Chapter 64: Strengths of the three


Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

We head to Avancier’s church.

Though plain in appearance, today it once again was filled with people.

Masses that came to offer their prayers to the god…… Or so they would claim.

In fact, most adventurers came to take a look at the saintess.

As for that saintess herself, in other words, Nin, though I drop by the church occasionally, she seems to be sticking to working behind the scenes.

Several pillars are supporting the ceiling that looks like the inverted bottom of a ship.

Benches are installed on the left and right sides at even intervals. In the middle, a bit farther from the entrance stands a statue of the god.

The stained glass surrounding it created a beautiful pattern. Among them was also one that depicted a figure that is thought to belong to the god.

People are lining up to pray before the statue. A bishop is watching over the process. From time to time a nun would come and say something to the bishop.

A common church the likes of which can be found anywhere. But having been built just recently, it’s very neat and tidy.

The reason why they managed to build it so fast was that they had talented mages assisting in the construction.

But we didn’t come here to pray to this statue.

We came for the stone tablet installed in the courtyard.

When we asked a nearby nun about it, she immediately guided us to it.

Going through the corridor and entering the courtyard we saw a few adventurers there.

We take place at the end of the queue.

It will probably take around 20 minutes.

Meanwhile, I check Timeo’s certificate.

Timeo 1234 『Swordsmanship』『Wizard’s Secret Technique』

『Swordsmanship』is R, and 『Wizard’s Secret Technique』is SR rarity.

『Swordsmanship』is a skill that improved one’s prowess with a sword.

『Wizard’s Secret Technique』, if I remember correctly, is a skill that allows to use magic without preparation.

But it had some restrictions to its use. It depends on a person, but it should have a cooldown time between activations.

「……Timeo. How much combat experience do you have?」

「Well, a reasonable amount, a long time ago. But I spent more time practicing than in actual combat.」

「I see.」

It’s quite unusual for someone to have both swordsman and caster type skills.

That’s because doing both of those at the same time is said to be extremely difficult.

Mages have to focus on their spells when they are trying to use magic.

In that case, bad cases of tunnel vision are almost unavoidable. Even I, when I use some everyday utility magic, barely notice what is going on around me.

So there is almost no one fighting in the magic swordsman style.

Only occasionally, someone with skills to ensure they can keep a check on their surroundings would attempt it.

「Can you fight as a magic swordsman?」

「Well, that much, easily.」


If what he is saying is true, then it explains why other clans would scout him.

The line advanced, and Lilifell went before the stone tablet.

Then, as she prays, the light falls upon the tablet, forming letters, revealing her outer shell and skills.

……Here we can get only the gist of things, no actual details.

A church knight, who observed the process, writes it all down.

「Thank you, that’s enough. This is your ability certificate.」

Taking it, Lilifell returns to us.

「Teacher, please!」

I don’t remember taking you as a disciple.

Though I’m not going to deny it aloud. Taking the certificate I take a quick look.

Lilifell 840 『Taunt』

I nodded after glancing at the paper that said nothing but that.

「Do you have any combat experience?」

「I do not! But I trained back at the village!」

「I see.」

「Please let me join! Please don’t reject me!」

「I didn’t even think about rejecting you.」

This outer shell is pretty good for someone without any combat experience.

Lilifell grasped my hand and looked at me as if she was about to cry.

Rinkin also went through the same steps and got his ability certificate.

「……Here, it is. P-please.」

Rinkin 156

What I saw instantly made me worried.

An extremely low outer shell. Well, it’s not that bad for an ordinary person.

Nonetheless. For an adventurer, it’s very low.

On top of that, no skills. I glance at the katana on his waist.

……Well, even so, I’m not going to refuse him on the spot.


「Y-yes…… I’m sorry, after all, I’m too weak, right? I’m sorry.」

「I’m not going to refuse you because of that. We have a master of katana. If you diligently train under him, you should become able to make it as an adventurer. But that will require your own effort. So you better be prepared.」

For now, I’ll just tell him that.

Now, that we know how skills can be acquired, I was of the opinion that the initial abilities don’t matter that much, as long as the person has enough motivation.

So I’m not going to judge merely on the presence or absence of skills.

Rinkin nodded. A strong determination could be seen in his eyes.

「For that, I’m ready.」

「I see. Good to hear that. ……Then, let’s go to the clan building?」


Lilifell replied energetically.

Leaving the church we head to our base.

Opening the door of our mostly finished headquarters we see Manicia and Luna who are cleaning the place.

The two noticed us. Manicia, wearing an apron, turned to us.

「Nii-san, what brings you here at such an hour?」

「They want to join our clan. For now, I think about going into the labyrinth with them tomorrow. We are going to gather here, so I’m showing them the way. 」

「I see. I’m Manicia, and I plan to do office work here. Rude is my older brother. I look forward to working with you.」

「My name is Luna. I’m working as both an adventurer and an office worker. Nice to meet you.」

「N-nice to meet you too!」

Lilifell replied, nervously. Everyone else also did short introductions.

Luna and Manicia shake hands with each one of them in order. As I looked at Luna she replied with a short nod.

……I agreed with Luna on this beforehand.

That in case new members join she will look at the situation with their skills.

After shaking hands with everyone, she made a bow.

「I will clean another room.」

She probably went to write down the skills.

She just saw the skills of 3 people at once after all. She has to write them down before she forgets them.

「……Ah, she is so beautiful, right, Teacher?」

「You mean Manicia? ……I think she is more cute than beautiful? 」

「Well, Manicia-san is good looking too, but I meant Luna-san. Such neat and lovely features, almost like a doll! Could it be that she is your wife?!」

「No, Lilifell-san, she is not. She is a maid.」

Manicia said with a very stiff face.

Is she jealous of Luna? As a brother I’m happy, but it’s about time she stops hiding behind me.

But indeed, Luna is pretty and cute. That I admit. At times she startles me.

I turn back to the trio.

「This place is going to be the headquarters of our clan. For starters, your three and three people from the clan are going to dive into the labyrinth. For a while, you three will probably have to act together.」

「……Rude-san. Are you sure?」

Timeo took a step forward. His face clearly says that he isn’t that fond of the idea.

After that, he gave Lilifell and Rinkin a mocking look.

「You may call it acting together, but there is a world of difference between me and them. Of course, I’m not going to claim that I should be working with you instead, but even so……」

Lilifell frowned at his words.

Rinkin was trying to stop her, but she looked as if she was going to explode.

「, Of course, I know that. But you all are still under review. For now, we are going into the labyrinth. Tomorrow. If you have any questions there, feel free to ask them. That’s all. Dismissed.」

Timeo nodded, and after shrugging his shoulders left the building.

He is a tricky one. From my point of view, it’s even cute that he is that cheeky.

But for Lilifell, who is about the same age, that probably was very irritating.

「Teacher. I hate that guy.」

「Don’t be like that. There are all kinds of adventurers. And if we were to believe his certificate, he is indeed strong. You might be able to learn from him.」

「……Uuuh, got it.」

Dejected, Lilifell dropped her shoulders.

I hope she will be able to learn from this.

And Timeo also might be able to learn from interacting with them.

In a way, being able to get along with all kinds of adventurers is also a sign of a first-rate adventurer.

Lilifell and Rinkin also went outside.

At about that time, Luna came back.

Opening the door to the room, she quickly looked around.

「They already left.」

「Is that so. That’s good. Master, I wrote down the skills they can acquire right away.」

「Oh, thank you.」

She handed a memo to me, looking both happy and bashful.

Manicia hurried to us and peeked into the paper in my hand.


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