Chapter 11: Mixed feelings


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Together with Milena I head to the blacksmith, Regil.

On my way there I also took Luna along, and together we all rushed to Regil-san’s workshop.

「Pa, Papa! Papa!」

Regil-san was still lying on the floor of the workshop.

「Milena, calm down…… Luna. Call Granny Gigi. I will carry Regil-san to the bed.」


I look over Regil-san.

…No external injuries.

His pulse seems normal as well. Shouldn’t it be okay to move him then?

It’s pretty hot in the workshop. Leaving him here might be dangerous.

I carry Rigel-san to the bed and wipe sweat off.

Is it dehydration?

This is completely out of my expertise……

As I kept observing him Luna returned, bringing Granny Gigi.

「You three, wait outside. I’ll check him.」

「He is in your care.」

After entrusting Rigel-san to Granny Gigi we went out to the corridor.

We did what we could.

Now we can only wait for the results of the examination by Granny Gigi.

Milena kept nervously walking back and forth in the corridor.

「Is papa going to be okay……」

「……He will be, absolutely.」

A baseless statement.

Merely consoling her. But I wanted to say that.

「……He, he won’t die…… Right?」

「No way.」

「But… We don’t know for sure……」

Tears gradually build up in Milena’s eyes.

「Ye-Yesterday…… I’ve got into a bit of an argument with papa. I don’t want…… To part with him like that.」


As she sunk to the floor, sobbing, I went down on my knees in front of her.

There is only one thing I can do.

「It’s fine. You are the one who knows the best just how tough Regil-san is.」

「……Yea, that’s true, but.」

「If it’s sickness then Granny Gigi will surely cure him. You know how good she is, right? Elixir materials might be required, but in that case I will go for them. That’s all there is to it. This will fix everything.」

Chances are, it might be something impossible to treat with elixirs or mixtures.

But right now, there is no need to point out that reality to her.

As I smiled, Milena finally calmed down a bit.

「…I’ll go wash my face.」

Wiping her eyes, she went downstairs.

「……Milena-sama was crying a lot.」

「Well. One would get worried if a family member collapsed.」

It doesn’t seem like Luna fully understood what I said.

「That…… Feeling I can’t understand.」

「Is that so? Aren’t we basically a family already? If I or Manicia collapsed, I think you surely would’ve tried to do something? ……That’s a similar thing.」

After giving me a look of obvious surprise, she then smiled.

「……Thank you very much, Master.」

When Milena came back she looked the same as always.

Not going to cry no matter what.

She seemed to be filled with such strong resolve.

The door opened.

「Ah, you guys……」

「Granny Gigi. If there is something you need we will get it. Tell us anything.」

「Calm down, Milena-chan. It’s fine already.」

Granny Gigi gave us a bright smile.

Behind her appeared Regil with a slightly embarrassed look.

Huh? I didn’t even imagine such an outcome.

After exchanging glances we looked at Regil.

「……Regil-san. What’s going on? Are you fine already?」

「…Eh, no…… Well…」

Not very talkative, are we?

All emotions seem to have drained from Milena’s face.

How scary…… I promptly moved away from Milena.

「It’s just simple exhaustion from overworking. He seems to have regained his strength after I made him drink a potion. Were you busy with something lately?」

「Thats…… Well, lately I was doing pretty good…… So the time I spend at the forge has increased……」

Scratching his head, Regil-san let out a dry laugh.

I look at Milena.

I’m glad that it was nothing.

However, I have to tell him.

But before I could say anything, Milena stepped forward…

「Idiot! How much do you think I was worried?!」

「Ugh…… That’s, well. Sorry! I feel like I’m in good shape… So I thought I could make a good weapon! And I put all my might into this one!」

「Even so, think about your health! You are not a kid anymore!」

「Shut up! I’m not so old to just drop dead!」

「You are not young! You smell of age! And you are balding!」

「Wha! Uuu………gh.」

Looks like that’s a serious shock for Regil-san, I wonder if he is going to collapse again.

