Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – Chapter 219 Part 1

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219 – The Theory of the Strong People (Part 1)

The nervous Melania and Josh nodded when hearing the leader’s remark of making the audience cheer for our party.

The Destroyer Fran nodded as well.

「It’s okay even if we stand out from the rest, right?」

Wraith looked at me to check my opinion.

The Black Sorcerer Lem has decided to participate as a member of the Wraith Party.

「Yeah, looking at the rules, that’s probably the best option. Let’s defeat the surviving contestants together.」

「Okay then, let’s go with that strategy.」

Wraith is the leader, but it was decided that the overall command would be left to me.

Josh and Wraith suggested it and since there was no opposition, I decided to accept it.

It’s a heavy responsibility, but it suits the style of the Black Sorcerer Lem.

『Now for the countdown of the desperate point battle. Three, two, one… Start…!』

The stage is circular.

It’s made to look like a part of the mountain had been carved out.

There is a flowing river, an open grassy area, a space with a lot of lush trees that make the place have poor visibility, and a steep slope.

The first assigned location was decided by a lottery for each party.

Contestants are allowed to move after the start of the round.

Positioning is also important in this battle.

After the start, the first thing to do is to move to a location that is advantageous for your own party.

Or to attack the other parties while on the move.

There are still 100 parties, so if you unskillfully start a fight, you might get flanked.

Also, some parties might have teamed up.

There’s a lot I have to think about. The most important thing is to survive and earn points.

Meanwhile, several unusual incidents happened at the same time.


The space that looked like a hill was completely blown away.

I, the Ash Hero Garo, have blown up the hill just because it’s obstructing my view.

Naturally, many of the contestants caught in the explosion have been sent off the field.

I don’t feel sorry for those contestants that have disappeared without getting a chance to show what they can do.

If they came here aiming to become the strongest and were prepared for a rough fight in the qualifying round, how can they not be able to respond to powerful magic being cast right after the start?

If this was enough to defeat them, then that just means that they are not qualified to challenge the strongest.


「Yes, Garo.」

A Wizard that is both my comrade and my younger brother used Wind Magic to clear the dust.

Unlike me, he’s a very diligent guy with a well-featured face.

「As usual you still like to be flashy huh?! But it seems like there are other people like you this time! I don’t feel happy about that!」

The huge guy carrying a ridiculously large hammer on his shoulder is a Heavy Warrior.

In exchange for losing the agility of a Warrior, this Job allows him to deal a heavy blow.

「Oh, you’re right. The flames are created by the fire boy and the huge waves are created by the water boy. As for that… I wonder if a knight did that.」

The woman dressed in a sensational outfit like a dancer is a Sword Dancer.

That Job is passed down in a foreign country and the blade that is swung while dancing is said to cut through wicked hearts and evil spirits.

「I’m also fine with defeating far-away opponents, but why don’t we deal with the nearby ones first?」

The female Warrior equipped with bikini armor is the last member of the Garo Party.

It’s not because she’s an exhibitionist, but because that whole set of armor is a single Magic Tool. Wearing extra layers of clothing will cause the ability to fail, so she has to expose her healthy, well-trained, and beautiful body.

What she said was right, it’s not as if all of the contestants near here were eliminated by the magic I just cast.

「Oh, you’re right. But first of all, I should say this!」

I spread my arms, looked around the audience seats, and shouted.

「All of you in the audience should rejoice! We’re going to entertain you again today! And we’re also going to have fun while we’re at it!

The cheers from the audience were explosive.

Being able to experience the real-time reactions of the audience had an uplifting feeling that I couldn’t get from Dungeon Clears.

Since I’m an Adventurer, it’s natural for me to do something that can please the audience.

If someone only wants to fight, then he can go ahead and start a brawl. However, if that person is a part of the popularity business, then of course he has to pursue the audience’s satisfaction.

The audience wants to see flashy magic? I’ll show it to them. The audience would like to see those who have a nice face? Those people who are called eye candies. Some audiences get excited when they see muscular beauties, other audiences feel aroused when seeing those with soft and fair skin. Okay, that’s okay, I’ll let the audience look at them to their heart’s content. Hm? There is no use for small fries even if they have all those qualities?

Of course, that’s right. After all, what the audience wants to see is a victorious adventure.

In that respect, I and the rest of the Adventurers are the same.

We will provide the best entertainment so that the audience can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

But first, it’s our life. What’s the point of all this if we don’t enjoy it to the fullest?

Isn’t it best if both the audience and the Adventurer can enjoy themselves?

The opponents that escaped from the explosion came into view.

Together with my comrades, we will defeat all of them, then both the audience and I will see the scene that we want to see.

「The flames were located over there, right? Let’s go greet Fenix and the others.」

The Scales of Justice Astrea. That’s what people call me.

The trees had disappeared from the forest area.

To put it more accurately, everything that stretched from the earth to the sky had been crushed.

It was as if the hand of God had fallen from the sky.

The same is true for the other contestants, their bodies were crushed by so much pressure that they were unable to retain their Avatar and dissipated into magical particles.

They were sent off the field.

But not all of them.

This qualifying round of the festival had gathered many strong people from various races and Jobs.

There was one Dragonkin. He is a man with a large build and his skin is covered with scales reminiscent of a dragon.

He crawled on the ground to draw near me.

「Excellent tenacity, I admire it.」

As I said these words, I cut off his head with my Holy Sword.

His body continued to crawl for a few moments as if he didn’t realize that he had lost his head.

It only took a very short amount of time before he was sent off the field, but I marveled in my heart as he seemed to have shown the fortitude of his spirit.

In the same way, my subordinates sent the contestants that were resisting my magic off the field one by one.

It was easy for me to adjust my magic range to match the actions of my four subordinates.

「…Three Contractors of the Four Great Spirits in the same period. The Demon King Castle that is capable of defeating those people. Although it is not desirable to have so many powerful contestants gathered here, the reality is reality. At least we should assure the world. That no matter how strong the person that falls into evil is, as long as the Knights Order still exists, the peace of the continent will never be broken.」


The voices of my subordinates overlapped.

Heroes are not regarded as dangerous as the Demon King because they have a contract with a Spirit.

The Four Great Spirits and the Lesser Spirits love people and they have incorporated into the contract itself the condition of preventing the misuse of that power.

For example, if the Contractor intentionally murders a person, the contract will be nulled.

After the war, the scope of the category of “person” was expanded to include Demi-Humans, who were once known as Demons.

It’s not easy, but there are many other ways to do it, and anyway, there are other ways to get turned back from being a Spirit Contractor to just being a Hero.

When a Hero becomes evil, his contracted Spirit is not the only troublesome aspect, the popularity and personal connections that he has cultivated can also be an obstruction and make it difficult to capture him. It is troubling because sometimes there are even fans who wish that the Knights Order would not capture him.

However, even taking into account these various obstacles, a Demon King that becomes a criminal is far more terrifying.


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