Chapter 56: Formation of the Clan


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「So as long as I provide a comfortable labyrinth for adventurers I should have no problem gathering energy.」

「But doesn’t that pose a problem to the operation of the labyrinth? I mean, don’t you have a duty as a guardian to defeat intruders?」

「No, not really. Just having adventurers stay in the labyrinth for a while will provide enough energy for the labyrinth to function.」

Indeed, from what I heard so far, there shouldn’t be a problem.

「So I want to entertain adventurers to make them stay for as long as possible. That’s why I want to make this floor. ……The most basic thing I can put there would be restaurants or food stalls.」

「I think there is one huge problem to it though.」

「What? Too much energy will be spent on preparations? Don’t worry about that.」

「No, that’s not what I’m talking about…… Be it food or be it entertainment…… If you want to provide such services, you will need some sort of a guide capable of talking with humans?」


Marius frowned.

Then, grabbed his head. Looks like he is seriously troubled.

「You didn’t think about that?」

「N-no…… I knew that I would need humanoid monsters, but… No, really. The magic stones that I purchased in the city of adventurers are those of succubi and lamias. So it’s not like I didn’t think about this at all!」

「……Succubus? And Lamia?」

「If trained, they might learn to speak…… But, yeah… The only hope is evolution, huh.」

Marius groaned and grumbled.

After that, he sunk deep into thought. A goblin nearby tried to use that chance, reaching out for cookies, but was met with a quick glance from Marius.

The goblin probably thought that his sneaky maneuver was exposed, and shook his head in terror.

「Hey, goblin, can you speak?」

Marius asked, tilting his head.

The goblin sighed, looking relieved, and then hit himself in the chest.

「Gob gobbu!」

And said, full of confidence.

No, you can’t speak at all.

And in the first place.

「Let me just tell you, I’d be pretty creeped out if a goblin served me with that fiendish mug. As for Succubi and Lamias…… While there are some pretty looking ones, there are also some pretty monster-like ones as well, right?」

Just try and put aprons on goblins and make them do customer service. Some might even faint.

The goblin opened his mouth in surprise and then dropped his shoulders.

One of the fieldzauruses put its forefoot on the goblin’s shoulder as if comforting it.

「Well, you are right.」

Marius nodded with a sigh. Hearing that the goblin became even more depressed.

「……Well, when it comes to looks, I do have some ideas.」

「Oh, really?」

「Yeah, don’t we have this? As cute as a real human.」

Marius pointed with both hands to the human slime.

The human slime immediately took the shape of Manicia, as if bragging.

Don’t you dare serve customers looking like that. I’ll die of envy.

「Looking back at it, when we made the human slime, it took more energy than usual. This means, pouring more energy increases the chances of getting a good monster. Combining that with the right magic stones and it should be possible to aim for certain monsters to some degree…… Probably. I want to give it another try later.」

「I see……」

Beautiful monsters certainly do exist.

There are even rumors of adventurers specializing in them.

At times, one can even encounter humanoid versions of usually non-humanoid monsters.

「And I also would like to entrust monster creation to you if possible.」


「There are strong emotions involved with the monster creation process. You might be able to create more cute monsters like this slime. I’m counting on you.」

「……Then you probably better not ask this of me.」


「Chances are, they all will look like clones of Manicia.」

「……You damn siscon. Well, it’s probably going to be fine? So, just imagine your perfect woman and help me with the creation. Resolve yourself by the next time you come here.」

He has no intention of listening to me.

……Well, if he is fine with failure, then so be it.

After that, Marius began unpacking the materials that I brought, lining them up.

His eyes are sparkling. He is just like a kid.

「Look, Marius. I came here to ask for advice.」

「Is it about love?」

「It’s about the clan name.」

「Ah, yeah, now that you mention it, there was something like that. Does it even matter? A name is just a token, a code designated to call that thing. Just pick something easy to pronounce.」

Yeah, and I wanted to hear your ideas on that.

This name will probably follow me all my life…… No, it might even continue to exist for generations after my death.

