Chapter 6: New life


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Luna put a cup filled with water on the table.

Without missing a beat Nin grabbed it and gulped it all down.

Perhaps intrigued by the noise in the living room, Manicia poked her head from the room. Cute.

「……Nii-san, who is this person?」

「Nin, a healer, we previously were in the same party. She helped me a lot.」

「The outside is noisy with something about saintess, what is that about?」

「Nin is the church saintess. The party to which I belonged was led by a hero. So we were there together.」

「……The hero? Nii-san, so you were working at such a place.」

Speaking of which, I never talked to her about this before.

I thought igniting her interest in the world outside with such talks would be cruel.

「But a lot happened, and my contract with that party was canceled.」

「……I, see. I will go and lie down. Saintess-sama, please enjoy your stay.」

Manicia made a gentle smile directed at Nin alone.

Please, give some of that smile to your onii-chan as well. It made me want to jump in front of Nin.

「I shall accompany you.」

Luna and Manicia went into her room.

「So that girl Manicia is your little sister? And the other one…… Don’t tell me that’s your wife or something?」

Her expression looked like a mix of anger and sadness.

「She’s Luna, a homunculus. She is attending to Manicia’s needs.」

「……Indeed, she looked sickly. Was she born with that?」

「Yeah. Well, nothing can be done at this point. ……Enough of that for now. Why are you here? The town is in a huge uproar over a saintess-sama coming here.」

Listening carefully, the fuss outside can be heard even now.

Or rather, I had no idea what Nin became famous enough to become such a hot topic.

However, it looks like that question was a sensitive one.

Nin’s expression turned rather stern.

「It’s about the hero!」

「……I see.」

I anticipated this. Just a bit.

If she was here, it meant that she received permission from the church.

I glance at her arm.

Is it broken? A loose piece of cloth was hanging from her neck and a splint was attached to her left arm.

「I will tell you everything that happened since you left.」

「……No, you don’t have to.」

「No, I will!」

As pushy as always.

「Okay. What happened?」

「Immediately after you left we went out to subjugate a labyrinth that is considered to have a high level of difficulty.」

Why is Kygras called a hero?

The title of a hero is given to those traversing labyrinths.

When labyrinths just appeared in our world, the title of『Hero』was given to those brave enough to subjugate them.

Since then, those that kept subjugating labyrinths of high difficulty came to be called heroes.

That’s why Kygras is a hero. By the way, it was that 『Hero』 of the past that defined roles of attacker, healer, and tank.

「Well, I warned him beforehand that I will leave if we fail, so it seems that he picked an easier labyrinth than usual. That guy is so weak.」

「I see…… So, in the end, it was a failure?」

「Yes, that’s right. A defeat on the 30th floor of that labyrinth.」

I only heard stories, so I actually don’t know how monsters decide on their attacks.

「The hero kept saying that one should just evade attacks, but in the end, couldn’t evade a thing, so damage kept piling up…… Anyway, it wasn’t the load that a single healer could deal with.」

She shrugged her shoulders with a tired look.

「Is everyone okay?」

「Just barely. I got away with only a bone fracture, but other members are in a more beaten state. Kygras, who recklessly fought on the frontline will need three months to completely heal. I guess Lilia would be the only one who is more or less okay?」

「……That sounds likes a disaster.」

If one loses their outer shell and takes damage directly to the body, healing would take time.

Of course, one can be cured through the use of secret medicines or elixirs, but they are not perfect.

「I’m fine. After all, I even got a long-awaited rest. And there I noticed that during this raid a lot was different from usual. …Say, that thing about Kygras and other party members never taking a single attack, if you think about it, isn’t it pretty weird?」

「……It is.」

So it’s about that.

Thanks to Luna I managed to learn the effects of my skills.

「Here is what I thought. Kygras was taking attacks even before this. But he didn’t take damage. After all, you are the only one on whom I used recovery. Isn’t that linked to your skills?」

「That seems to be the case. Recently I learned the effects of my skills as well.」

「Really? Hey, tell me!」

I explained to her what I learned about my skills a few days ago.

Nin’s expressions kept changing at a dizzying speed, and by the time I finished with my explanations, she had a pretty grim look on her face.

How strange.

I thought I’d surprise her……

「Then, it means that you took all of the damage that party received……?」

「Well, that would be the case.」

I think I’m pretty resistant to pain.

As a tank, I underwent training that would accustom me to pain.

In a state without my outer shell, I just kept repeating the training.

At this point, the pain from the damage to my outer shell is not enough to make me care.

It seems like this is what bothered Nin the most.

「……Sorry, for not noticing until now.」

「No, no…… It’s fine. Even I didn’t realize it.」

「All of the attacks I took also were going to youーー That’s why the previous raid with Kygras didn’t go well at all.」

「……I see.」

I’ve spent almost a year in the party with Kygras.

