Welcome to the Impregnable Demon King Castle – Chapter 231

Translator: Kobracon

231 – The Partying Participants 1

There were quite a few people, but each seemed to be enjoying the gathering.

「C’mon, say “Ah”.」


Fran was born with an irregular right arm.

It has affected her personality as well as made her everyday life difficult.

She learned to use her left hand, but even then, she was still one-handed. I hear that this causes her problems in various situations.

Like eating, for example.

Right now, Wraith has scooped up a spoonful of soup and carried it to Fran’s mouth.


Fran puts the spoon in her mouth.

A soft smile spreads across Wraith’s face, then he pulls the spoon out.


「You kids havin’ fun?!」

It was Garo.

「Yeah, I’d say so. This level of noise makes me feel like I’m back home.」

「Home? Aah, with Altreed, huh?」

Wraith’s father, the Unyielding Hero Altreed, trains aspiring Adventurers in their home’s training hall. I guess Wraith got used to the sound of a large number of people having a meal together.

「You know about it?」

「Yeah, ’cause anyone who trains there comes out strong. But what I’m more interested in, or rather who, is little miss white hair.」

I’m assuming he’s talking about Fran.


「Your right arm is cool and all, but it looks like it gives you a hard time when you’re eating, huh?」

「Mm. But it’s fine as long as Wraith is here.」

「Aah~, young love!」

「Why are you here, Garo?」

Wraith looked up at him, glaring slightly. Wraith’s face was red, but was it read because he was shy…or because it was illuminated by the fire?

「I’m sure being fed by Wraith is fun and all! But don’t you sometimes wish to eat with your own power? You can eat at your own speed!」

「Not really.」

「Exactly! You must want to eat!」

「This just guy just says what he wants to say… But honestly, Fran must have thought about trying to eat by herself before.」

「…Wraith is here.」

「So you say, but I know you secretly practice with cutlery and end up breaking them.」

Said Wraith, causing Fran to cast her gaze downwards.

「…Tableware is too fragile.」

「If eating the normal way is a difficult enemy to you, why not eat in a way that suits you?! Like so!」

Garo snaps his fingers, summoning the waiters that Blau hired for this event.

They brought over an oversized plate with an oversized piece of meat with a bone sticking out.

「Like this, even you could eat with your hands! I can assure you that it’s cooked all the way to the core.」

It wasn’t just the two of them, but the other people in the surrounding area also stared blankly at what they were seeing.

Eventually…Wraith laughed.

「Pfft-hahah, what the hell?!」 

「I suggested it, my bro arranged it, and the chef cooked it!」

「Aah, man I haven’t laughed like that in a while… What do you think, Fran? If you don’t mind, feel free to accept it.」

「…I don’t…mind it.」

Garo wasn’t joking, he seriously prepared this.

Even though she’s only known him for a short time, she can understand that much about him.

「I’ll take it.」


「…Thanks for the meal.」

Fran grabbed onto the bone part with her right arm. It was as thick as a tree trunk, and the meat was the size of a small boulder.

The surface looked well cooked, and the meat was dripping with juices.

From what Garo said, it’s cooked to the core despite its size.

「Aah~ bite.」

Fran opened her tiny mouth as large as it could and took a bite out of the meat.

Her cheeks were filled as she chewed it.

「How is it?」

gulp. After swallowing, she answered.



Garo was pleased as if he had just eaten it himself.

「Next time, I’ll make some especially sturdy tableware. I’m sure an unbreakable personal fork would be more than useful.」

Wraith replied to Garo’s statement.

「I actually tried that a few times as well, but it didn’t go so well.」

「It should be fine if we ask a Dwarf to make it.」

「Dwarf-made, huh….actually, yeah… But I heard that it’s hard to get anything Dwarf-made.」

While those two were talking, half of the meat has disappeared into Fran’s belly.

「Holy crap, you sure can eat. You sure you’re a kid? Hey, Garo! I’ll have what she’s havin’!」

It was the Dragon King Valac.

「Coming right up!」

The same meat-on-bone thing was brought over.

「Hey, Miss Cyclops!」


Sitting down, hugging her knees while staring at the fire with a calm expression, Melania was surprised by the sudden callout.

「How about you? I’ve prepared some tableware and other food for you.」

「Uh, um, uh…I’ll…have the same thing Fran is having.」

「Sure! I thought you might say that!」

Even if she is able to eat the same things as us, they usually don’t come in the same size.

It’s a rare chance to have this kind of opportunity with a gathering of different races.

Her expression relaxed with happiness somewhat as she crawled closer to it.

「Lem and Josh too! There’s no way people like us can grab a hold of it, but you can split it up to three portions and eat!」

Josh was brimming with curiosity, asking various people what was going on, and I was also looking around to see what was going on.

「Sure, let’s do that.」

I nodded to our smiling leader.

Right now, I am part of the Wraith party.

It’s a wonderful thing to gather and eat with your allies.

「Heh, yo Lem. How ’bout having a little drink with me?」

There was a glint in Valac’s eyes.

「Even if I was drunk, I wouldn’t give out information on Lady Furcus.」

I give a wry smile at her obvious plan.

「Ahaha, hey, you don’t know till you try, right?」

「Sir Lem, I wish to ask you about your Black Magic and ability to read the flow of battle.」

Even the Scales of Justice Astrea came.

Seeming slightly nervous, the other four knights were just behind her.

「In that case, let’s call the Fenix party over. You don’t mind if we discuss it over a meal, right?」

「No, not at all. You have my gratitude.」

「Hmm? Hey, Lem is gonna talk about Fuu with me!」


Fran held up a clean bone that once had meat on it, requesting more.

「Whoa… Even Ogres aren’t this fast… No, perhaps someone of Lady Furcus’s level…」 

Slightly late to the party, Josh was mumbling to himself.

Valac was able to hear him.

Huh?! You know Fuu, too?!」

「Huh? No, it’s not like we’re friends or anythi-」

「Tell me more! Tell me everything! Oh right, you’re an Ogre! No way…! Could it be that you… you’re her boyf-」

「N-no, not at all, not at all!」

「Hah?! The hell you sayin’? You sayin she ain’t attractive enough for ya?!」


A noisy but fun time passes.

And it’s far from over.

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