I don’t want to pick anything weird.

「Well, if I were to give you advice, while names are indeed nothing but tokens, they are often with consideration to special traits of the object. For example, the firstborn getting the name reflecting that they were born first. That’s how I’m naming monsters in my labyrinth for example.」

「Special traits, huh. I asked others, they said I should pick something related to shields.」

Marius nodded a couple of times.

「That’s a good idea. According to my memories…… Can’t tell to what age they belong, there was a man in silver armor, who used a silver shield. They said that he could protect his comrades from any attack. 『……Of silver shield』, or something, can’t recall his name.」

「Silver shield, huh. ……Maybe this shield is the one that he was using, huh.」

The shield that I’m using was found in a treasure box inside a labyrinth.

Him dying inside a labyrinth and having his gear absorbed by it, and then recycled as loot…… Is not that far fetched.

Silver shield, huh. Not bad.

「Thank you, I will think about it.」

「Yeah, no problem. Well then…… To secure as much energy as I can, I should get rid of ineffective parts. Rude, mind helping me?」


The creation of new monsters is on hold for now.

As he said, he still had some things to consider in relation to the 20th floor.

And while we were going through the ten already existing floors, it suddenly occurred to me.

「……Who was managing the labyrinth when you weren’t here?」

「Everyone. Well, they did a passable job.」

「The changes to the layout also were done by monsters?」

「Yes. Good grief, changing things as they please. As the guardian, I’m a bit angry about this.」

「Come on, it’s fine, right? They just wanted to help.」

When I said that, the monsters looked at me like I was some god that descended to save them.

Meanwhile, Marius folded his arms, a bit sullen.

If only I were to tell you the truth, Marius.

People actually liked those changes.

The next day.

I caught the reporter, who was soon to leave the town.

「Did you decide on the clan name?」

I reply with a nod, as she looks at me, full of curiosity.

「I think I will go with『Silver Shield』.」

The reporter’s eyes went towards my shield.

……I thought about this a lot, but in the end, this is pretty obvious, probably the best choice.

「Ooh, I see. So this shield is the symbol of the clan?」

「Yes. All my life until now I dedicated solely to protecting others. So I can’t do anything else. But I have confidence in this, and I don’t want to forget about that as a clan.」

「I see. I hope you will achieve success.」

「……Thank you.」

「I will also help you where I can. After all, even your lord asked me to do this.」

Giving me a wink, she then hopped onto the carriage.

「Bye, please allow me to interview you again after your next achievement.」


「And be sure to contact me if there is any progression in your relationship with the saintess.」

Leaving a very extra line she left.

Entering the living room upon returning home, I met eyes with Nin, who was resting there.

She then grabbed a piece of paper that was lying on the table, and waved it in front of me.

「Looks like your application got approved.」

「Well, we have to thank the count for that.」

「You think? Formerly a part of a hero’s party, finishing the investigation of the labyrinth that hero Kygras failed, the recommendation from a saintess, and breakthrough of the labyrinth at the city of adventurers. It would be weird if they didn’t approve it.」

「Did you tell them something as well?」

I sit on the chair next to her.

Her smile became wider.

「Of course. There is no way I would miss out on something this fun.」

「You, you really like ruckus. ……Thanks.」

「So, will you let me join as well?」

「……I don’t mind. But what will the church will say?」

「Who knows? I never heard of any rules concerning that, so it should be okay? If not, well, I can just leave. So, I’ll be in your care, Rude.」

Sinanis, Arika, Rafan, Luna, Nin, Marius, huh……

There are no rules that prohibit a certain sort of people from joining clans.

For example, monsters. There are even clans that specialize in handling them.

If we want, we can even register every monster under Marius as members of our clan.

……In that case, monsters would make up more than half of the total members.

It would make for a very puzzling situation.

Well, a lot happened, but with this, the clan is finally officially established.

「……I’m looking forward to what is coming next.」

「Yeah, I get what you mean.」

Nin and I exchanged smiles.


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