Fighting in the same fashion, as usual, is sure to screw up a few things.

For that alone, I actually might be the one to blame.

「And so. After this failure Kygras’s ability is being held in doubt. After all, the highest floor reached in that labyrinth was over 40, you know?」

「……Oh my.」

Kygras attempt ended at the 30th floor.

With that, many would wonder why he is even being called a hero in the first place.

However, then, for the first time after coming here, Nin revealed a delighted smile.

That’s probably a bit mean.

「Rude, don’t you want to be acknowledged? After all, the difference between this raid and all the previous raids is you. Though Kygras didn’t admit that.」

「I don’t care. Bringing needless attention would only restrict my freedom of action. And there is also Manicia.」

Looking at Nin I can’t help but think this.

Like Nin or Kygras, those with a certain status also have to shoulder the weight of duties and responsibilities.

I might be unable to return to Manicia like I did this time.

I don’t want that. I’d rather die than become unable to see Manicia.

「……Well, certainly, you are that kind of guy.」

「Pretty much. I’m raiding labyrinths for the sole reason of curing Manicia. As long as I can join some party I’m fine with it.」

「……Search for the legendary magic tome, huh?」


The magic tome, that is said to be concealed deep within a labyrinth, in which is sealed magic capable of curing any illness.

…It’s close to a fairytale.

But even so, if there is even a hint of a chance to cure Manicia I have no reason not to try.

「Nin, when are you going back?」

「After my wounds heal. I also was told that I can rest for a while after I recover, maybe I should stay here?」

「In this town? There aren’t many inns, if by some chances other adventurers are in town, you might not be able to find a place.」

「Is that so? Then, can I stay in this house?」

「……The only room we have left is my own, well, I can just stay in someone else’s house.」

「You don’t have to do that. Ehm…… I’m fine even with two of us together in your room.」

Please, don’t make that face.

The creature known as a man easily falls in love. Give him a cute look and he will fall without much effort.

I desperately resisted by imagining Manicia’s smile

「We are a man and a woman. A woman of marriageable age shouldn’t say such things. Even if you are talking with me.」

「It’s exactly because it’s you that I’m saying this.」

「I’m glad that you have so much trust in me, but……」

「It’s not what I meant. Try and think about the reason I came here.」

「Didn’t you say that you will come to see me? Does one need more reason to visit a friend’s house?」

I shouldn’t think about that.

I’m a weak person. If I get hold of some peace here, I likely will be content with it.

I have to live through thickheadedness.

「Though we didn’t see in a while, but you haven’t changed at all.」

「Aren’t you the same? Except for the broken arm, nothing changed about you.」

She wouldn’t say that her chest actually grew bigger or something like that, right?

『The saintess is cute, but compared to her predecessor she has no bust.』

Is often being said among the public.

After sighing once, I stand up. My room is on the opposite side of Manicia’s.

「This is my room. You can use it freely.」

「……What a dull room. Don’t you have any hobbies?」

「I don’t. But if were to name something, that would be polishing my shield.」

And also drawing portraits of Manicia.

As a result, she is the only one I can draw well.

……Which reminds me, I had a whole bunch of them locked in a cabinet. I have to hide them later.

「That’s quite a hobby. Even so, it’s not like you are collecting shields, huh. But, this room does feel like yours. There is a relaxing smell to it.」

「……It stinks? I’ll ventilate it.」

「No, not in that meaning.」

Once again showing a smile Nin waved with one hand.

「Then. I’ll be in your care!」

「Yeah, likewise.」

So I will have to live with her from now on, huh.

…Wait a moment. Isn’t this pretty bad?

She is a saintess and a daughter of a duke…… If something happens I will get erased.

I can imagine how my life will be from now on.

……Well, her being in my house when I come back isn’t that bad.

No, no. I also have a sister.

*Bam Bam Bam!*

A knock, or more like bashing on the door resounded.

「Wha-what, what’s wrong?!」

「…I don’t know. But this usually means that something bad happened.」

When I rushed to open it, I saw Feel.

With a panicking look, she grabbed my hand.

「A-A monster the likes of which we’ve never seen before appeared nearby! The vigilante corps is fighting it right now, but it’s completely out of our league!」

「Roger. I’m coming right away.」

「I’ll go as well.」

「Saintess-sama?! Why here?!」

「Your arm is injured.」

「Wha-what is going on, Rude? Why is Saintess-sama is here……?」

「It’s fine. I’m only going to cast magic from the rear anyway.」

「Well, that’s true. Then, please help us. I will make sure to protect you. Luna, can you come as well?!」

「Yes. I’m heading out immediately.」

「Ca-can you hear me? Aaah, fine, just explain it later…… Anyhow, this way!」

When I called Luna, Nin tilted her head, bewildered. Nin knows that homunculi cannot fight.

I can trust her. I’ll explain the situation on the way.



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