went to the kitchen, beginning meal preparations.

We head to the living room to help her.

Then, Nin emerged from her room with a sleepy face.

「Aah, I want to sleep.」

She doesn’t look like a noble lady of a duke’s house at all.

Since she just woke up, her voice is lower than usual.

The amazing bed hair, tells a lot about the way she sleeps and her personality in general.

She then sat next to Manicia.

「Nin-san, you have an amazing bed hair.」

「Ah, you’re right. Well, it will fix on its own before long.」

「Let me help you. You can’t appear in front of other people in such a messy state.」

Nin brushed it with a hand, trying to fix it, but the unruly hair just sprung back.

Manicia brought a hairbrush and began brushing Nin’s hair.

「I don’t want to be a saintess anymore. You know, men just keep whispering behind my back? That I have no chest and so on.」

「Of course, you don’t have a chest after all. Don’t let it bother you. Ah, please don’t move. I can’t brush you like this.」

They are like sisters. I’m glad that they are getting along.

Nin is busy with the church lately. Perhaps due to that, but it seems like she regressed a bit, becoming more childlike.

They finally finished the work on the magic stone capable of displaying God’s Revelation, and with that, many adventurers are coming to the church.

……Well, though for the most part, it felt like they came to see the saintess.

From time to time I can see her getting cramps on her face since she has to smile so much.

From my point of view, she looks like she is about to explode in anger at such moments.

Nin came back to her senses by the time Luna brought breakfast.

My life didn’t change that much after I came back from the city.

I keep patrolling the town, all the same, assisting the local militia.

At times Luna might come with me, but that’s it.

But now, Luna often stays in her room.

Also, the fieldzaurus egg, that we picked up earlier, began shaking more often.

I don’t know how long it takes for a monster egg to hatch, but it seems that it’s about time.

「Oh, is that Rude. Are you on your own today? That’s rare.」

「Good morning, Rude-san.」

「Good morning, Rude-sama!」

It’s Sinanis’ party.

They came back to this town with us.

「Morning. Going to take a quest?」

「Probably. It seems that there is an increase in the sightings of goblins. So we are going to investigate and exterminate.」

「Goblins, huh. Don’t drop your guard just because you are dealing with goblins.」

「I know, I know. I’ve been fighting nothing but bones and Marius. I have to get the usual feeling back. So I’m going to crush them with my all!」

Sinanis said, pumping his fist.

Well, considering how cautious he is, there probably should be no problem.

「By the way, have you guys thought up of any ideas for the clan name?」

I asked them to think about this when we were getting on the carriage to the town.

Sinanis made a low groan.

Arika and Rafan averted their gazes.

「No ideas here. None at all.」

「Same here…… I’m not good with such stuff.」

「……I’m extremely sorry! I gave it a serious thought, but couldn’t come up with anything!」

Arika repeatedly bowed.

「No, it’s fine. As the clan leader, I will take responsibility and come up with the name.」

「G-Go for it! I can only root for you! But I’m going to do that a lot!」

「Me too…… We believe in you.」

「Well, I’ll tell you if I think of something.」

「Sure. Then, take care not to get hurt.」

Sinanis and others headed to the gates.

……Yeah, clans are not that simple.

As I walked through the town, a person, clad in full armor appeared.

That must be Feel.

She was walking in full battle gear through the streets that were filled with a lot more people than before.

Apparently, she is too shy to walk through such crowds unless she does this much.

「Feel, good morning.」

「Yes. Good morning, Rude. ……Something happened?」

「No, nothing.」

She raised the visor a bit, looking somewhat relieved.

Something happens almost daily as of late, so she appears to be getting nervous.

I understand her.

But what I noticed is that there is no point in dwelling over it, it will only wear you out.

「Rude, are you on patrol as well?」

「Yes. How are things lately? The town seems to be a lot calmer than it was before I left.」

「Well, compared to that, sure. One of the knights arrived in the town ahead of his group. Thanks to that the adventurers in the town act with more restraint now. As one would expect, the possibility of knights taking action serves as a good deterrent.」

「……I see. So there is no need for a clan anymore?」

「That’s not the case. If we had a clan then adventurers would behave even better. And what’s even more important, if we have some kind of a serious incident, the clan would be able to take the lead and rally other adventurers.」

Feel looked at me expectantly.

Walking beside her, I smile wryly.

「I’m going to Milena’s place. Want to go with me, Rude?」

「Yeah, I wanted to visit them later. Let’s go together.」

I asked Regil-san to repair my greatshield and the sword.

I used them quite a lot in the labyrinth.

「Okay, let’s go.」

Feel turned her gaze to the street leading to the smith.

A huge crowd, as always. Especially because he is the only blacksmith we have in the town.

Naturally, adventurers would crowd there.

Turning pale at that sight, Feel lowered the visor.

「Feel. I’m having trouble with finding a good name for the clan, do you have any ideas?」

「Clan name, huh. Anything is okay, right?」

「Well, yeah……」

Then, I recalled the name of the dog that she has.

An old dog that she has had for a long time. The name is Nyanpee. Apparently, Feel was the one who gave it that name. I don’t think that asking her is a good idea.

「Is there anything you absolutely want to be associated with the clan? A word or an object……」

I don’t know what kind of expression she is making, but she seems to be very motivated about coming up with a name.

Well, since I already asked.

「I asked Manicia about this earlier, and she said that a shield might be good, firstly it represents me, the clan leader, and secondly, it represents the will to protect the town.」

「I see. Manicia gets this well. How about『Shieldie』?」

Feel said, full of confidence. Can’t she take it more seriously? It’s not a pet.

「Thank you. I will use it as a reference.」

「Sure, don’t hesitate to ask me again. I have other good picks as well.」

Feel said happily.

Running from that conversation I hurry inside the blacksmith store.

The place was lively and crowded on a level that was completely unimaginable before.

Until now most of the clients were militia after all. So Regil-san ran the place basically as his hobby.

Numerous adventurers were browsing weapons and accessories.

Most of the adventurers that looked at accessories were female.

Even so, 80% of customers are men.

Milena is dealing with the customers, running back and forth. Waiting until things calmed down a bit Feel then called out to her.

「Milena, is everything alright?」

「Yes, no problem.」

「I see. Fine then.」

The blacksmith gets especially many people.

And more people also means more trouble.

Noticing Feel the adventurers became quieter.

Feel also had to step up a few times to stop brawls between adventurers.

There is hardly anyone who doesn’t know her by now.

After all, she has a hell of presence, walking around in full plate armor at all times.


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