Chapter 59: Feel and Marius


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Sending the chummy duo back to work, I was now facing Marius.

We sat down on another bench, in a distance from Luna and Feel.

After taking a bite of the cake that Feel offered him, his eyes shined up.

「Human world has so many delicious things.」

「Which reminds me, you don’t have to eat, don’t you?」

He mentioned this earlier.

Even so, as I remember, he would often be eating something.

「Food is a necessity for humans, but it’s not limited to that. You surely can survive without eating sweets and cakes, right? Even so, most humans try them at least once in their lives. Not for survival, but for pure enjoyment.」

「Well, that’s true.」

In short, he does it because he likes it.

「Rude. About that little monster. Is that a fieldzaurus?」

「Yeah. It was born from the fieledzauruses, that we think wandered outside from your labyrinth.」

「Oh, so monsters that came outside can do such a thing. So the clones that came outside can maintain their existence. That’s interesting.」

Interesting or not aside, it is quite bizarre.

Thanks to Marius we learned a lot about the inner working of labyrinths.

Labyrinths keep real monsters inside, but every monster loitering inside is but a mere copy, created with energy.

And yet, coming outside they gain flesh, and the ability to live outside as normal.

Or even make kids.

Labyrinth might actually be gifts from god. I can’t say that I’m an ardent believer, but with all things considered, I can’t help but think so.

「So? What brings you outside?」

「I just thought up something amusing.」

He grinned. I have a bad feeling about this.

Even so, he intently looked at me, bringing his face closer and closer, as if in a silent shout 「ASK ME WHAT!」.

Pushing him away, I reluctantly do exactly that.

「What is it?」

「We are going to get many new recruits, right? So I thought that we should test them. We have to measure their strength, right? Since you can only use shields you might have a problem there. That’s where I come to the rescue! I’ll slash them down in an instant!」

「Then no one will be able to join us. ……But a test, huh.」

We don’t know if we will even get enough people to be picky.

And in the first place. I was planning on accepting everyone with the exception of clearly suspicious people.

But before I could say that, Marius grasped my hand. His eyes are serious.

「Rude, I want to help you.」

「And your real motive?」

「I want to fight.」

「……Can you use anything aside from katana and sword?」

「Yeah, I’m sufficiently proficient with other weapons as well.」

「I expect many newbie adventurers to come to join my clan. Among them, most likely will be those with incredibly low combat ability.」

Experienced adventurers would most likely already be in a clan.

The adventurers currently in the town also belong to one clan or another.

And after leaving one clan, there is a period of time when one cannot join another one.

A measure to prevent leaking of information.

「I don’t like tormenting the weak.」

「Don’t take everything in the direction of fighting. I wanted you to teach them. Like you did with Sinanis.」

「I see. Then you can rely on me. I shall become the teacher, and eventually, my disciples will challenge me……And at that time they will say『What! Teacher, you were a labyrinth guardian?!』. ……Isn’t that pretty interesting? Okay, I got it. I’ll do it.」

That actually was a pretty huge concern for me.

I don’t have enough skill to teach sword.

「……Thank you. Coaching adventurers is one of the purposes of clans. It is very reassuring if you are willing to take up that role.」

With Marius in charge of training, I would have nothing to worry about.

「So you are thinking that far.」


For now.

Marius came closer and hugged me.

Since he has a low body temperature, this isn’t that bad in summer.

「……So, Marius. About the exam thing, we have no plans of doing anything of that sort at the moment.」

「What? Are you sure?」

「Yeah. I’m going to look at the character, but I have no demands for the ability.」

「I see…… So I came for nothing, huh.」

「Well, even if we agreed to the exam, it wasn’t something to rush.」

「Well, you see. I thought that I have to move as fast as possible, or the job might be taken by someone else.」

……He found a very weird reason to worry.

Then, I felt something moving on my shoulder.

Turning there I saw the human slime. Just when did it……

Then, it did something resembling a salute.

Since Marius couldn’t find me, it surely wasn’t with me.

The human slime, huh.

I wonder if it can be used in the future…… For communication with clan members.

「Marius, can you lend the human slime to me?」

「Let’s see. …… Well, the human slime likes you more than me, so I don’t see why not. Right, Human Slime?」

The human slime jumped on my shoulder.

「Is it…… Happy?」

「Yeah, very happy. I will deliver the main body later.」

Then, he clapped once, as if saying that his business was over, and looked at Feel.

「Who is that lady?」

「Feel. She is the one who made that cake.」

「I see. Then I should thank her. And she also seems pretty capable.」

「She is a bit shy, so be careful.」

I warned him since he seemed very eager to talk with her, but he immediately stood up.

「The lady with the beautiful blade. How about having a bout with me?」

「W-what is this, all of a sudden?」

Shy Feel intentionally kept her distance from Marius, stepping back.

However, Marius didn’t seem to care and kept approaching her.

Meanwhile, Luna stepped forward, seemingly intent to protect Feel.

Seeing that Feel shook her head, and also stepped forward.

Trying to protect Luna in turn?

It was an instant of growth for Feel.

「I take it you want to fight me?」

Her expression turned tense.

As she switched into her so to say work mode, her gaze became a lot sharper.

「Feel, don’t force yourself. He is pretty strong.」

I couldn’t straight up tell her that he is a guardian, so that’s the best I could do.

A visible tremor ran through Feel’s body as she gave me a surprised look.

She is not good at being put on the spot like that.

She visibly shrank, and dragged her feet on the ground, while her expression became miserably tense.

「Do not fret. I can’t show that much power in my current condition.」

As the mood completely changed, suggesting that a fight is about to break out, Feel kept glancing at me over and over in confusion.

Being so lost she looked extremely cute, so I thought about watching for a bit more, but she will be very angry if she later learns that I thought something like that.

「Marius. You are done with your business for today, right? Stop teasing her.」

「No, no, I’m dead serious.」

「Even so. Feel is busy today. It’s her rare day off, don’t ruin it. If you keep it up, I will have to rethink your position as an instructor.」

「T-that is unfair, Rude. ……Okay, okay. The lady with the beautiful blade. Some other day then.」

「S-sure. Y-yes, s-some other day.」

「Oh, so you are willing to duel me?! Then I will be looking forward to it!」

Having said that, Marius turned around.

He probably will come back soon enough, to bring the human slime.

After he left, Feel grabbed my arm with a completely pale face.

「I, I accidentally replied swayed by the atmosphere…… W-what should I do…」

「Well, nothing I can do here.」

Feel opened wide her eyes, and then dropped her shoulders.

Marius is really itching for a fight.

And since she agreed, he might show up later.


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