Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 6

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EDITOR Weasalopes

「What was that about. How frivolous. They approached me so nonchalantly too. 」

「Yeah, well, it looks like they just approached you wanting to ask if there was something wrong with you or something」

The mood had suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

「Well… Did they say anything weird? 」

「No not really, just that you looked lost and they could show you around. But I told them you aren’t able to speak the language in order to talk to them, so they had no choice but to back off really. 」

Those guys were pretty attractive, but they seemed to have no visible effect on Deet. In fact, I’d say it was the opposite and they seemed to almost be scared and running away from her. When Deet does that stare at you it’s pretty scary.

「Well, uh, now that everything’s back to normal go ahead and eat some of this. 」

「Whaaaat’s this? 」

「It’s called a crepe. It’s made with flour, cream, and sugar… but anyways it’s delicious so just try it. 」

As I thought, they didn’t appear to have anything like crepes in the other world.

「Oh sugar?! That’s right, it does appear to smell rather sweet actually. I’ll give it a try! 」

「Go ahead, go ahead! 」

She started licking and tasting the crepe with her lips, showing off her wonderful feminine charms, and then she took a bite.

「N….~~~ mmm~~~! 」

Looks like a crepe was the right choice after all. The crepe started dwindling slowly from the corners as she ate. I heard that sugar used to be something only royals and rich people could afford. I wonder if it’s like that in the dungeon’s world as well. After the majority of the crepe had been eaten, Deet let out a content sigh and looked at me.

「I’m sorry, there was only 1 crepe and I seem to have accidentally eaten most of it… 」

She tried to hand me over the rest of the crepe for me to eat. There was cream still attached to her lips. I used the napkin that came with the crepe when I bought it to wipe her face.

「nn… 」

「If you’re going to get that happy about eating the crepe, you might as well eat all of it, right? 」

「It appears I made a fool of myself, haha. 」

「Haha sorry, sorry, it just looked like you were eating it so happily is all. 」

「Hmph. But it doesn’t taste good at all now, so I won’t have anymore! 」

She tried bluffing, she totally wanted to eat more crepe. If I ate all of it, she would probably get sad, but if I rejected her offering, I might hurt her pride. I was slowly beginning to understand how to handle Deet more and more.

「Well then, how about we split it in half and I’ll eat that? 」

「…That would be okay… 」

As expected, she still wanted to eat some. As we ate crepes together, I could tell that her nervousness around me was lowering, and we were able to enjoy walking around Tonskihote.

「T-Those clothes, those are the clothes that Ria is wearing! 」

Deet had found bloomers and a school swimsuit cosplay set in the cosplay corner.

「I think I have come to understand something now. 」

「Understand what? 」

「This is where they sell perverted adult outfits! 」

Uh oh. It seems I’ve been found out. But anyone would notice from the bloomers though. This place just gives off some perverted vibes sometimes.

「N-No that’s not true. 」

「And what exactly is wrong about it then? 」

「J-Japanese food and clothes seem to have mysterious effects inside the dungeons. They raise your stats. They can make you stronger of faster or… 」

「What really?! 」
That was technically true. When I ate potato chips inside the dungeon and then checked my status, it seemed like my stats had been raised up for an hour.

「I think that this outfit will definitely increase your status. Shall I buy it for you? 」

「T-This kind of… But if my stats will really go up… 」

「I think it would really suit you well too. 」

That was also very true.

「Please buy it… 」

Deet had her bloomers and school swimsuit cosplay set in her hands and looked satisfied.

「But considering all of this, Japan is truly an amazing place! 」

「Yeah it’s not bad, right? But I mean I’ve always been living in Japan, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to. 」

As I was saying that, I thought in my head that if I was taken to a Tonskihote in the other world, I would definitely be shocked. I was also pretty shocked at Deet’s openness and adaptability though. She had already taken a liking to a few objects inside the store and was browsing and touching things without any hesitation now.

「But those things called computers are especially amazing I think. As long as you have something like that, it looks like you can learn and know about anything in Japan. 」

She had a good brain too, or rather she caught onto things quickly.

「If we do some setting up and preparation work, I think that we can probably use computers to know about everything inside the dungeon as well. 」

「Huh? What do you mean? 」

「So basically, if we put up things like eyes called cameras to see, you can probably look at monitors in a safe room and keep track of all the things that go on inside the dungeon. 」

「I’m surprised! A computer can even do something like that?! 」

Deet and I had finally arrived back to the front of my apartment complex. There was a chance that Ria would be awake right now, so just in case the two of us peeked into the window to make sure she wasn’t.

「Sound asleep. I don’t think she heard any of the noise that we made. 」

「Let’s just let her sleep, shall we? 」

Deet said that with a happy voice. I figured now might be a good time to ask Deet some questions as well.

「Do you hate Ria, Deet? 」

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Deet finally answered.

「She’s a bit of a meddlesome kid but, she isn’t a hypocrite. 」

I see. It was just as I thought. If Deet had actually hated Ria, she would have a lot more issues with staying here with her in this community. And judging from her personality, if she did hate someone, she would definitely try to throw them out of here. But I decided not to say anything like that to her.

「Then why are you always saying stuff to try and provoke her? 」

「Because there’s not really any reason for me to make friends with her, is there? 」

「You don’t have to be friends with her or anything, but just try and be kind towards her for a while, please. 」

「I suppose I could try. 」

She’s definitely not going to try, huh. But there was no use changing someone and how they live their life, but even if it’s just a little step towards change, it would be fine. For now, I was just really tired.

「For the time being, it looks like the sun is coming up soon, aren’t you going to get some sleep? 」

「Hey hey, would it be alright if we slept in your bed together? I’ll wear the bloomers you bought me if you say it’s okay~ 」

W-What did she say?! I could sleep together with an elf wearing bloomers? But, even if I wanted to, we made a promise with Ria that I would be sleeping alone in my bed.

「We promise Ria didn’t we? I would sleep in my bed, and you two would sleep on the floor, right? 」

「Hmph! 」

I mean, if it was the two of us in the bed together, I probably wouldn’t be able to sleep much anyway, but for the record, I definitely wanted to. We separated into our different bedrooms. I still had some excitement remaining from the day, but for the time being, I was just going to relax, get some sleep, and prepare for the next day.

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