Well that wasn’t good

Weslykan here. 

Short news I’m better.

My allergic reaction/asthma gave me a cold. It got worse instead of better.

I have a relatively weak respiratory system so my doctor had me go to the hospital for fear of full blown pneumonia.

I’m better and probably won’t die.

I’ll have some House Magic work done within the week following New Year I promise.

Nefarian is taking a bit of a break after finally getting some time to relax. He’ll most likely be back after the holidays.


  1. congratulations on being not dead, best wishes, and thanks for the work.

    given how bad pneumonia can go, safety and caution over idiocy is always the best practice.

  2. Holy shoot you’re alive! And I’m only half joking; I was google searching your username I was getting so worried about you.

  3. The only promise we demand from you is to get better, everything else can wait. So have a happy and more healthy new year 🙂

  4. I wonder why my comment didn’t get approved? Anyway, think of yourself before translating, you’re more important than a schedule.

  5. Thank u always for ur great work…

    — I’m better and probably won’t die. —
    This kind of sentence is always make me laugh, if u can tell a joke then u must be better than before, and I hope u can get healthy fast…

  6. Dude take care of yourself before thinking about putting out new material man, we can wait you’re more important an extra chapter.

  7. Yes please refrain from death

    • 2016 is almost over, hang in there
      Just look for a bomb shelter near your your house and stay shut, dont raise any weird or dangerous flag

  8. we can wait 🙂

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