I imagined if Manicia told me the same thing. I felt like throwing up.

Milena snorted and left.

「It’s just as your daughter said. Don’t work to the point of causing others to worry, good grief.」

「……I’m sorry.」

After bowing to Granny Gigi, Regil-san walked away, looking like a beaten dog.

……Well, for now, I’m glad that it was nothing serious.

Together with Granny Gigi I go down the stairs.

Regil-san’s house has a forge and shop on the first floor, with the second floor used as a living area.

Milena and Regil-san seem to be engaged in some sort of conversation.

Milena was clearly angry, with no tears in sight anymore.

「Regil-san really knows how to make people worry.」

When I said that, Granny Gigi’s face turned just a bit more serious.

「Yeah. You also should be thinking about your actions.」

「I’m fine. I fully understand what I can and what I cannot do.」

「Is that so. If something happens to you, everyone in the town would be sad.」

「……Would they, really?」

「They would. Anyway. A bit later I will check on Manicia.」

「Yes. Please do.」

Granny Gigi made a friendly smile and walked away.

「Milena-sama…… She looks happy.」

「That’s expected.」

「Ehm, can I ask something?」

「What is it?」

「A while ago, you told Milena-sama that it surely will be okay.」


「……You did that out of consideration for Milena-sama, right?」


「……I, see. I can’t do something like that at the spur of the moment. Presenting uncertain information to Milena-sama as a fact is……」

I see, sort of a homunculi’s trait.

However, that is a mistake.

「You are doing that already.」


「Despite having those thoughts, you didn’t say anything. ……That’s because you knew, that it might sadden Milena.」


「If you can do that much, then it’s plenty. If you want to do more, just imitate that. A persons growth begins from imitating or copying others after all.」

Luna made a small nod and then as if deliberating on it, put a hand to her chin.

Let’s leave her alone with those thoughts.

Regil-san approached us.

「Rude! Remember what I’ve said a while ago? I was working on a weapon. Of course, on yours!」

「……I see.」

I was so happy that I wanted to express that happiness through my whole body.

But, the eyes of Milena, who stood at a bit of a distance, were very stern.

Please. Notice that, Regil-san.

It’s like she is staring at me.

「Yeah! My best work so far! At this age, I might have reached a new height! GA HA HA!」


Milena threw a magical ore at us.

It made a direct hit on Regil-san’s head.

Regil-san didn’t seem to particularly mind that and still smiling, he picked up the magic ore from the ground.

「Anyway. I will bring it right now! You can look forward to it!」

Regil-san returned to the forge.

……I’ll just take the weapon.

After that, I will surely make him take a break.

「……Haah. As one would expect, Rude is also a man.」

Milena said with a sigh.

「……Why would you say that?」

「You look super excited.」

「……Well. I’m quite curious about what kind of weapon it is.」

「Haaaah. I don’t get it.」

Milena grabbed one of the daggers they had for sale and began polishing it with a cloth.

「Sorry. For calling you so early in the morning.」

「Don’t mind it. Rather, I’m happy that you decided to rely on me.」


……The way I put that might lead to misunderstanding.

Making a small sigh I make some corrections.

「Since you came to me right away, it means that you trust me that much. ……That’s what made me happy.」

When friends rely on you, it doesn’t feel bad at all.

「I, I see…… So that’s how it is. ……Me too, I’m happy that you’d say that, I guess.」

「But even so, I think it would be better if you fixed your bed hair after you woke up.」

As I pointed to her hair, she uttered a short 「HAH」

Panicking, she touched her pink hair. Taking a rubber band out of her pocket, she then tied the hair in a side tail.

「Which reminds me, you made up with Manicia?」

Looks like we’ve been seen.

「Just a while ago.」

「Good, good. I heard about you two quite a lot. ……I wanted to do something, but Manicia told me not to try anything.」

She said with a difficult expression, scratching her cheek.

……With all the stuff going on, she actually was watching over us.

