Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 3 Part 6

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It sounded like a pretty inconvenient skill to me.

But……on the other hand, didn’t it also mean that this was the skill that was filled with the most possibility?

In other words, it just meant that all I had to do was keep winning forever.

「Hm? Sir Thor, why are you laughing all of a sudden?」

It seemed that I had started laughing without even realising I was.

If I remember correctly, there was a pet corner in Tons Quijote. And that meant that they definitely sold cat and dog cages and food there.

If I use those pet supplies, there was even a possibility that I could rear some slimes. Slimes are pretty weak, so it would probably be safe to keep hunting them down. And if I do that, wouldn’t I be able to keep levelling up forever?

If we’re talking about slimes here, I already defeated one before. So my plan was undoubtedly going to work.

♦︎ ♦︎ ♦︎

I continued to ask Ria about life in the dungeon, with some small talk mixed in here and there. Before I knew it, it was already night time.

I had told my workplace beforehand that I would take a short break after I moved in, so it was alright for me to stay up late. But I wanted to make a trip to Tons Quijote to buy a set of jerseys to sleep in.

「Shall we go outside for a bit?」


Surprise was written all over Ria’s face. Thinking about it, it was only natural. After all, we are in the middle of a dungeon.

「Joking. Just joking.」

「I thought so. Sir Thor, you really like to tell jokes don’t you, hehehe」

「H-hm……? Wait, what’s this?」

「W-what’s wrong?」

I stared at Ria’s face. It didn’t seem to me like she was playing dumb. And she didn’t seem to be the type of person who would lie, based on her personality.

We had been in the Japanese-style room for quite a long time right? There’s a huge window that can easily let a person go in and out of the room right there.

You could get a complete view of everything outside. Had she just been blindly agreeing with me that we were in a dungeon this whole time?

「Hey? Is there a night sky where you can see stars and stuff above the dungeon?」

「What are you talking about Sir Thor. Are you making fun of me? Of course there is」

「Of course!」

I was suspecting for a moment there that the night sky was completely different in the dungeon world but it seemed that it was the same as on Earth.

Then why on earth was this happening? Could it be possible that she saw the city scenery as an extension of the dungeon>

But we could totally see the night sky here.

I grabbed Ria’s hand and brought her to the Japanese-style room.

「What’s this, all of a sudden?」

「Just come with me」


With all my might, I stood RIa right in front of the window where you could see the scenery outside

「What do you think of this?」

「I mean, even if you ask me what I think about this……」

「C-could you give me thoughts about it?」

Ria tilted her head.

「To go through the trouble of putting a glass window here even though there’s a dungeon wall here, you really are very trendy aren’t you, SIr Thor? You could have just used that mysterious material you used for the rest of the walls here too. Did you place a glass window here in particular because you wanted to see the stone wall of the dungeon?」


W-what did this mean? DId it mean that to Ria, it just looked like a stone wall behind the window?

Without saying anything, I stuck half my body out of the window into the outside world.

Of course, it was just Japan as usual.

But Ria’s eyes widened in surprise.

「A-amazing. Did you use magic to pass through the wall!?」

Not really. I just went outside, is what I wanted to say, but I stopped myself before I did.

♦︎ ♦︎ ♦︎

In the end, I asked Ria to wait for me as I went to Tons Quijote by myself.

There might be a way for her to come with me, but for now, it was better for me to go alone.

But thinking about it, it was good that Ria was there, but that apartment really didn’t know when to stop with the problems.

Curse that real-estate agent. I’m going to complain to him once I gain a few levels.

Just in case, I bought some drinks and food ingredients. And of course I couldn’t forget the potato chips.

It was so that I could test out whether eating potato chips really could help increase your [Agility].

And it was probably better to have 2 toothbrushes at this point. I already had mine so I bought one for Ria.

And finally, although I didn’t plan to buy it yet……I went to a particular section of the store to browse.

It was the crime prevention corner. I could probably find better products if I shopped online, but the stuff they sold at Tons Quijote was more than enough as samples.

Something that could be connected to my laptop would be ideal.

「Wouldn’t this type that connects to the front gate be perfect?」

That’s right. I was thinking that I could install a surveillance camera in the dungeon to keep patrol of the area.

And someday, I would be able to watch the footage from the camera in a safe room, killing monsters with a single click. Yes, that was the ambition I had!

Next, I searched through the pet corner. Tons Quijote really had everything.

「I wonder if only a metal framed cage would work for me to keep a slime. Maybe a big acrylic water tank would be better. But it;s not like I’ll be testing this out in my room. I’ll be testing it out in the dungeon so I guess I could just test out with a bunch of different types. 」

What I was investigating in the pet corner was how I should be domesticating monsters.

For me to fully utilise my skill, 「No maximum growth」, I was going to use stuff from Japan to make sure that I kept myself safe, while thinking of ways to destroy as many monsters as I could.

Magic is great too, but scientific development really is amazing, isn’t it?

As I was about to leave Ton’s Quijote, the cosplay corner caught my eye.

At that moment, a lightbulb lit up in my head.

「Could it be possible that wearing a cosplay costume in the dungeon would cause my status to go up? No, no, that probably didn’t……」

But just in case, let me just go explore the cosplay corner for a bit.

Just in case.

If I am to survive in the dungeon for as long as possible, there was no limit to how careful I should be.

The gothic lolita costumes and maid costumes, as well as the uniform costumes in the cosplay corner all had skirts so short that you could probably see your butt.

O-oh yeah, Ria was probably wearing my jersey right now, without any underwear.

Since her panties were wet.

The maid costume caught my eye. On the package were the words「Show off your panties」with a picture of a model winking while turning around.

The price was…..398 yen! Surprisingly cheap!

「T-this would probably work really well in the dungeon……」

The model was already cute enough, but her cuteness was no match for Ria’s.

If I could get RIa to wear this costume and do the same pose……not to mention that she was missing some undergarments.

I giddily reached my hand out to take the maid costume.

N-no! I can’t! Your grandmother would be so sad if she found out! What are you thinking, Thor!

Idiot! I slapped myself.

「What an indecent man you are. How could you even think about tricking a girl who you know nothing about and make her wear some immodest clothing? H-hm? Couldn’t this be a replacement for Ria’s underwear?」

I got out of Tons Quijote and ran back home. In my grocery bag was some food ingredients and the jersey I was going to wear to sleep. Besides that was a school swimsuit and a gym uniform (bloomers).

When I returned back to the apartment, RIa wasn’t in the Japanese-style room.

「H-hm? I’m back!」

「Welcome back!」

It seemed that Ria was in the washroom room cum changing room.

I randomly place the school swimsuit and bloomers on the stack of cardboard boxes.

「Ria? What are you doing?」

「I’m doing the laundry.」

Ria was washing her underwear in a bucket in the bathroom.

「I guess that’s what someone from the Medieval Ages would do……」

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