Chapter 65: Six People


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「Everyone weren’t in a situation that would allow to acquire new skills right away.」

With those words, Luna gave me a piece of paper.

Lilifell was the first one on the list.

For her skills『Erase Presence』and『Substitute』were the closest possibilities.

Lilifell was aiming to become a tank, just like me…… But she got those skills, huh.

『Erase Presence』is a skill that makes it harder for enemies to detect the user.

『Substitute』 is a skill that creates s substitute, that takes the damage in your stead.

『Erase Presence』is not a skill for a tank.

『Substitute』is often used by evasion-type tanks.

『Substitute』can be useful for a tank. I’m not sure how much the activation will cost, but the skill will negate the attack no matter how powerful it may be.

Suppose one uses 100 outer shell to create『Substitute』, even if the attack would’ve depleted more than 100 outer shell it will simply break Substitute and that’s all.

『Clone』has similar activation conditions, but it creates a copy of oneself, making it fight. So they are completely different in nature.

Acquiring this would be useful for a tank.

……But the combination of『Substitute』and『Erase Presence』is more suited for the attacker-type adventurers.

Use Erase Presence to carry out sneak attacks, and in case of counterattacks, take them with Substitute.

Then again, Erase Presence and…… Anyway, there are a lot of different tactics for which it can be used.

「We probably should talk with Lilifell about this later.」

Well, in the end, it all depends on the person.

If she loses motivation from being forced into a certain fighting style, then what’s the point.

「Next one is Timeo-sama.」

「……I see.」

He has multiple available skills.

Enhancement skills of all kinds, and attack skills of every attribute.

Each of them is indeed useful, but there was something that stood out even more.

The skill called『Bird’s Eye』.

It’s a skill that allows one to see the surroundings from above.

A skill truly suitable for a leader.

「……Timeo is indeed gifted with excellent abilities.」

「Yes. I think so as well.」

Luna made a nod.

He can now fight as a magic swordsman because he had a wide field of vision to begin with.

And because he kept fighting while relying on it,『Bird’s Eye』is now the closest one to get.

「The last one if Rinkin-sama…… For him, there is nothing that can be acquired in near future.」

Even so, she has written down the closest skills.

「Possibly because Rinkin-sama previously used many kinds of different weapons, but various skills were emerging bit by bit.」

「Most adventurers look for a weapon that suits them the best. That’s probably the reason?」

「It might be.」

……Well, I got the general idea.

There is probably no other choice but to have Marius train Rinkin from zero.

Timeo probably should be placed into a leadership position, so he can acquire『Bird’s Eye』.

The question is Lilifell. This requires some discussion.

She doesn’t have to go full tank. Some people fight in semi-tank positions, just like Rafan, when we were heading for the 51st floor, supporting the main tank.

If she gains any offensive skills in the future, it might mean that this path suits her better.

「For now, let’s contact Marius.」

「If you’re looking for Hyu-chan it’s in that room.」

「……Hyu-chan? Manicia, did you give it a name?」

What a lovely name. Is my sister a genius?

「No, it was Luna-san. Though it was I who suggested that she gives it a name.」

「I apologize if I was imprudent. But I thought it would be more convenient for it to have a name.」

「……That’s true. Yeah, it’s a cute name. Thank you, Luna.」


Luna’s eyes sparkled. Yes, it’s a good name.

It seems Hyu-chan heard us since it slimed through the door.

In the human form. In Manicia’s form. Damn it.

「………Which reminds me, Nii-san. Why does Hyu-chan take my form from time to time?」

「Well…… That is because, eh. Isn’t it because Hyu-chan wants to look like you?」

Hyu-chan tilted its head in Manicia’s form.

『It’s because Master pats me if I take this form』could be heard. Don’t say anything extra, I was screaming with my gaze, pointed at the slime.

「Hmm, is that so? So as long as it looks like me, you will pet it, even if it is not me.」

Hyu, you… Stop broadcasting to everyone.

「……No, it’s not like that. It’s just that Hyu helps me a lot.」


Luna intently stared at Hyu. That stare even looked somewhat envious.

Manicia, who noticed that, folded her arms.

