Chapter 57: Birth


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Cracks are gradually spread across the egg.

Luna, Manicia, and I were watching it together.

This is the egg that Luna picked up. She was warming it up every day, and finally, it is about to hatch.

Luna nervously looked at the egg. Manicia was the same.

……Both of them were very enthusiastic in looking after the egg. Can’t say that I don’t understand them.

Eventually, the cracks became bigger and the egg completely shattered.


An energetic cry resounded.

From there, appeared a little bipedal dragon.


Perhaps because it is just a newborn, but its body was only slightly green. And there is also nothing that could be called scales.

But its legs were thick and strong, from which one could see how it soon will become as splendid as its parents.

Using its typical for fieldzauruses small front legs, it scratched its head. Restlessly looking around like this, it looks pretty cute.

As I glance at the girls their eyes are sparkling.

Luna pulled my arm.

「It, it hatched! Master!」

「Y-yeah…… Anyway, for starters, wipe it.」

The hatchling that until some moments ago was inside the egg, was now covered in the liquid from inside the egg.

That’s usually the case with most of the little monsters. It seems to protect them from bacteria.

Luna then wiped it with the towel that she prepared beforehand.

The fieldzaurus closed its eyes, clearly enjoying it. Then, it proceeded to eat the eggshell.

「Is, is that okay?」

「……No idea. But there are cases where eggs have some nutrition to them. Let’s just let it be.」

And it is also said that fieldzauruses can survive in any environment.

It seems to have the power to change anything, be it even complete trash, into energy.

……So it wouldn’t have stomach problems from eating some eggshell.

Wrapping the fieldzaurus in the towel, Luna took it into her arms.

Perhaps loving the sensation of the towel but the hatchling rubbed on it.

「It’s sooo cute, right, Nii-san?」


Manicia, overjoyed over this, is also very cute.

I observed Manicia and the fieldzaurus for a while until they calmed down.

After half a day the fieldzaurus completely calmed down, and now was running around the house.

……For now, it’s fine, since it is still small, but monsters tend to grow very quickly.

Before long it will become just like those that we defeated outside the town.

「Luna, did you decide on the name?」

「The name……?」

「Yes. You are basically the parent. You should give it a name.」

Calling it Fieldzaurus forever is a bit…

If we are going to part with it, then there is no real need to give it a name, but it most likely will continue to live with us.

We can even put it into the clan. I actually like the idea.

「The name…… What should I pick?」

「No need to stress too much over it.」

As I said this, Manicia nodded in agreement.

「You made it hatch, Luna-san. You should give it the name that you would like. I’m sure the little one would like that as well.」

Manicia encouraged Luna, to which she made a small nod.

For example, there is an option of taking another name as a reference, just like I did with Luna.

Luna put a hand to her chin, thinking, and looked at the fieldzaurus, that fell on its backside after hitting the head on a table leg.


The fieldzaurus tilted its head, looking at us cutely.

Luna let out a short 『Ah』and then donned a triumphant look.

「I will name it Phi.」

「Phi, huh. Not bad.」

「Far from that, it’s perfect, Luna-san.」

Hearing Manicia, Luna happily picked Phi off the ground and hugged it.

「Your name is Phi. Let’s get along.」


Phi squeaked happily. It might have a better understanding of our speech than expected.

Jumping off Luna’s hands, Phi once again began darting around the room.

The little monster is so full of energy.

This is a bit of a problem.

「You probably should take it on a walk.」

「You are right. I’d like to show Phi outside. Phi, let’s go.」

…If she doesn’t introduce it to the townsfolk it might cause unnecessary misunderstandings.

And seeing it in this cute form might also lessen the possible scariness of its adult form in the future.

「I have to prepare lunch so I will wait here. Please go the two of you.」

Leaving the cooking to Manicia we leave for the walk.

I’m a bit worried about sending Luna alone.

Together with Phi, we leave outside. Met with the typical summer heat I reflexively frown.

But it didn’t seem to bother Phi at all, and the moment we stepped outside it jumped, full of energy.

「Phii! Phiphii!」

It then began running around.

We follow slightly behind, making sure that Phi doesn’t cause trouble.

「So even monsters can be this cute when they are small.」


After walking for a while we met the militia.

The usual duo was strolling through the town.


Phi squeaked a bit scared, seeing humans.

Running back to us, it began rubbing on Luna’s leg.

As Luna picked it off the ground, the duo walked up to us.

「Oh, Rude, what is that thing?」

「Looks cute, you two finally made a kid?」

As if it can be born from humans.

「It’s a fieldzaurus.」


As expected from someone who had to face them.

With that shout, Phi shrank even further.

Seeing that Luna frowned.

「Ah, sorry, Luna-chan. ……But, is this thing going to become like that? I can’t even imagine.」

「Yeah, really. But you know. Your mom was saying the same. She said that you were so cute, and yet turned out like this.」

「Well, yeah…… Wait! What did you just say?! I might not be cute, but I’m very cool right now! Right, Luna-chan?!」

「Eeeh, well, yeah.」

Luna made a short, hesitant nod.

I told her before that being friendly is important. Looks like she remembered that.

……I heard some saying that people are the cutest when they are still babies.

Phi might also grow up to be cheeky.

The duo, looking satisfied, placed arms on each other shoulders and went on with their business.

Phi was shaking a bit, looking at the street full of people.

Is it scared of crowds because it was just born?

As Luna put it back on the ground, Phi began making circles around her.

Then, at times, it would do the same around me.

……While it is afraid of people, it seems to like running outside.

Well, we just have to gradually familiarize it with everything.

Then, Nin approached us from the other side of the street.

Clad in the church’s uniform, she fanned her face with a hand.

Noticing Phi, a spark appeared in her eyes.

「No way! Is this a fieldzaurus? You made it hatch?!」

Her breathing got rough. Is she that excited about this?

Perhaps scared by that, Phi hid behind Luna.

Did her pressure get to Phi?

Shocked, Nin looked at me.

「Ru-Rude…… Don’t tell me that it’s afraid of me?」

「Well…… Yeah, probably.」

「Why! I also slept with it a few times to warm it?! It can’t be…… I held you so tightly, did you forget about me……?」

「Or maybe you held it a bit too tight……」


Nin gave me a sharp look. Yup, just look at yourself. Do you have a right to be surprised?

Nin dropped her shoulders and then brought her face close to Phi.

Phi looked back at her, while still hiding behind Luna.

Nin showed a warm smile.

「Let’s be friends…… Eehm, Phi?」

Looks like she heard how Luna was calling it.

Phi looked at Luna and then at Nin a few times.

As Luna took Nin’s hand, Phi timidly approached her as well.

……I see.

Since it thinks Luna is its parent, it thinks that people trusted by her are okay.

With a few pats on the head from Nin, Phi calmed down a bit and began rubbing on her.

Nin looked bashful.

It’s been a while since I last saw her make such an innocent smile.

Lately, with the amount of work she did for the Church, most of the time she had a look that could scare most run-of-the-mill hoodlums.

「I wonder what Phi eats. I will buy something on my way back.」

「……I think… It will eat anything? It’s a monster, and on top of that, Phi is a fieldzaurus.」

It shouldn’t be that different just because it’s still small.

And most importantly…… I remember how they ate about anything at Marius’ place.

「Got it. I’ll be in the church. You can call me anytime if something happens. And you can call me if nothing happens as well?」

「You don’t want to work?」

「Is it that obvious?」

Nin waved a hand and then fixed her collar.

Luna took Phi in her hands.

「Then, let’s go and greet everyone.」


Phi seems to be pretty calm in Luna’s arms.


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