Chapter 66: Acting as a leader


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What is Marius doing?

I told him that we are going to meet up at the entrance of the labyrinth, but he said that he wants to come here.

I touched a little clone of Hyu that I had in my pocket.

When I asked about his current location, he replied that he will soon arrive.

Today we are going into his labyrinth.

Monsters also were notified beforehand that we will be coming with newbies today.

Marius told them to act their part as evil monsters

It is extremely convenient to teach new adventurers the basics of labyrinths.

「Sorry! I overslept! I was too excited to fall asleep yesterday!」

「……Is that so? Well, you are barely on time. Then, let’s go.」

The three new adventurers turned their gazes to the entrance.

Marius came wearing his mask and the conical hat. The outfit also wasn’t the one he wears in the labyrinth, but a more simplistic one, that would allow him to blend with the townsfolk.

Leaving the clan building we head to the labyrinth.

「Rinkin. Marius is also using a katana. You should learn from him.」

「Y-yes…… Marius-san, I will be in your care!」

「Yea. To choose a katana, that’s a good decision!」

「I tried many different weapons, but this seemed to suit the best……」

「Oh? I see! Well, when it comes to using a katana I can teach you as much as you want. Feel free to ask me!」

Marius smiled, clearly in a good mood.

He looks a bit suspicious, so I thought that combined with Rinkin’s timidity it would be hard for them to communicate, but it seems that Marius’ overwhelming positivity will make it work.

「Timeo, you also can learn the sword from Marius. And Luna is good with magic.」

「Is it going to be okay? He doesn’t feel that strong?」

「Ha Ha Ha. The strong don’t always make for good teachers, Scaredy Cat-kun!」

「……Scaredy Cat?」

「Marius keeps giving people weird nicknames. Don’t mind it.」

Did he do it because Timeo’s doubt in his ability ticked him off?

……No, it doesn’t appear that way. In the first place, he never seemed to care what others think about his strength.

「E-ehm……How should I put it…… That’s an amazing person.」

「Marius is…… The strongest one here.」

「Even stronger than you, Teacher?!」

「……Well, if he were to fight seriously.」

And by seriously I mean turning into his monster form.

If he stays in his human form I think we would be tied. He has an attack while I have a defense.

I don’t feel like I would lose.

Timeo let out a laugh.

「Realistically thinking, would someone that strong join a clan and follow someone? No, they won’t.」

「Well, you aren’t wrong……」

But Marius only laughed at his words.

「I’ll gladly follow an interesting person. I found Rude interesting and thus decided to follow him. That’s all.」

But in reality, you just want a rematch, right?

「……I don’t get it.」

「That’s Marius for you.」

Timeo’s confusion is only natural.

We walk, heading towards Avancier’s orchard.

「Teacher! I’ll do my best!」

「Yeah, I’m looking forward to it.」

Looking slightly embarrassed, Lilifell clenched a fist.

I intentionally put some distance between me and Lilifell since she is proactive in her attempts to interact with me.

Right now I have to talk with everyone and learn more about them.

「Is it your first time entering a labyrinth?」

I asked Rinkin, who happened to be the nearest one, to which he made a small nod.

「Yes. It is… The first time.」

「……I see. Today we are going to have you three form a team and fight. The opponents are expected to be no stronger than goblins. And you three happen to make a balanced party.」

「Us three, huh?」


A dissatisfied expression appeared on Timeo’s face.

But meeting eyes with me he let out a short sigh.

「I got it…… Well, I don’t mind it, for now.」


Lilifell growled, clearly eager to give him a piece of her mind.

「Timeo. Surely there is a gap in strength, but even so, it is a good chance for you to learn something.」

「And what could that be?」

「That is something that you will have to understand on your own, otherwise there is no point. 」

「I don’t like how that sounds. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you simply said what is that?」

Timeo said, irritated.

There is a gap in ability between him and the other two.

That’s why he has to become the leader of the party, and act seeing the battlefield as a whole.

That should lead to the acquisition of 『Bird’s Eye』.

If he is going to fight as a magic swordsman, then it is an essential step.

「Now now, Timeo. Of course, we will teach you what’s needed. About the clan, for example. Do you have anything you want to know?」

「……Well, if you say so. I’ll go along with this for today. But there is something that I absolutely have to ask you, Rude-san.」

「What is it?」

「Rude-san, what can your clan do for us, new adventurers?」

「We are going to personally train new adventurers. ……We more or less have pretty outstanding experts, though each in their own field. I’m a tank, Luna is an offensive spellcaster, Marius is a melee attacker, each of us is proficient enough to teach others. And if you want to learn the ways of a healer, then we even have Nin, a saintess.」

「I see……」

Timeo put a hand to his chin and for a while went silent, apparently thinking.

