Chapter 9: True Feelings Part II


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I can imagine why we were abandoned, but there is no point in talking about that right now.

That probably isn’t what she wants to hear.

「I guess I was about 10 years old at the time. When we were abandoned. When I woke up we were in an unfamiliar place. From there, we did our best to survive. My little sister and I, living in slums.」

「……So that’s how it was. Manicia-sama didn’t tell me this. She said that you were picked up by a noble.」

Life in slums wasn’t nice at all.

Moreover, people that come from slums are often shunned.

That might be the reason why she didn’t want to mention this to Luna.

「I stole stuff from the people living in the slums. That’s how we got by. That’s how we covered our food expenses and payment for Manicia’s medicine.」

「Then how did you got picked up by nobles?」

「……There was a moment when I couldn’t get money no matter what I tried, so I decided to target a noble. But their guards almost caught me and remembered my face.」

「……What happened after that?」

「I somehow got away from those guards. But a pursuing party came right away. So we got captured. ……I thought that I managed to lose them as usual, but that time it wasn’t the case……」

「……So that’s how it was. What happened to the two of you after that?」

「They took us in.」

「How did it turn that way?!」

Seeing her react just as I expected I smile wryly.

If I heard such a story I probably would’ve reacted the same way.

「Apparently they were impressed with my ability.」

「……I see.」

「After that they took good care of us…… And when I turned 15 I was asked if I would become a knight or an adventurer.」

「A knight?」

「Yes. A fine occupation allowed only to children of prosperous noble houses. But to cure Manicia I chose to become an adventurer. Though the man that picked me up supported me, saying that if this is what I decided then I should stick to it until completion.」

Even now I’m still repaying that house for taking good care of us to the best of my ability.

Though it’s only to the extent of helping with extermination when monsters appear in their lands.

「……And then.」

Luna tightly pressed her lips together.

As I spoke, I suddenly remembered.

Manicia once asked me. 『You really won’t become a knight?』

And I, of course, answered that I won’t. I said that if I want to save Manicia, then becoming an adventurer gives better chances.

Which reminds me……… It probably was about that time.

「It was probably when I became an adventurer that my relationship with Manicia changed for the worse. In order to find the magic tome, I traveled here and there…… So she might’ve become lonely and entered her rebellious age?」


「Manicia might hate me, but I’m fine with that. I will cure Manicia, that’s all.」

After I’m done resting here, I will find another party.

「If you know all that, why can’t you see Manicia-sama’s true feelings?」

Luna shouted.


Did I say something that could anger her?

「What do you mean?」

「Manicia-sama doesn’t hate you. ……She loves you.」

Eh, really? I put a hand to my mouth to hide a grin that was about to appear.

「But then why…… Is she so angry all the time?」

「……She said that she wants you to live freely.」


「Yes. …Manicia-sama was saying that『Nii-san’s life was ruined because of me』.」

That’s not true.

It’s because Manicia is there that I can have an enjoyable life.

But, I see.

It can also be seen that way, huh.

「Please, talk it over with Manicia-sama. ……I don’t have a family. So… I can’t understand you that well. But…… Shouldn’t family get along?」

「……But, you know. I talked with Manicia about the past.」

I had a similar conversation with Manicia.

At nights, when it was time to sleep, Manicia often became anxious.

I would stay with her until she falls asleep, and she would always ask me.

『Onii-san, am I not a burden to you?』.

Naturally, I would answer「Of course not.」, hug her tightly and pat her head.

「I talked with her about this many times. Happiness for me is Manicia becoming able to run around outside in good health.」

「……Then talk with her again. I will talk with her as well.」


……Unlike the olden days, it’s embarrassing for me to speak so frankly. And on top of that, she is a family member that was with me all this time.

It would be hard to honestly tell her everything like I just did with Luna.

It’s almost noon.

「……Let’s leave this conversation for later. It’s almost noon, so let’s go back.」


Luna puffed her cheeks out with a sullen look.

Right now her kindness hurts.

After putting the purchased provision into the magic cold storage adjusted to the house, we return to the entrance.

Luna was holding the entrance door open, waiting.

「……What’s wrong?」

「Nothing. Please follow quietly.」

No, that’s not nothing at all.

But she appeared serious, seemingly wishing to do something.

I’m used to erasing my presence.

Luna also seems experienced at it.

I keep walking like some kind of thief.

Entering the living room I hear voices.

It’s from Manicia’s room. She’s together with Nin, huh.

Her voice kept coming from a little opening of the not fully closed door.

Luna drew near it.

「So you’ve always been together since the olden days.」

「Yes. Nii-san is always worrying about me.」

That voice belongs to Manicia.

