Chapter 63: Influence


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Plenty of time should have passed since the article about me was published in the capital’s newspaper.

I asked for the date of the issue, so it certainly should be the case, unless something happened, and it didn’t make it into the issue.

Anyway. It will take time before it reaches our town.

At this point, I completely stopped caring about that and patrolled the town as usual.

Then, a carriage stopped nearby, and a few adventurers alighted from it.

Adventurers seeking to challenge our labyrinth?

They are young.

Paying no heed to them I was about to return to patrolling when one of them had her eyes open wide and then dashed to me.

「Y-you are Ru-Rude-san, right?!」

……While surprised by the question, I nod.

Then, she smiled. Other adventurers that got off the carriage were also glancing at me.

「I, I saw the newspaper! I was looking for you all this time!」

Then, she suddenly showed a newspaper, almost shoving it into my face.

The first page had my portrait and the interview.

……From first glance, there seem to be no strange points.

That’s a relief.

That must be the reason why the attention of the newly arrived adventurers was gathered on me.

After I looked at the girl and the newspaper for a while, a very friendly smile appeared on her face.

「I was looking for you all the time since we last met! I’m so glad that we were able to meet like this!」

「Since we last met?」

「Yes! Ah, you probably don’t remember since it was three years ago! I’m Lilifell! Nice to meet you!」

……Lilifell. Three years ago……

I tried to remember something, but nothing came to mind.

In any case. Making a crowd here will get in the way of arriving carriages.

「……Let’s talk while we walk.」


Other adventurers also were looking our way, but no one else tried to talk to me.

But does this mean that all of them saw the newspaper?…… If so, it’s a bit embarrassing.

I walk with her through the town.

Lilifell glanced around with great interest.

「Three years, huh…… Are you an adventurer now?」

She looks very young. She didn’t even look 15, the age at which she could start her career as an adventurer.

Lilifell puffed her cheeks and put hands on her hips.

「That’s right. I’m 15 already. I registered not so long ago, and was thinking which clan should I join when I found out about your clan!」

「In other words, you came to join?」


Lilifell nodded energetically.

……I had no intention to be picky, so there is no problem with accepting her on the spot.

But there is something that bothers me.

「I met you three years ago?」

「Yes! I’m from Pokkin Village! It isn’t that strange that you don’t remember me. I was still small back then.」

She is still pretty small though, but I probably shouldn’t mention that.

「……When I was seventeen, huh. Pokkin Village.」

「Yes. In that village…… Well, I was still young back then. Led by childish curiosity I wandered outside and was attacked by monsters. Coincidentally, you happened to be passing by and saved me, thanks to that I was able to grow like this!」

「Ah, the girl from that time.」

The village on the northwest of this continent. The temperature stays low all year round, so it’s pretty comfortable even during this season.

But winters are extremely cold.

A long time ago I stayed in Pokkin Village while working on requests from the guild and labyrinth raids.

A certain dragon would appear at that village during summer and autumn. While the dragon was peaceful, the monsters afraid of it would come near the village, at times attacking it, so the request was to protect it from such attacks.

During that time, children went to play outside the village and were attacked by monsters and they were consequently saved by us.

……She probably was one of those children.

I don’t remember most of the details anymore, but the village itself is a pretty nostalgic memory to me.

「Then I thought that I also want to become such a dependable adventurer! So looking up to you I’ve been searching for you all this time, Teacher! And then, what a surprise! You are in the newspaper!」

She said happily.

……I see. And thus, she came to this town.

「Ehm, is there some kind of exam to enter the clan?」

「No…… Well, I’m interested in the character, but that’s it…… We won’t be choosing based on ability.」

For starters, I want to boost numbers and increase our presence as a clan.

This should enhance the position of the clan and improve its standing in the town.

For a while, I walked through the town along with Lilifell while going through the newspaper.

Then, two adventurers blocked my way.

While one of them had a bad look, the other one had a very amiable smile.

Both of them seem to be pretty young. They likely just started their careers.

「Ehm, Rude, san.」

The man with the bad look spoke up awkwardly. He talked looking into the ground. Is he afraid of strangers?

「I…… I want to join the clan. Ehm……」

「Ah, about that.」

「I too, I guess.」

The young man with an amiable smile joined in. But he sounded a bit cheeky.

……Oh. I didn’t think that I’d get three new recruits just like that.

Can’t be helped that all of them are so young.

Most adventurers already belong to one clan or another.

To move from one clan to another one has to wait for half a year. It would take at least six months before experienced adventurers would be able to join us.

So if anyone comes, it would be newbies for the most part.

I want to smile from how happy I am, but as a leader, I have to remain solemn.

「Then, we are going to have a simple interview. But don’t worry too much, I just want to know the kind of person you are.」

The man with scary eyes twitched and straightened his back, so I added the second part since he seemed to be panicking.

Even so, he still appeared nervous.

「Is that so? My name is Timeo, I’ll be in your care.」

The smiling young man said and slightly lowered his head.

He had a gentle smile, yet he had a look as if he was observing me.

He also seems to be from a well-off family. He could even be the youngest child of some noble house. ……No, in that case, he probably would’ve chosen the path of a knight.

「I, I, I’m Rinkin. Nice, to meet you.」

He has a deep voice and a tough-looking face…… And yet sounds very timid.

This won’t do. I shouldn’t judge people by their appearance like that.

「I’m Lilifell! We are going to join at the same time, so please be nice to me!」

Greeting the two Lilifell bowed her head.

Rinkin kept repeatedly lowering his head, while Timeo made a short sigh.

「I have no intentions of getting familiar with weaklings.」

Hearing Timeo, Lilifell puffed up her cheeks.

「What does that mean?」

「Despite how things might appear to you, I already received invitations from other clans. And since I don’t want to deal with all those troublesome rules and seniority, I decided to check on this clan, since it was just founded but has some name recognition to it.」


Lilifell puffed her cheeks up even further, clearly irritated.

「Now, now, don’t fight. Just as clans choose adventurers, adventurers also have the right to choose clans. Nice to meet you, everyone.」

I interject between the two, and tried to calm them down, as things didn’t look that great.

……They are pretty quirky.

But it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

「Want to visit our clan building?」

「Yes! I want!」


「Well, I’m free, so I’ll take a look.」

Each of them reacted differently but agreed to come.

The building of our clan, which by now was mostly finished, is not that different from some inn, but it’s only a temporary place.

Luna and Manicia are working on preparing things there.

……And when they join, I also would like to Appraise their skills.

「Which reminds me, do you have a certificate of your abilities?」

「Of course I do. Here.」

Timeo presents it to me. Certificates of abilities are issued at the church and have abilities and the outer shell inscribed on them.

In a way, this is an ID, warranted by the church.

Meanwhile, Rinkin went pale, while Lilifell began laughing nervously.

「I, I don’t.」

「……I… Don’t have one as well…」

「Don’t make such faces, it’s not the end of the world. Let’s go to the church.」

So taking them with me, I headed to the church.

Perhaps, just a little bit, but I think my feet felt lighter than usual.


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