「Nii-san. You aren’t giving me enough attention lately. Pat mine and Luna’s heads. If you do, we will forgive you this time.」

「Okay, okay.」

Isn’t it basically a reward for me?

I pat their heads. Luna blushed, while Manicia looked delighted.

「……Will this do? If we keep this up it will get embarrassing even for me.」

「……Hmm, well, fine. Then, Hyu-chan as well, here.」

Manicia picked up Hyu, which took a spherical form.

I brush the head (?) area, or where I think it would be.

……Yeah, it’s nice and cold.

「Ah, it’s so nice, right? Can we keep it in the house when it’s not needed for the clan?」

Looks like Manicia liked it as well.

「Well…… I don’t particularly care…… Let it stick where it wants.」

「Hyu-chan is very capable. It sucked up all of the trash, without leaving even a speck.」

「Is that really okay?」

『It’s okay』replied Hyu, making a peace sign.

……Well, I’m not sure what exactly is okay, but I’m not a slime researcher or anything, so I didn’t pry any further.

「Well, let’s go home?」

With those words, we left the clan building.

Today, we are diving into the labyrinth.

The goal for the most part is to socialize. And I also want to explain our clan to them.

From our clan, there is Luna, Marius, and I. Those are the best candidates to get newcomers to know our clan.

Nin also was one of the candidates, but she is a saintess, and Lilifell and others probably already know enough about her.

It was an hour earlier than the agreed time, but Luna and I already were in the clan building.

Then, someone knocked on the door.

「It’s not locked, come in.」

When I said that, the door opened, revealing Lilifell standing behind it.

Her red hair gently swayed. Then, she did a sharp salute.

「Good morning, Teacher, Luna-san!」

「Yeah, good morning. You are early.」

「Yes! I was so excited that I woke up early! To think I will finally be able to dive into the dungeon with Teacher, whom I admired for so long……」

「Hey hey. Your life as an adventurer is about to start.」

I smile wryly, as Lilifell seems to be about to burst into tears from excitement.

She sat down on one of the chairs that we prepared.

On her back, she had a shield and on her waist a sword. She is a bit thin, so I’m somewhat uneasy about her fighting as a tank.

……Now, how do I bring this up.

It’s a good chance since she came early and we can talk without the others. I should use it to indirectly ask her about this.

「Lilifell…… Do you want to become a tank?」

「Yes! When it showed in the church that I have the『Taunt』skill I realized that it is fate!」

「I see…… But what if you could acquire new skills, what would you like to get?」

「The same skills as you, Teacher!」

……If she wants to be a tank this much, then forcing her into other roles will do nothing but harm.

And be it『Substitute』or『Erase Presence』, these are nothing more than her future available abilities.

Her effort might create other possibilities as well.

…Efficiency is important, but humans don’t always go for the most effective option.

Lilifell and Luna seem to be having a friendly chat.

Looks like Lilifell is interested in the details of the fight on the 50th floor. For the most part, how I fought there.

I wish she could stop that. It’s embarrassing. I feel like I was thrown into boiling water.

「Amazing…… Teacher also went to investigate Avancier Orchard Labyrinth instead of the hero, right?! Together, you did what the hero couldn’t, right?! Luna-sama, you were with him at the time, right?!」

「I’m not used to being called Luna-sama, so can you stop?」

「No way! Then you should stop calling me『Lilifell-sama』! For someone like me『Hey, Lilifell! Go fetch!』is fine!」

「Do you think I would say something like that……?」

「Nope! Just a joke!」

Lilifell is so full of energy.

Indeed, Luna’s position would be higher than hers.

Luna seems to want to serve humans as a homunculus, but Lilifell has no idea of that.

So either Luna gives up on sama or goes along with Lilifell.

「……Understood. Please call me Luna-sama.」

So she went with that. But if she puts it like that, it makes her sound very arrogant.

「Got it! Luna-sama, Luna-sama!」


You don’t have to, it sounds like you just took a critical hit……

After a while, Timeo and Rinkin showed up.

Timeo seems very relaxed, he is even yawning.

But Rinkin seems to be nervous. He was trembling when he stepped through the door.


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