Lilifell acted the same as always. Smiling and laughing, talking with Luna.

「There is a lot to clans, right? When I was registering at the guild, they told me that it would be better if I joined a clan. Rude-san, were you previously also a member of some clan?」

Timeo tilted his head.

「No, I wasn’t.」

「So there is that approach as well, right? I also don’t like all that annoying stuff, so maybe I should take it easy without joining anyone?」

「However, Timeo. You have to be good at making new contacts and getting along with people, or it will be pretty difficult.」

「That’s also pretty annoying.」

Timeo’s shoulders drooped.

A cheeky kid, huh. Well, he is only 15, so in a way it’s inevitable.

「And also, although I wasn’t in any clan, I still liked the idea. Though it comes with some restrictions, you still can spend your days with dear comrades. So I can understand why the guild would recommend you to join a clan.」

「Oh, is that so. Is that called insecurity or something? I don’t care about such stuff.」

「Well, that might be somewhat true…… Always fighting alongside the same group gives a peculiar sense of security. It also improves your teamwork over time.」

「Yeah, that might be true. But clans come with many restrictions, don’t they? Some even ask for a share from commissions. 」

Timeo shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

「For starters, we are considering asking the same of those that reach a certain rank. 」

「Ah, I see…… I heard of clans going for that approach. And to be more specific?」

「We are considering starting from D rank, when you officially graduate from being a newbie adventurer. So we would like you to first get to D rank.」

When I said that, Lilifell made a salute, while Rinkin nodded in a hurry.

Looks like this was what Timeo wanted to hear since he went silent for a while once again.

……We actually didn’t decide on anything specific yet.

I want to discuss it with the other members before we decide.

「Which reminds me, I read in the newspaper that Rude-san founded a clan to manage Avancier, is that true?」

「Manage…… More like creating a deterrence. The name of the clan can decrease the number of adventurers going crazy in the town.」

Timeo tapped on his palm as if he suddenly recalled something.

「That’s right. The two clans that are especially famous. Rude-san, you have connections with both of them, right?」

「Well, in a way.」

There is no need to go into the details.

But it seems that this is what interested Timeo, who narrowed his eyes.

「You didn’t join hands with either of them, right?」

「For now there are no plans for that.」

……As a clan leader, I’d like to compete with them.

Timeo made a short sigh, and once again put a hand to his chin.

「Timeo, you were scouted by several clans?」

「Yes, that’s right. It seems I’m pretty gifted, so I was approached a few times.」

Looking at his certificate of ability, he does seem to be somewhat talented.

And the most important, the large outer shell grabs attention. It’s the most obvious gauge of strength.

「And yet you came all the way here to check out our clan?」

「Well, just asking is free, right? And if I join a clan, there is half a year before I can join a new one. Of course, I will consider things carefully?」

「That’s true. Well, if you have any other questions fire away.」

「Well, then, is there a possibility of us ever standing at the top of this clan? For example, if a branch was made, is it possible that one of us will become a leader of that branch?」

「Yes. Of course. If you’d like to do that I’d create an opportunity, if you’d want to work at the main branch, then it also can be discussed. Well, that is in the case that everything goes well.」

「That sounds kind of pessimistic. Can you really get ahead of other clans with that attitude?」

「I’m not pessimistic. ……Ultimately, I hope we could become the greatest clan of this country.」

Timeo began laughing loudly.

「Hahaha, such a dreamlike goal. Isn’t that borderline impossible, realistically speaking?」

「Perhaps. But isn’t that what makes it interesting?」

「I can’t share that line of thought. I…… Well, as long as there aren’t many people and I can take things at my own pace, I’m good. And the time when I will be able to group with Rude-san and others is probably pretty near.」

……That’s probably what he is hoping for.

To raid labyrinths with me.

Though I don’t know what he is trying to get by doing that.

Fame? Money?

Well, as long as talented kids will show motivation I don’t really care.

「Timeo. I’ll say only one thing.」


「Learn how to get along with people. Maintain at least the basic courtesy. That’s your biggest issue after all.」

「Well, I’ll try.」

Timeo waved a hand.

I don’t care that much about this, but others probably do.

As a leader one has to warn about such things.

And to be honest for me this is the most difficult part.

Being a leader is tough…


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