Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 5 Part 3

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Quite some time had passed, but I just didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Ria probably couldn’t sleep either.

But I could hear the faint sound of her breath as she slept peacefully.

I opened my eyes and looked at Ria by shining the light from my phone’s screen on her.

She was lying on her back. I could see her profile as she slept comfortably.

The time displayed on my smartphone showed that it had been 2 whole hours since I lay down on the bed.


For a moment, I closed my eyes before opening them again. I’ll just play the social game that I hadn’t played in a while, since I can’t fall asleep anyway.

But when I opened my eyes, I saw Ria awake beside me.

RIa’s eyes were open.

「Oh. So you were awake」

…Something was off. Ria was standing up completely straight on the bed.

But she was only as tall as my head as I was lying down. In other words, she was extremely small.

But no matter how I looked, this small Ria was still Ria. From how she looked in the bloomers to her hairstyle, she looked exactly like Ria.

Beyond small Ria, Ria was sleeping on the bed.

What is this? What’s going on?

Is this a dream? Am I dreaming? Am I just half-asleep? There was no doubt that I was tired.

「I tried an appearance that you would like, Master. How is it?」

The small, doll-sized Ria asked in a small voice, befitting of her size.

Was she asking me?

「W-wwww-what on earth are you?」

I asked back. My voice got really sharp but I somehow managed to keep it soft enough so that I didn’t wake Ria up.

「What? Don’t I look like her? I think it’s exactly the same even under the clothes, you know? Here」

The doll-sized Ria took off its bloomers and panties.


The large RIa jerked awake and slowly got up sleepily.

I quickly grabbed the small Ria (it’s so soft) and stuffed it in the pockets of my jersey.

「W-what’s wrong? Sir Thor」

「I-I’m sorry…. I just had a bad dream about being in the army as a wise sage in the Fifth Magical War…」

「Oh dear. Is that so? I did not know that there was a war like that」

Of course, I didn’t know anything about the Fifth Magical War or anything like that either. But what I had just experienced was more terrifying than even a Fifth Magical War.

「I’ll sleep with you, OK, Sir Thor?」

I decided not to make a tactless comeback that we had been sleeping together this entire time. Ria went back into the bed.

Ria sang to me as she patted my head gently but she somehow fell asleep before I did.

I pressed down on the pocket of my jersey as I crept out of the bed.

It seemed that Ria was already in a deep sleep. She didn’t notice at all.

I quietly relocated to the Japanese-style room.

I then carefully took out the contents of my jersey’s pocket.

As expected, what came out felt so soft. It was the doll-sized Ria.

「Do you not like this appearance, Master?」

It was crying sadly. It was crying.

「F-for now, just wear the bloomers」

「Yes. Sniffle sniffle」

The doll-sized Ria wore her bloomers as it continued to cry.

Right now, my theory was that this Ria was actually the white slime.

But…what was I supposed to do now that it turned into a small Ria…? And what did it mean by Master…?

「U-um, so you are?」

「It seems that you already found out that I’m a slime. But」

The small Ria jiggled as it delivered the punch line.

I’m not a bad slime, puru puru



Seconds of silence ensued. The white slime started to cry out loud.

「Wa, waaaaaaa, uwaa~~~~~~!」

「Wa-wait a minute. I want to talk to you without crying」

I tried my best to speak as gently as I could to small Ria

「Alright. Sniff」

「For starters, are you the white slime?」

「…Yes I am.」

Just as I thought. Then the white slime must have also been the one who turned into the Kokorone Miru figure.

The reason it didn’t speak when it transformed into Kokorone Miru was probably because dolls don’t talk.

「Um, so why did you transform into Kokorone Miru and Ria?」

「I just wanted you to like me…I thought that those were the appearances that you would definitely like, Master…」

It was right to say that I definitely liked both of them. I couldn’t find a reason to argue back.

It was probably right, I thought. But just in case, I had to check something very important.

「Are you referring to me when you say「Master」?」

「Yes! Master!」

I understood that but…what made it come to that?

「Why am I your Master?」

「Yes! It’s because you are the first person I saw!」

「So it’s because I’m the first person you saw…I thought that it would be because of something like me giving you food causing a contract to be formed, or maybe because you liked me」

「Yes! It’s not because you gave me food causing a contract to be formed!」

I was disappointed that the reason was because I was the first person it saw. Maybe it was similar to how new-born baby chicks think of the first thing it sees as its parents.

「But I love you!」

「What? R-really?」


Even though it was doll-sized, I couldn’t help but feel a bit embarrassed being told that by something with Ria’s face.

But this is weird.

「What do you mean when you say you like me? Do slimes even know what liking is?」

「What? Oh, hm. Let me think…」

The white slime who had been answering my questions lightheartedly up till now suddenly was lost for words. Maybe I accidentally asked too harsh a question.

But it answered me cheerfully again after that short moment of pause.

「It’s the feeling where I feel all warm and fuzzy in my heart, and where I feel like I would do anything for my master!」

The doll-sized Ria said, with a cheerful smile.

Oh……this is bad. That was adorable. But I need to keep in mind that in the end, I’m still talking to a slime.

「…U-um hey」


「Are white slimes…like…female?」

I asked just in case. I didn’t really care about whether slimes were male or female.

But I asked, just in case, because I would be kinda sad if they were male.

「Are you asking whether we’re male or female? Slimes are hermaphrodites¹ so we’re neither male nor female.」

I see. Just as I thought.

I wonder if my expression made it look like I was disappointed. The white slime continued, trying to cheer me up.

「I’m neither male nor female, but it’s all right. Give me a moment. 」

Small Ria melted down in an instant and turned into a white-colored ball shape, and then into an even more amoeba-like form.

It really is a slime, huh? I thought, as the white slime continued.

「This might be a bit ticklish, but please bear with me」


The white slime went into my jerseys through my ankles and started climbing upwards.

「Wa-wa-wai-wait a second! Ah!」

The white slime had its fun fiddling with my 「thing」before coming out of my clothing with a jiggle.

「W-what are you doing!」

「I-I’m sorry. As uncomfortable as that might have been, I was doing a light scan. 」

「What exactly did you scan?」

The white slime transformed back into the doll-sized Ria.

It was small, but it was definitely Ria wearing bloomers.

Even it’s face looked like a beautiful, dignified girl.

「Ehehe. Well, just look」

「So what exactly did you scan??」

As I asked it, the white slime acting as Ria took off the bloomers and panties together again. And I covered my eyes with my hands again.

「Hey stop that!」

「Just look at it, even if for just a bit」

I couldn’t help it when it asked me to look.

I peeked through my fingers that I was using to cover my eyes. When I did, I saw white slime Ria with its bloomers taken off.


I let out a loud scream.

Protruding from white slime Ria’s groin was that「thing」that I was used to seeing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I sensed someone dashing out of the Western-style room. It was Ria.

I shoved the white slime in the pocket of my jersey.

After a short time-lag, the sliding door to the Japanese-style room slid open with a loud bang.

「Did something happen???」

「I-I’m sorry… I had a nightmare about when I had to stop a super magic furnace from exploding as a wise sage…and I also sleepwalk so that’s why I’m in the Japanese-style room…」

「I’ll sleep with you so!」

I slept with Ria in the bed as I listened to her singing.


  1. ‘Hermaphrodites’ are life forms with fully functional male and female reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics; depending upon how these are laid out they may be able to self-fertilize as well as breeding with other members of genetically compatible species.

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