But it’s a delighted voice, not displeased.

……I didn’t think Manicia could speak in such a way.

She might be even smiling right now.

What Luna told me a while ago might be true.

If she still likes me as she did in the past, then onii-chan is happy.

That’s fine.

Learning about those feelings alone is enough.

I shouldn’t eavesdrop on thoughts that Manicia was desperately hiding until now.

Making such excuses to myself, I turn away from there, almost as if trying escaping.

But, my hand was firmly caught. It’s Luna. She probably saw right through me.

「But, you aren’t that close right now? Or rather, it feels like you just hate him.」

「That’s…… Nin-san, do you like nii-san?」

What that sister of mine is saying!?

「Wha-why would you suddenly ask something like that?! What in our conversation prompted that question?!」

Nin sounded panicked.

This conversation is not something I should hear.

I want to run away. But I can’t escape Luna’s grasp on my hand.

「……I’m just a little interested. I thought that you wouldn’t follow him all the way to this town unless you are somewhat close.」

「We, well…… We are somewhat close, but…… But what of it?」

「Then. Can you take nii-san?」

*Buuuh!* After spurting out something, Nin then coughed as if she choked.

If I was drinking something I’d surely do the same.

「Why, why does it turn into such conversation?!」

「……I don’t want nii-san at my side.」

「……Why? Rude is doing his best for your sake?」

「That’s what I hate!」

Manicia shouted.

「……Nii-san is trying to help me, sacrificing his own life in the process. That’s not right. Nii-san should have his own happiness. ……I don’t want him to waste his own life for me. ……Nii-san could’ve become even a knight, but he chose to become an adventurer. For my sake…… All for my sake.」

「And that’s why you are taking such an attitude?」

Nin said calmly, trying to calm down Manicia.

「Yes…… Nii-san should be fed up with me already.」

She said with notes of sadness in her voice.

It’s just as Luna said.

I look at Luna. She cast down her eyes and looked away.

……So all of this is according to Luna’s plan.

「……You two are all the family you have. I can’t bear to look at you being like that. Especially with the way Manicia-sama is suffering. I wanted to do something.」

「But…… This is.」

「Right now, with this timing, it might work.」

As I was at loss for an answer, Nin raised her voice.

「I don’t think that’s the case. He surely doesn’t care about something like that.」

…No, I actually do.

I thought that she might be putting distance between us due to my body odor, so I began washing myself quite thoughtfully, and even used herbs when I washed my clothes.

I also asked a lot of questions to women that were in the same parties.

Or rather, I even asked Nin.

「That’s not true. Nii-san…… He probably hates me already.」

「He always spoke happily about you. He is always saying that he has a cute sister, whom he absolutely must save. To be honest, I’m a bit envious that he talks about you so much.」

「……Re-really? So, nii-san cared about me so much.」


You are my little sister with whom I spent all my life since we were little.

……My own happiness, huh.

I never thought about such a thing.

I want to cure Manicia. That’s certainly my true feelings. When it comes true I will be happy.

However, that alone won’t satisfy Manicia. How difficult.

「Master, let’s go.」

Eh, are you serious?

Even though I went through my own share of carnage, I can’t even begin to imagine a way to achieve victory in this situation.

Nope, nope, nope, pretty much throwing a tantrum I’m trying to pull back my arm.

But Luna keeps pulling on my arm.

Suddenly, she stops…



We fell over. Holding Luna to avoid injuring her, I fall on my back.

A bit of my outer shell disappeared.

Luna’s head made a clean hit into my solar plexus. Today I’m truly grateful for having an outer shell.

The two obviously noticed the noise and came to check.

「Ni-Nii-san…… And Luna-san. When, did you come back?」

Manicia’s expression immediately turned stern.

She seems to be a bit flustered. That’s cute as well.

「No, just some moments ago.」

「Since the very beginning. We were listening to your conversation since the very beginning.」

Luna, it’s an order, please shut up.

Is what I thought, but didn’t say.

Manicia’s face turned red.

At first, from embarrassment, then it quickly turned to anger.

Nin looks like all of this has nothing to do with her.

Even further, unseen to Manicia she is even laughing a bit.

……Nin and Luna were in this together.

I instantly realized that, but Manicia grabbed my cheek.



「You heard that?」

「……I, did.」

I nodded after a bit of hesitation, her face turned to an even deeper shade of red.

「Please, forget it!」

She headbutted me with all her strength.

I felt the impact with my head, but this much is nothing.

It was Manicia who collapsed to the floor.

I hurriedly lifted her up as she fell unconscious.


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