Chapter 54: Collecting stuff


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「Rude, what brings you here? Do you need something from Father? Or maybe… Me?」

She said in a teasing tone, putting a finger to her cheek and then winking.

「Both, I guess. I entrusted Regil-san with some of my equipment. And I wanted to ask you if you happen to have some good ideas for the clan name.」

「The clan name?」


As I explained to her the situation just as I did with Feel, she put a hand to her chin.

「Hmm, I don’t know much about clan names, but clans also have banners, right? Why don’t you go with your shield then?」

「I see…… Interesting idea.」

「What? Did you forget about that? Then leave it to me, I’ll make a nice one.」

She puffed her chest.

Clan banner, huh.

『Black Dragon Fangs』banner has a dragon and fangs. 『White Tiger Claws』looked like a scratch from a tiger.

My greatshield, huh.

For starters, let’s get it back from Regil-san.

And as I was about to head to Regil-san, I felt the intense gaze of Feel on me.

As if she was saying 『Do you have a problem with the name that I suggested?』.

……At times, honesty can bring unexpected problems.

My only reply was a wry smile.

「Milena, Regil-san is inside?」

「Yes. And he also said that he is done with your greatshield.」

「Got it. I’m going in.」


After that short reply from Milena, I went into the working area.

Today the furnace wasn’t burning so it wasn’t hot.

Even so, a number of unfamiliar weapons were lined up at the stone wall of the forge.

The greatshield was among them, right near the entrance.

It was visibly damaged after continuous fighting, but now not even a scratch could be seen on its shiny surface.

I do the necessary maintenance, but it can’t be compared to the work of a professional.

After all, he has the skill for that.

Due to hot summer weather, Regil-san was topless. Since no one is coming to the forge he probably wanted to use that chance and stay as cool as possible.

Even so, he was covered in sweat, so from time to time he would stop his work and wipe himself off with a towel.

Right now, he is working on repairing a sword. As he is focused, it seems he is yet to notice me entering the room.

Probably a commission from one of the adventurers.

There also were a few items not made by Regil-san.

Only after I came closer Regil-san finally raised his head.

「Oh, Rude. Did you come for the shield? It’s over there.」

He pointed at it with his finger.

I received my shield shining the same way as when I just bought it.

「Thank you. Regil-san, did you make arrangements with the guild?」

「Well, yeah, all kinds of them. The matter of trade in materials also was settled. I should be able to get them relatively cheap, so that’s something. After all, we now can get magic ore from the labyrinth!」

「Oh, really?」

「Yeah. And also herbs. Granny Gigi was overjoyed. All of it is of the lowest grade though. But higher floors might have even better stuff!」

Regil-san said happily.

For now, we made only the most inferior materials available, but it seems it worked well.

To answer their expectations we have to set up magic ores and herbs of higher grades.

I’ll have to speak with Marius about this later.

He actually ditched all of the newly purchased materials at my home.

I’ll have to bring them to him.

「Regil-san, can I ask you something?」

「Hm? What?」

「……I’m having trouble with picking the clan name. So I’ve been wondering if maybe you have any good ideas?」

「Clan name, huh…… You are a tank, so why don’t you just go with Silver Shield or something?」

Regil-san said, pointing at my greatshield.

……Silver Shield, huh.

「Well, no idea how that stuff works. There are smiths that give names to their weapons and armor, but I hate that stuff.」

「Is that so……」

When Regil-san mentioned the silver shield I remembered.

That’s what the tag for the shield was at the store where I bought it.

「That’s how it is, so don’t ask me. Better ask young guys. They will probably come up with something nice.」

But it didn’t look like Sinanis had any ideas.

「Got it, thank you for the input.」

「Sure. Don’t do anything rash!」

He probably became worried after seeing how battered the shield was.

I’m actually trying to be careful here. But even so, let’s keep in mind that there are people who worry about me.

As I returned to the store, the number of female customers was higher.

Many of them were gathered near the counter.

Peeking there, I see that it has necklaces, bracelets, and trinkets decorated with magic stones.

Though their effects are not that great, these are still tools meant to support adventurers, yet all of them have quite a cute design.

Even so, adventurers tend to prefer effectiveness over fashion……

Seeing such pieces is pretty unusual. The necklace with a red magic stone, that I have on me, also often gathered envy from female adventurers.

「Milena, this one is so cute.」

「Right? I’m quite happy with how it turned out. I can sell it cheap now.」

「Sure, I’ll buy it!」

Female adventurers keep taking accessories one after another.

……So they care about looks more than effectiveness.

Well, it’s not like accessories have that much of a major impact.

So such an approach is probably not a problem.

More and more female adventurers gather. Milena keeps happily selling them accessories.

Meanwhile Feel moved to the corner, and froze in place near a set of armor that was displayed for sale.

Is she trying to use it for camouflage?

Quite splendid. I didn’t notice her at first.

「Feel. I’m done here, want to go back to patrolling?」

I have no business here anymore.

Feel dropped her shoulders, startling nearby adventurers that just came in.

……They probably thought that this is just an armor.

「Y-yeah…… To think there would be so many visitors…… I guess I lost another place where I could rest……」

I reply by smiling wryly.

Our next stop is the guild.

The building is also nearly finished.

Unlike the one in the city of adventurers, the guild in Avancier is built out of wood.

With its design, it blends nicely into the townscape.

But it seems like they are not ready to operate at full capacity yet.

The temporary tent seems hectic.

The usually lazy twins are running back and forth.

They are busy dealing with numerous adventurers that came to visit the guild.

Feel came closer and called the twins.

「Lilia, Lily. How are things in the guild?」

「We are really busy. All of a sudden it’s now possible to collect materials in the labyrinth, so we are getting many requests for that, and there are also new monsters…… To be honest it’s such a pain.」

Lilia replied.

「Same here…… I want to ditch everything and just go somewhere……」

「Please, don’t say that.」

Feel said with a wry smile.

……There is something in their tone, did she manage to get on good terms with the twins?

I’m so touched by this amazing growth.

「The militia and the guild seem to be working well together.」

「So, you are going to make a clan after all, Rude?」

Lilia asked, tilting her head with a blank face.


「Do your best and reduce our workload.」

「Yes, please do.」

「……Well, I’ll try. That aside, just when did you two become friends with Feel?」

Other members of the guild also tried to talk with Feel, but she remained just as nervous as before when dealing with them.

「She made a cake for us!」

Lily said with a sparkle in her eyes.

Lilia took Lily’s hands.

「It was really tasty. It can be even said what that is the only reason why we work.」

……So she bought them with food…

Cooking is Feel’s hobby.

And she is quite good at it. She also happens to be the one who is teaching Manicia.

「Well, whatever, as long as you are getting along.」

「Rude, one small question.」

Lilia forcefully pulled my hand and whispered into my ear.

Did you really have to do this?

「Did something happen with the guardian?」

「……Why do you ask?」

「We talked about problems with monster variation and resources, and the next thing, it’s all fixed. I thought you might have something to do with this.」

「……I do. I talked about this with the guardian…… Marius. And as it turned out, there was a way to fix this.」

「I see. It smells like trouble, so I will pretend I didn’t hear that. If you can, add some fruits there as well. I’d prefer something sweet.」

「……Is that how you pretend not to hear?」

Lilia and Lily exchanged glances and went away.

……They are as close as always.

「Feel, where are you going next?」

「My patrol ends here. I already visited the church and the spots where adventurers gather.」

「Got it. Then I will go back home as well.」

「Okay. Thank you for coming along. ……It was fun.」

「Same here. Then, see you later.」

I waved my hand and parted with Feel.


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