Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 5

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EDITOR Weasalopes

There was no reason to worry about monsters being in this part of the room anymore. And even if there were, I had this amazingly strong wizard Deet next to me. I checked my status with ease.

「Ohh! I gained a level after defeating that giant centipede! The effect from my food seems to have worn off though. 」

「Show me, show me! 」

Deet started bugging me to tell her my status.

「Hold on a second. I’ll make a memo of it really quick and… okay! 」

[Name] Suzuki Tooru
[Race] Human
[Age] 21
[Job] None
[Level] 4 / ∞
[Stamina] 23 / 23
[Magic] 36 / 36
[Attack] 118
[Defense] 44
[Strength] 14
[Intelligence] 25
[Agility] 16
[Skills] Unlimited Growth

「Where where? 」

Deet took hold of my memo with a really happy face, but I had some hesitancy before handing it over. After all, I didn’t have a job, or anything impressive written there.

「 Huu… So your name is really Tooru, not Thor. You’re only 21 years old? You’re so young… 」

Speaking of age, I decided to ask her about her long-life span and elves. I wondered how old she was.

「Hey Deet, how old are you exactly? 」

「If I was to put it into human terms, I’d be about the same age as you, Tooru. 」

「Okay, but how old is that though? 」

「I’ll tell you later. 」

I suddenly grew scared of asking her for some reason.

「No job. 」

Oof. The part I didn’t want to hear was suddenly read out loud. Wait, that reminds me, she can read the language of monsters?

「Wait… you’re only level 4, but you seem to already have the skill “Unlimited Growth”. 」

「Oh that? I’ve had that since the beginning. What does it mean exactly? 」

「It’s extremely powerful. So powerful that even I’d do anything to get my hands on it. 」

「Seriously!? That’s awesome! 」

But even though it was extremely powerful as Deet said, she didn’t say it in a very positive way.

「If only you had the lifespan of an elf, Tooru. Humans live such short lives after all… 」

「What do you mean? 」

As I listened to Deet, I kind of got the impression that this skill was made more for late bloomers. The longer you live the longer you can improve. But this skill was given to me, with a regular human life span. If I was able to live longer like an elf, I could kill an unlimited number of weak monsters until I become strong and then easily can defeat strong monsters. But as a human, I’m limited with my time and the creatures I could fight. And of course, there was always the chance I’d be killed by strong monsters too.

「By the way, a giant centipede is not something a level 1 should be fighting at all. There shouldn’t even be such an unusually strong monster appearing on this floor in the first place. You were lucky. 」

「Hmm is that so. By the way, about the jobless status… 」

Not only was I not a Great Sage, I didn’t have a job in the first place. Maybe I was just a disillusioned ordinary person after all.

「The job status is a reflection of the nature of the person. It doesn’t mean it’s your calling or anything. There’s plenty of adventures who don’t have jobs. But it’s also true that there are many people who want to get the jobless status. 」

I had the feeling that Deet was giving out a pep talk like “It’s easier to gain skills when you don’t have a job!” or something of the sort. I thought that it kind of gave me hope, that having unlimited growth and being jobless, I could become strong by using Japan’s tools and the like.

「I’ll have to give you a good lecture about my world too. 」

「Huh? But there’s still some stuff I was going to tell you. 」

「Let’s save it for tomorrow. And instead of this dungeon, how about we head to a street out in my world now? 」

「Really? I want to go! 」

Fufufu. And now it was finally my turn. She’s definitely in for a surprise.

「Beyond this stone wall, it’s connected to that place called Japan right? 」

The female elf wizard Deet was touching the stone wall and investigating it. But from my point of view, she was doing some kind of mime routine right in front of my window. She’s probably trying to understand the mechanisms of my apartment. But on the contrary, I’m the kind of guy that can live just fine without knowing how things work exactly. I grabbed Deet’s hand and we exited out through the window.

