Very Important Announcement! PLEASE READ!

Hello everyone it’s Nefarian here! After doing my own reading of various novels and visiting their Patreon sites, I have come to realise that what I currently offer in Patreon is lacking in a certain department. For the past few weeks, I have been stuck at a sum of around $40 and I am unable to reach my first Milestone Goal of $80 per month. I feel like placing this Milestone Goal at $80 is actually limiting me to doing the four chapters a week instead of doing the best I can to provide more content. My Main goal in creating a Patreon Account is to first be able to support myself and then use a majority of the funds to develop and nurture this site! As some of you may know/experience creating a website: coding it, formatting, designing, making sure servers are stable, making sure there is consistent content etc… can be a nightmare to handle and takes a lot of blood, guts and sweat to persist.

Supporting me on Patreon not only helps to nab more chapters that you readers might of enjoyed on this site, it also allows me to further reward the translators/editors/TLC’ers on this site and recruit additional talent that will enable you to enjoy more Japanese novels which have seemingly been dropped or discontinued.

What I plan to do to make my Patreon more appealing to you guys is to boost one of the novels so that they can either catch up with the Author’s works or reach their finale in a short time. The first step I want to take is to just immediately start with seven or more chapters a week with no strings attached. (the reason why I mentioned “seven or more” is because backers who support my Patreon will also be able to obtain even more chapters via Early Access chapters up to a maximum of five additional chapters on top of the seven regular chapters!)

The way this will work is that I’ve created a poll below: The novel who gets the most votes/likes will obtain four regular chapter releases, whilst the three remaining novels will obtain one regular chapter releases each. Furthermore, Early access chapters will be created to further boost the translation speed of the “voted novel”.

Also it is important to note that Japanese Novels don’t really span over 2000 chapters like some of the Chinese Novels so if I boost a particular Japanese Novel’s releases and it manages to complete the series then I will move on to boosting the second most favoured Novel of this poll and so forth.  In other words this poll is an extremely important event that will determine what is released on this site and at what pace, so please do spare a second or two to vote!!

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  1. I vote for Re Master: Magic

    I couldn’t figure out how to vote… sorry I am putting it here.

    • Sorry but Wes is doing that project currently, I help him out whenever the need arises, but hes got his own patreon for that you can check it out here :), hahah although I wish I could say let there be CHAPTERS and boom 10 chaps fall from the skies but I’m not at that level yet~

  2. I know I have practically no chance of winning over himekishi but I want Cheat!!!!
    I know I’m going against the law of faps but I can’t help it! T.T

    • I also like cheat! it’s like one of my babies, the first novel I ever translated and I think the series is actually complete! This Poll will close at the end of the week, so everything still has a chance technically :P. Besides, Himekishi only has about 30 chapters before it catches up with where the Author is at right now, so if Living cheat ends up being in second place, I will make sure to boost it to completion right after Himekishi!

  3. Himekishi Banzai

  4. Living Cheat > Himekishi > Hajimekata

    I honestly haven’t read even a little of Master Magic.

  5. I love all of them…but Living Cheat is my jam

  6. Just realised but, another interesting thing with this voting idea is how we can see how many leeches are on the site!
    Now I’m not bagging on the leeches, I used to be one til I started work, but 400+ plus people voting would make you think at least 10%(40) would be able to donate.

    Again, not having a go at ppl who can’t but the people who can but DONT….don’t be stingy! Help Nefarian-sensei out!

  7. I can’t believe Himekishi is winning. I tried reading that but the constant sex just got boring….do people really like it that much?

  8. So, what’s wrong with Maou No Majimekata? why is it got the lowest votes? I’m kinda depressed now that my expectations have been shattered by this translation community.

  9. hoi r-18 detours lots of people(potential readers) because of vanilla virgins and others in decenties like a lot of people are scared of details which you don’t come across often (ex. dissection-life-god-karma-nuclear war ) less readers less patroens less lives less votes. as I see it the story is brilliant translations are good so the methods used matter much in this case but a lot of people think different for example with nuclear war you can rule the world but it won’t be worth ruling.
    but don’t be depressed it just means the better you write and the more hearts you reach the closer you’ll get to being the god of (scheming) translations and will receive more offerings

  10. Although I guess it’s none of my business to tell you how to work, but I felt it was much better when Patreons could decide where their money goes( the to the novel of your choice bit), but based on the rebooted Patreon page/ reward tier list, such option is longer available. So are the Patreons’ money going to be channeled into projects that the general public wants based on the poll? Not trying to attack the audience, but I feel that Patreons should have been the ones to decide what releases more chapters and such. Just laying down my thoughts.
    OR is this post more referring to the original bit saying ” plus x amount extra chapters of my choice”?
    I could be totally wrong about this and you already made Patreon post about the change on the page explaining everything.

    • Hey, your input is much appreciated and I don’t think you are being rude or anything (in fact it gets me thinking about how to improve the system further). I also understand your concerns and that you are probably one of the people who wants something other than Himekishi. The first thing I want to say is that I believe “early selective chapter releases” as a reward in my opinion has much more value and is more rewarding for you guys than say placing $1 or $5 to a novel of your choice per month. The reason for this is simple, with early selective chapter releases, I can instantly reward my patreons the moment I finish translating a chapter rather than once again limiting myself and holding that chapter until the end of the month to release potentially only 1 chapter depending on if I am still stuck at $40 per month.

      To address your point I have come up with a solution. The solution I am I am thinking about is letting every patron who has pledged at least $5 and above to choose which early chapter release will come out via voting on my locked post in Patreon (*Reminder* up to 5 early chapters releases can come out depending on the tier you are in). I will also make it so that the higher tier backers will have more voting power so they can really choose the novel they want early selective chapters of (so for instance: $5 pledgers get 1 vote power, $10 gets 2 vote power etc). Let me know if you guys think this is fair or a good idea or bad idea or anything. I will post more detailed info in Patreon for now as I think this is a pretty good idea but in case an outrage comes out I can always delete this new addition so don’t be too alarmed. Also know that this won’t effect the polling results, I still intend to boost the novel that wins this poll but I will give my Patreons their own choice as to which “selective chapters” come out!

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