「……Sorry about that.」

「No, why would you even say that to me. ……Could it be that that Saintess-sama did something?」

「……No. It was Luna.」

Looking at Luna, who stood beside me, Milena made a slightly bashful smile.

「So, that’s how it was. Thank you, Luna-chan.」

「No, I…… I just did what I wanted to do. ……I didn’t consider their feelings at all.」

「I see. But that’s why you succeeded.」

While I was checking the weapons of the store, Regil-san came running from the store interior.

「Here it is! Please, try it, Rude!」

Regil-san brought a sword.

I pull it out of its scabbard.

Taking it in a hand, it turned out to be a lot lighter than I expected.

A magic stone was incorporated into the hilt.

However, it didn’t seem to have any magic power.

Occasionally, magic stones are used as decoration in ceremonial swords.

But this one is different.

「I bought this magic stone from a peddler that appeared here some time ago. The quality seemed pretty good. Then, I asked Granny Gigi to make some adjustments to it.」


「Well, I don’t get the details either! Anyway, she changed the properties of that magic stone. So instead of naturally taking magic power, it absorbs it on impact.」


「For example when an enemy attacks you. The sword can then be infused with the absorbed magic power, which you then can use. Though only temporary, but it can be used as a sort of magic sword.」

「Wouldn’t gathering magic the usual way be easier? 」

「Well, if you aren’t going to engage in battles repeatedly, then yeah. But I tested it, waiting for it to recharge magic power naturally takes at least one hour. And with the absorption, if you are lucky enough, you might be good to go after only a few attacks. 」

「I see……」

「Just try it.」

Regil-san pulled out a sword and swung at me.

I blocked the attack with the sword.

That instant, the magic stone on the sword shone faintly.

I put my left hand over the magic sword.

Extracting the magic power, I send it into the sword.

The blade shone with faint blue light.

So cool……


「You adventurers pour magic powers into swords to increase sharpness, right? That technique strengthens the surface of a sword. This magic stone strengthens the sword from the inside, so you can enhance the sword from both inside and outside.」

Infusing a sword with magic power to attack enemies is the basics of basics.

But even by using this, it’s unlikely to get through the protection given by evil gods.

But even so, it’s better than cutting with a normal sword.

Magic swords are structurally capable of storing magic power inside the blade.

This allows for easier destruction of evil god’s protection by releasing that magic power.

Though compared to the power of skills it’s pretty trivial.

「Indeed. This is amazing……」

For a test I enhance it with magic from the outside.

This magic enhancement is influenced by an inborn talent.

And I’m somewhat bad at it.

「But, this creates an opening when one tries to draw power from the magic stone. If it isn’t someone like you, who has no problem standing on the frontline, this sword is quite hard to use. If you find some good application for it, please tell me!」

「Sure…… How much?」

「I don’t need that!」

「……No, that won’t do.」

I’ll feel bad just taking it for free.

When I said that, Regil-san clapped, and donned a mean smile.

「Then, how about a grandchildーー」

「Father…… Can you already stop with your work for today and take rest?」

A chillingly cold voice resounded.

Regil-san turned his head.

Milena stood with a polished dagger in hand.

……No, no, no, this is not funny.

「I, I’m just kidding! You often bring magic ore and magic stones. Just think of this as my gratitude for that. Well then!」

As expected, even Regil-san went pale, and after giving a sharp bow with his head, he went back.

「Good grief…… Isn’t this nice, Rude? With this, Rude the adventurer is back.」

「Yeah, seems so.」

「Are you going to leave again?」

「No, I’m going to stay for now.」

「I see. Good then. Let’s have fun together later.」

「Yeah, sure.」

I’m also worried about Manicia, so for now I return home.

Returning home I told Manicia what happened, to which she showed a relieved expression.

From there, I return to the usual daily life.

But…… Luna wasn’t her usual self.

From time to time she would mutter「Family……」appearing deep in thought.

……A family, huh.

For Luna her parents would be her manufacturers, I guess?



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