「I-It’s true! This is amazing magic! 」

「Yeah, well I don’t know if it’s magic or not though. And besides that, there’s no such thing as magic in Japan. 」

「Fu~n. Is that so. I suppose so, it doesn’t appear to be magic. 」

From my perspective, I can’t see the stone wall, so it just seems like we just came outside through a window. But that proves my theory, as long as they’re being touched in some way, whether it’s people on my side or people on the dungeons side, we can cross over into each other’s worlds. Deet darted her eyes back and forth to take in the spectacle that was Japan.

「But regardless… this is Japan… it’s amazing…」

「And don’t do any weird language or telepathy things. That kind of stuff doesn’t exist in Japan. 」

「Why’s that? Isn’t it inconvenient if you don’t know foreign languages? 」

「That’s just the culture. 」

Oh, and by the way, the monster language isn’t exactly telepathy, but adventures who can’t speak the monster’s language can usually pick up bits and pieces from hearing it, similar to other foreign languages. And if you know the monster’s language, it gives you an advantage against monsters who would normally attack in groups.

「Alright, let’s go! 」

Deet was probably frightened by everything, because she stepped out into the world slowly and carefully, like a newborn baby deer taking their first steps. By the way, if she was wearing bloomers she’d probably stand out, so I lent her some jeans, a t-shirt, and a hat. The hat helped hide the fact that her ears were pointed like an elf’s.

「You okay? 」

「Y-Yes. 」

I decided to extend my hand out and help her a little bit.

「T-Thank you. 」

「Y-Yeah, no problem. 」

We stepped out onto a big main road. Eventually, we arrived across from the Tonskihote discount store.

「Ah! 」

When a car appeared in front of us, despite it being pretty far away, Deet let out a loud voice. The surrounding people were shocked by the sudden noise and looked over at us.

「Deet, I told you not to let out a loud voice. 」

「But…that was soooo scary! 」

「It’s a car. It’s a vehicle that we ride. 」

「That’s the thing that you told me to watch out for before we came out into the world, but it’s way different than what you described. I would have never imagined anything like that. 」

Deet held onto me closely. Even though she was wearing a regular old hat, a guy’s shirt, and jeans, she was extremely beautiful. She didn’t give off a bad vibe, but she definitely stood out. It was nighttime on pretty uncrowded roads, but I could feel the stares from other guys on the street.

「A-Anyways, let’s hurry into Tonskihote.」

「Y-Yeah. 」

With that, we headed into Tonskihote. As we entered the door, Deet covered her eyes.

「Are all of these colors goods being sold? 」

「Yep. That’s right. 」

「My eyes started spinning. 」

「O-Okay, let’s rest for a second over there then. 」

I spotted us a bench, so I made Deet take a seat. There was a bunch of food out in front of us as well. Usually, in the middle of the night, Tonskihote didn’t sell this kind of stuff, but because it was such a busy location, they probably got more money this way.

「You okay? 」

「I’m alright… I’m alright… 」

「I’m going to find and buy you something tasty to eat. 」

「I don’t really need anything. 」

「Just try it. Japan’s food will definitely shock you. 」

「…Is there anything sweet? 」

「Definitely. 」

Takoyaki, crepes, ice cream, I wondered exactly what I should buy for her. Deet likes sweet things so maybe I should go with this.

「One banana chocolate cream, please. Oh, and a cola. 」

Sometimes I like to eat other flavors, but when I get crepes, it’s usually the banana chocolate flavor. When I returned to the bench, there were two guys who were talking to her. She was glaring at them with extremely cold eyes.

O-oh no. These young guy’s lives could be in mortal danger.

「I’m sorry but, is something the matter? This girl is a foreigner, so she doesn’t speak Japanese. 」

「Oh really, so she was a foreigner. Damn and we were just inviting her out to come with us too. Oh well. 」

The two guys just shrugged it off lightly and walked away. They were just trying to hit on her, they weren’t really bad people. They left immediately too.

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